So they say I never really make it clear what my main problem actually is; of which the main problem is a case of Politicians living in a world where they can do and undo with other people’s children when it comes to messing it up and rehabilitating it, if you do not show you are clever and powerful by abusing and pushing it into crime; in my case it is just too sweet to actually decide when they have achieved such a thing, so I get to cleanse their own as well and the other parties that do not engage in such nonsense like the socialists do now have learned how to let other people’s children be when it is happening. Then we hear them say they want me to join the military, much as stepping out of my door means being confronted by their female idiots that automatically block off all my exists and decide I will fix all their problems in life there and then or they will become famous leaving me with the fact their society idiots keep my toilet for me I suppose. It is supposed to have developed from the whole case of owning and if unable to cleansing people they claim they do not like from the society and from existence itself all together – the result is always that of spending tax payer funds on themselves to start off a living and build their stupid confidence to unknown levels while spending more of it to damage peoples finances and ensure they are always settling for the bottom to express their stupidities about the cultural reasons why the things that happen all around us happen the way they happen with, which is also meant to be a Law unto itself with a big mouth. Of course they do say it is a problem I cannot solve but all it really means goes beyond the fact they are home wreckers but in their case since there is fast technology these days, you don’t have to sleep with them to have a history, that can always be arranged on Parliament and on Media for you like we see them give to the frugal, right down to the part about wanting me to seek out nooks and crannies where boastful and insulting society idiots keep small businesses that give them the extra pay which boosts their insolent confidence to make them into the bullies they are but cannot buy the Books when I write it instead. it’s never really an issue as such there are three areas here and one of them is the real me while the other is the abuses of Media fools and Politicians, the third is the things I am being forced to say as a result of financial difficulties these fools get out of bed to cause me because they find it satisfying in terms of narcissism. So it is still all the same process of the real me and then the me that is forced through Political process of tax payer funds being spent to make me worry about my Bills and social pressures, meaning I end up worrying intensely about matters that are at least 4 times below it for their pleasure but because their bottom hurts as well, what they think I should be doing is find nooks and crannies where bully society idiots that do not want to keep their hands off me for their own good for their part as well, keep little businesses that supply them extra cash which boosts their self confidence to allow them become bullies as well but when I write Books, they cannot be caught dead buying those, ever the same old case of it being better to be cleverer than you actually look as it were. So they are in a nutshell pushing gangs stuff and how I am supposed to do something about it because they want to live on easy street with my Public life again and I did warn them about complaining of the previous case as the next time will see us do it on the money – so the line they have followed is entirely expected i.e. look for that fat idiot with a wife that cannot stop insulting you and a finger that is centimetres away from your anus at any given moment in time and find the nook and cranny where he keeps small business that boosts his confidence and allows him to be the bully that he is, when I write the Books, what they do not wish to do is buy those, what they want to do is show me it should never have been written by running a campaign to stop people buying it while they get to use it and then tell me they hate the fact I smell which is not actually true as well, because they think they can take me on. I do like it when they speak of competition; half the time the Queens Arch Prince is not competitive generally means they turn out to hurt themselves, the other half generally means when I am asked to compete I suck the life out of all that matters, when I want to be on my own they ruin my finances and cause me worries that will allow them control how I react and set themselves up with some money that will facilitate competition – I wonder if their problem is the case where they find it difficult to move around free in London when they are competing as it were; it’s always been about income margins, when I work for it and have it patented and they get on Media to express their disobedience on my finances pretending they were the things that were right from the 60s which I did ask them for in the first place considering I am being informed ever quite so often. I do not think it is a problem on the whole; they have always sought hate figures each time they want to set out these never ending cycles of parties that lead to popular culture wealth which lead back to the parties and so on and the Politicians should not select me whenever they want to spend tax payer funds on ignorance and show up at the other end pretending there are problems I must solve and can be made to if I don’t with a big mouth; when I write Books, they do not wish to buy and it sets off the sense I am going to handle them again and this time around on the Money all together. So half the time vandalism is competition, the other half they are handled to a point where they travel overseas to find goons that will Man the shops and throw around blame culture with who have the same skin colour as me, in order to facilitate insanity; they need to stop throwing the gangs stuff at me and I am not expecting positive responses if they had not stopped the first time when it got them into trouble, I am only mentioning it because we have had too much of their big mouth around here too; they need to stop getting on media to hunt and trap me and throw the gangs stuff at me to blow off that their big mouth they are really used to doing so. What happens is that the ones on the left are really used to the big old idea of something that can hurt me which I am not aware of and must be taught, while the right hand side is more concerned with knowing things about me I do not know about myself which is happening right away for everybody to gossip about and their need to interfere with my finances to relay these stupidities turns my tummy upside down because it has gone on for way too long and happens for way too often, I will continue to live in denial when I pretend it is my tummy that needs fixing, so they do need to keep their insults where people appreciate them, not blow off a big mouth at me about getting involved with people beyond my league as well, certainly not pushing the gangs stuff at me as well all together. So we hear that Law enforcement cannot be lured into liking them as well; whereas what happens is that they have a problem with somebody that is pioneering his own process of making money and making the money in the cleanest way known to Man while 705 of their family members are criminals, such that the same Police Officers do not actually know which day the fucking idiots will leave children without parents around here on account Law enforcement is a job as it were. It’s always the little insolent ways of factorising others that has to do with culture of abuse and insulting clusters of families and communities at the lowest possible levels of existence as filthily as possible and it is always better to be cleverer than you look as I said before, pushing gangs stuff at me.

