So they say I do not actually matter where it is important which is utter nonsense; what happens is that these idiots really love those games they want to play up absolutely every time, that concerns other people’s lives and property taking care of them and the easiest way t avoid a bad reputation of violence that goes with it is to take peoples jobs. So when they Politicians see they are becoming quite obsessed with turning up around me to play games of what I can do which others have taken over, which has completely failed and they have resorted thereof to having some revolution because my personality can afford it, whereby if I do not, somebody else will do it for me and it will amount to personality competition that exists just beside bullying and so on, they will still willingly rip up my finances to let them gain enough access to me by which to make up some talking on Media until it becomes a public security problem all together. So that what they are dealing with at the moment is the part where these goons are actually willing to work as it were.

The goons themselves claim I get around disturbing people and telling stories about Women that upsets their lives – it is utter nonsense too as there is only a process of getting around provoking me, making up their own ideas for using my temperaments and feelings and person is very stupid and perverted ways which make them feel good about themselves, which goes to show that there is really nothing wrong with Women and they need to stop being so stupid. Of course this would have been an opportunity to write a book about the making of Mr Beat people up, Mr Problem and Mr squander into gays but I will rather reserve that for when I get hurt or killed by them and it gets a little bit serious in that way. It is usually the point where they say I speak of what I cannot back up since this is where their work ethic resides, so it is the right point to set out the fact I will give them an ultimatum soon enough too, the one where they will send me on one of those bully organised errands concerning Women, so we can find out what becomes of it and becomes of them too.

The Politicians claim they do it because I look like I can come up with answers to the problems on my own but it’s an old story of how to prevent Political idiots from deciding the only fun they can have is to see what becomes of the faith you do not allow them lean on and a personality you do not let them bathe themselves in, to feel good about life and lend up absolute misery, is to spend money and secure a means by which to email their friends and ensure you cannot get a job. So at the moment it does look like I am after them but I am really interested in finding out how it will work when it needs to look like I am interested in the Clinton Government if She does win the elections and Obama will be the one that got away thereof. They do not have it in the bag half as much as they make out that they do – we see them on the internet all the time and Royalty like myself are only creating products that can be reviewed as the deed of the totally discredited and then there will be the victory of evil when they ensure the equity brokerage does not happen and that after driving off all the customers they can then steal it and live on easy street etc; so serving the rich is an option, being oppressed by celebrities is an option, leaving me alone is option too and my chest and tummy and anus hurts – I need to breathe; this is an option too. they do claim I encumber peoples progress but we all know that if not the progress where I am a Christian and everybody knows it and making me suffer as the people who control me for those in power and authority and who have wealth and therefore matter, so they can share some, they will have no other progress; it did not end well of course, so they are off to another angle where Royalty are not generally publicly loved and the American ones have seen my Books as it were. I hear that I make myself out to be really strong which jeopardises everybody as well; of which first of all I always get into trouble for listening to celebrities who cannot see the only relationship I can have with them is violent because of social status but in terms of other matters is a case of preventing very stupid people getting used to telling me what to do and generally getting involved with me, plus making sure Politicians do not spend that stupid money of theirs to either rip up my income or facilitate it as the only way of conducting any affairs from government to Industry; the insults destroy the finances here of course, so they must be out there still to take away everything else because those who perpetrate them simply have to be my personal Gods.

It’s like that story of how I create good relations with the American Government and then lose them; the reality however is that I had watched the Democratic Party convention and it was nothing else but Money lovers bullying and abusing me and having Children, which is such an addition to the planet all together. The other part of their activities that helps a lot is the one where they are wealthy and successful people I need to show respect for if they get about denying the existence of my business empire that exists in a way which shows I am not popularly loved and it is none of their business in any case; so that even the Books I am selling cannot get sold whenever people ask questions about other vast property I own at the worlds market etc, hence another mile stone when it comes to their social issues insulting and abusing others to set a stage for extremism. They do say Money loving is not a crime and I understand too; but they and their families are such an addition to the planet as it were, hence cannot be seen doing anything save it involves grooming their foolish children and building them publicity by which to get around improving themselves by insulting and abusing me – considering that to add to this, they have good reputation that others can solicit for all together as it were, therefore when their stupidities get angry it tends to make them friends as it were.

