This matter of financial vulnerability in writing which has become a topic for a conversation is so because of the fact that the essence of the matter is centred around the betrayal of those who effect and express inferiority of themselves for abuse and to take advantage of. The fact about financial vulnerability in writing however in reality is first the ideas that are put out in public while the author has a cash flow crisis and is the lack of funds with which to protect your work before you have put it out there and yes in the digital age the problem has more than doubled for good writers who have no funds. However the problem to me the way i see it does not seem to be the finances, because we have society and the Nations we live in the culture and the way of life to protect our literary works with; oh yes of course it's the get rich quick celebrity people, the music industry and it's insatiable ravenous producers etc but we also have something called copyright at our disposal and we are not using it to full effect, we are not helping ourselves to protect work that we know belongs to us. Now I am certain that when we begin to explore the real global intellectual value of copyrights, writing will becomes as pure and as exciting as it used to be before the big culture sucking fame producers began to take it over in the vulgar creations of mass producing games of other peoples work in songs used for vandalism and during the present digital age even proceed to owning other people's creative lives all together. It has got nothing to do with anti-discrimination laws, those do protect people from being ravaged by "get rich quick freaks" as well, it is the vulnerability of the small scale writer that must put something out that is bound to last eternally and at the same time venture to sell it for a price that is not intellectually dishonest. Fundamentally the huge issue is with regards to the fact some have no respect for facts which suggests that a piece of work is copyrighted in the name of an author and that there is market reason for this and soon enough we will discover them located in strategic positions in the advertisement industry, planning how to get rich with bullying and lots of destruction of property they cannot afford or share with others if they have the good fortune to own. Hence the question becomes that of when you intend to raise money or put forward money for marketing which must never be complied with if competence must be the by word of your professionalism.