The big thing that scares people who have holdings of a special job and entitlements and privileges like me, seems to be largely claims that we hate it when somebody else wants to have that kind of job as well. Which is again precisely the point because it is largely supposed to be workable when they can ensure that no body else can do the jobs they do, when in actual fact they do not have the talent to have such a job, let alone the luck to make them happen at all. It operates a lot of the time with this idea of a lack of respect by some for those that are important but what it seeks to sacrifice and destroy is what other people hold as a Principle:-you know, that old western trickery and prejudice where people simply take it upon themselves to ensure those that are important see too much and have enough of a particular person, which there is no means of getting out of for important people and this particular targeted victim, that is not supposed to have been important. I have no idea; maybe I have become complacent or may be I have been taken advantage of by those who need my work so often I do not care anymore. Either way, the fact remains for example I am simply one of those people who seem to have gotten onto the disposition of giving western prejudice an ultimatum to clear my space otherwise the process of earning from my business which happens to have become their plaything, will be a function of what is in their bank account. Yes of course they tell me I am a huge attention seeker-which I am not; well, I hate to say I am not, as my main problem happens to be that I am a Christian and for most of the time trusts God and not people, therefore have no stomach for fools who are always trying to get to know rich people by harming me and scandalising me or the ones who use more subtle Christian based means of getting me to criticise them, so they can take years of my time to ruin my life and show me I am worse than they are, while taking my criticisms and then making me pay them for it and the self improvements they get from it; their prognosis for the claim I am an attention seeker is largely a function of the fact I work for Her Majesty the Queen of England and they feel they know what Her Majesty's Cousins think about that and also know which side they want to be on. My problem with them is that it is such a long way to travel to push me around but my main problem with them is that it is all of it from their vanities to their self improvement, insolence and personality problems and attack on my income, a very testing set of activities for my faith which they do not wish to stop because they now feel they have got control of my income as well. Of course their strong point is civil liberties and civil freedoms; I personally suppose they think my stand will crumble when they bring that up. Especially when they line up entertainers in public places and make out entertainment which happened and when it happened; some in the 60s others in the 70s and down to the ones that did recently and the cultural changes that have happened for them to explore and get rich abusing me even further using their perversions with; whereas in actual fact the only thing that all those entertainment have in common is that somebody is picking up the pieces of his or her life and helping others do so in the process and the part of their lives that was broken is of course the big ideas, the big breaks and flash of inspiration that came to them which is either no longer available to them or have been separated from their minds through sustained abuse, the talents and all those songs have in common is the complains of how the west would be a better place if the idiots just stopped it but the difference between then and what is happening now is that now people can hide themselves by living in and using culture, which inhibits their abilities, while using my securities to find a way out and earn a living, so they at least have a quality of life, which is enough to make them forget about what could have been and thereby secure their human right of privacy and of course earn some money as well which goes a long way to securing their tolerance, while I sell my books to make that happen-which is what is happening in the UK wherefore I suppose American versions and their attitude of getting out to grab peoples stuff want a piece of me as well; the bottom line, wherefore they like people at the bottom line and I am well prepared to give them their fair fill of it, especially over the prognosis of always asking people they push to the bottom line for things-is that people are still spending my securities to get out of trouble and are always getting into trouble because they exist and this is the only culturally common thing between entertainment in the 60s 70s, 30s, whenever entertainment they dig up and entertainment today. Not to speak of the fact that the bit where they get into trouble anyway is that it is impossible for me to do friendship for everybody; besides which if I did pull off such nonsense it would never be financially sustainable. These are the reasons there are limitations to what people can be in the UK and I am happy to be party to the system which enforces it. We have hardly had enough to take rubbish from fascists anyway, not to mention when they have become liberal-a process where they are political is an old story all together. it is such a damn squib the exception we have here-that if you are doing something great people buy your products to support you not trap you so that you might be stuck in it while they go somewhere to continue it improving their lives but on this occasion the reverse with excuses that are only ironically plausible.