They do claim I am trading the whole Royal Family for a living and it is utter nonsense; we all know they are mad for getting involved with society idiots who get out of bed and kiss goodbye a family to go off and operate Public transport that helps them keep an eye on those who make their lives unbearable by getting out of bed to attend a job of their own, making sure they are not giving up what they were being made to by those who want to live in easy street recently. They have become fond of playing with these guys all the time but the fact they have not yet taken in is that the result of doing so is not my problem; we all know when we see them society people every single thing they do is based on finding out if people can tell that they are laying. So that when I get told it is a matter of the kind of information I give to them to run around making trouble with, it does make sense of the fact it is ripping up my finances to give them access to me that provides them with that information in the first place. Whether or not they stop this behaviour has always been in their hands as such, it has always been in their hands so they can ensure others do not start as well.

Hence the story of losing a grip on things as per I do not actually accept the Political way as the correct way to do things but it is an old story where it is better to have everybody become a Tyrant than to have one person being a Tyrant – however when done they get on Media to decide that if oppression for the many is bad, then doing it on just a handful of person will only serve to educate people about its evils and so it comes to that part where racism is bad but if it happens to one person and that one person understands he is making a sacrifice for everybody and will be compensated which will never happen since they usually communicate these things by screwing around with peoples personal spaces, then it is perfectly okay and then when you get around solving the racism problems for them, they will be back again to ensure you do only the one they want, which is where it gets serious; no idea save the insanity of their civil rights who told them they were in a position to get themselves together and decide these things anyway. It’s pretty much the same matter around my Books; I write Books as a half priest that others want to sell on my Business Empire and Royal property knowing they will have to sell more and more of both to make me any kind of profit and have since gone around rounding me up like sheep at the global markets, to look for trouble – same as terrorism, where the Police have the right to take down terrorists only when civil rights idiots have checked their conveniences and feel that the security is being developed to make them comfortable and then the terrorists will kill themselves and others around them and it will get serious, when their civil rights gives them the right to decide; I do not have a problem with the Politics thing but they never solve their own problems and the whole premise of it then becomes that of the quest for conveniences that hurt others but because they have already hurt themselves means that they are immune – hence they always have a problem with those who do what they do because they have been given an accountable authority to do it, these are the people that walk around like they are everybody else’s boss in their stupid view; the reality is that half of them are extremists who are really stupid people that want to do one thing only with their lives i.e. get around telling peoples what to do – they however are convenience seekers who want to grab other peoples security and manage it and then give it away when those people refuse to co-operate with their needs, so I do not do Police work obviously which those who do, do professionally as it were – give to me, I would be hurting them all of the time on a regular basis all together without reason they are aware of. We do hear them say they want to be free of course and it is utter nonsense; people can always be free of me by not taking a walk in my shoes and showing up on media to scream their heads off, which if I mentioned will lead to another route whereby they want to steal my income and go off to enjoy life in order to be free, which according to what they have experienced of taking a walk in my shoes, is what they should be doing as it were. It is the same old story; I like to rip up your income and make out it is amusing on Media while I come up with more winding accusations that will help me do more and more because I am creating a time lapse in which you lost all your resources, in order that I might reach a stage whereby I do it because I can; hence others that are just a little bit better behaved than that set off to get guns and bombs a fundamental corruption. What happens in my case is that if I have a duty and it is one of those where people are waiting to see me go insane and end up in a mental institution, I need the qualifications associated with what I am good at i.e. in my case The Law, except if the Politicians rip that up to create sensations of things I do not know about myself but they can glorify themselves with and I then have to keep an eye on that loop hole in case any scumbag wants to get involved with the law in order to deploy it and work for celebrities as well.