They do say I make out I am really clever but am not which is actually not true; the truth is that it’s all doing peoples stuff to show them they are actually stupid, which means making the best of my literacy, that said, I have a job going for me, I have had my Books Published and everything about the Royal Commission has been properly set up and managed but they have always wanted that guy that did not let them deploy his public image to live on easy street to feed from the bottom so they can pinch his very anus especially when they are feminists, leave him with a painful tummy every time they see him and realise their dreams of being rich have not been fulfilled  and so it’s all done and I am always in pain in the tummy because Politicians spent tax payer funds to rip up my finances while supporting them to a point where they have done their academics set up their mortgage and have now had some savings developing a confidence that has no limits to look for trouble with – while in reality there was everything to play for before then i.e. the tax payer funds is not my money as it were and so this is my way of drawing a line on the matter; better to be cleverer then you look and they can cross it and have a go at me again if they wanted we are not talking about bachelors club yet, those want to beat up any who gets involved with women within their league and have sex with women within other peoples own all the time – this means anybody I have a relationship with soon runs away with them due to the claim they are real men and I am a fame and fortune tool which really has no way of happening in the real world but is all made because they really enjoy showing their face in public wearing suits and looking civilised when they are actually a bunch of fucking idiots. It’s never really been an issue as such as a whole, it’s a story of them feeling they are gods where the income margins my patents offer me are concerned – the one where bachelors club is supposed to have been the biggest problem my earnings faces and their community croons the biggest problem my hospitality faces; so what they do with it is get out of bed every day to run a campaign of securing a process where as many people as possible will not buy my Books and it is all set in stone, so there will come that point where I will look at my Company equity again and realise my Business has just been banned in this way and that it means I will not make any income because the older youths want to get involved and if they don’t they will feel uncomfortable with the fact it exists and they cannot and then they will get rid of it and this is the point at which I will pull out all the stops and the results will not  be pleasant for them too – it’s all celebrity stuff where the Media is their domain at which they get away with absolutely everything they want to do and undo with; I have stopped the celebrity ones cutting me off my exits with aid from them and from infiltrating my renaissance, so this is one more bit left undone yet and when those community croons attack me and the young people will not have sex unless their girls have been screwing around with my temperaments and so on, it really does show that what they do not want to do is Christian stuff and since I asked, I apparently always tend to have plans for the information supplied concerning what they do not want to do as it were. The black ones are simply the ones I will never get involved with and it is getting so desperate it actually hurts and then I will be punished for not letting idiots peddle my public image to live on easy street in this life or the next somewhere in hell. That I think people like me when they don’t is utter nonsense; what happens is that I work with multinational companies and those are the ones that stake my public image on their very high profile brands and intellectual property – all is usually well when people buy the products such as Cars and allow others to exist in the neighbourhood as well considering it is somebody’s public Office they are tapping into in order to make life meaningful but what they want to do is pretend Cars exist as a private space where people can dish out the pain and take none and it is an absolute obsession for them too, the result is that when they come across me on the streets, they are then hit with this desire to steal my secrets and go off to work for rich people – what the Politicians do when these Multinationals declare this situation is turn up to punish me and in order for that to be effective they have to cover up so many things that it becomes a matter of gross national concern so to speak, while their goons then run around all the economies that fill the gap between the UK and the US economy and ensure every single problem associated with somebody being uncomfortable on either side due to their need to run off at China and Japan, ripping up my Empire to get rich quick must be settled on the basis of them being the dominant force, which does leave me with this sense that nothing will be settled at all, as we do see them give to the frugal thereof. It’s much the same as the only leadership Politicians want to supply these days eventually boiling down to people forcing me to fix their life’s problems for them and we all know it is all the white man’s fault according to those who create this sort of very abusive and insulting disposition and the big idea thereof is that they are busy making sure that I am not told because I will cut them off before they succeed and then pretend I ever had the ability to take them on,  so that it becomes what my entire career has been factorised into while they complain about their problems which are usually the most obvious evidence that they are evil. The more educated they are is the more difficult it gets to show and tell them they are so stupid it is actually possible for them to dig out other peoples income margins and extricate that nonsense about colloquialisms by which people lose jobs which they do not want thrown at them as well while feeding me with a desire to see Men struggle financially as a result of their actions around here, considering the Politicians are still at it and have not yet paid cash for the damage they have already done and this just happens to be the biggest problem, not any silly sense that others have a problem with the idea of getting to the top and staying there and when they come from other religions and culture what is ever so obvious is that beyond your hurting stomach which is your stomach's fault, they do not want to do the Christian bits as well, furnishing others with ideas concerning what they have shown they do not want to do while attacking others so as to make them vulnerable to being asked to do unseemly things by the Authorities.