They do say I have solved all the problems and made no progress – I wouldn’t agree anyway; what happens every day is a process where meeting Men means that my work ethic gets attacked and I get left with depression atleast20 times on average every single minute and then they bandy their hate for religion to ensure they take it all when done too, the absence of respect is such that they do not recognise your right to an income because of your body type and sex and what they could use it for – so it is always nice to see them organise themselves and start like so until the part where they cannot let others be ensues and they are made to roll it back. It is all about my Books and how people complain of not being able to go anywhere when they read it, added to titles I am working on which previous versions American squander idiots and their community fools from around the world have had access to; so the main case is that each paragraph in the Books comprise three sections – a part about equity for creativity and then the part about functional equity and the part about finished outward look securities – it can still be read by normal people which is why I have developed it as a story but laughing at the funny bits too much will crack you up –hence I expect most of the people who read it for reading sake to be Women and have prepared my social network to accommodate them best, even though when I check the analytics it has been taken over by popularity and Media idiots that are now snooping around neighbourhoods chasing my anus and making a mess of me to claim they are looking after their asset and that is after they had complained about their freedom on the global stage all together. Like that other case of how little I know of terrorism while there is need for real leadership on it – whereas all can see that there are two sides to the leadership one first of all, which involves the fact the opinionated Media needs to stop denying the cause of the Terrorists and accept war ends their fun like their stupidities that cause it for others who die, the other side being that if people are running a business where others attend in order to relax, like a Tourism area for example, they must take those steps to distance themselves from Terrorism and all that has to do with it, when they are unable to guarantee 100% the safety of their clients, so that when the Law enforcement people are involved as well that will send a rival message to the terrorists and keep them off at least temporarily, which is a far better solution than to listen to self seeking goons who speak of people like me talking about my problems when we know nothing about terrorism; in terms of knowing anything about it of which was never a matter of rival student Unions – the ones that ended up in the White House Vs the ones that ended up in the Mountains of Afghanistan for instance and so there exists the fundamental problem behind the reasons these two groups hate each other – which is that they are two extreme ends of two evils and we have to be vigilant to avoid a process where they seek to merge into the rest of the world than solve the problem that lies before them.

So they say I am just another fucker seeking privilege but of course what they do not wish to talk about is where their laziness and robbery and Celebrity theft and lies fits into the picture where I and only I have a certain talent and ability in the whole world and am working to cut my losses with the existence of those who might have made use of my property without payment because they are desperate and with those who work the evils of the world and would take other people’s lives and property without asking any questions; the story is past its sell by date and the case of monopoly and competition without letting me extricate cash from my Equity property first will not suffice in my case either – they need to clear my space. They do say I am looking for war of course but it’s not actually the case; only a condition whereby they understand there are things they will never ever have which I do have and will have forever and that no contentions or fights or battles which are important or personal to them will they ever win until I get some respect and the destruction of my earnings is no longer amusing. Apparently it is the throes of being a Member of inferior race and one of the smaller ethnic groups; such that the income is being attacked with Media and perceptions and partying and black people ignorance at self seeking stupidities because the property is actually secure and prove of that gained as it has been tested to destruction on the worlds public places. On the date, the story they want to tell is that this all concerns the Duke of Cambridge’s Fatherhood thing during his Sons Birthday but that is just relative – they put that story up like that and run rings of vandalism around my concerns to cracked up out of my league get into my personal space, lean on me and talk nonsense about power; whereby they have opinions about religion I practice in their fucking personal lives and it gets violent with a big mouth. Of course they love to tell tales of how I act the part of the Lion without paying much attention to how Lions are treated in some cultures but of course the reality is pretty much the same i.e. a lot of the wickedness that damages my property and takes my income at market to show that wickedness pays, practiced by Celebrities, is fed to them from Africa and Asia and if this one blows up in their faces again, it will not have been the first time they had complained about me on the global stage either. They do say I am concerned about an unsustainable fight but its not a fight as much as it is about not being taken advantage of, just like we hear them claim I am no Royal and their stupidities telling me what to do is an example of how they feel when the Royals tell them what to do but of course what they mean is a follow on from when we hear them talk about buffoonery and typically is an occasion where Mr A goes Fox hunting with his family and somebody turns up to blab at him all day, until he rides his horse fast and jumps off it into the mud; some will see that the Royals do nothing by half measures and kick them all the time, they always decide it means something else on their insane Media. They say if it were up to me the Terrorists would have already won but of course it is all entirely predictable that if people are at war, allowing civilians to get around striking the inferior enemy from all angles, right up to a point where they build up Media campaigns that means inferior Army loses a piece of itself to them each time they do, the result will be an unpredictable terrorist group, that gets into peoples ideology to ensure they can strike anywhere too, which is only possible because the same Media fools soon extent the attacks to those that have nothing to do with either the War or any inferior Army all together.