We have now come to this stage where its a one point question concerning the reasons I am not financially comfortable, which answer supplied is that I am not liberal enough and have no wish to diagnose and solve the problem but it has always been the same case with democratic and liberal people as such – they have spent the last 13 years of my time, right from the days when I couldn’t get a job because I had failed to masturbate and still couldn’t get a job if at all I did because it was not enough and it remained and hung in the air like that a state of affairs channelled in my direction through social issues all day long provoking the entire community on my account. Now they believe they have reached a point where all that destruction and vandalism has given them the prize they have always sought i.e. when they ask some Politicians why there isn’t support for them in come communities where votes need to be won and then say it is because they are not liberal enough, that will be the absolute truth without question or contest and hence ensure things are done academically by means of diagnosis and solutions and so have they applied the same process in my case as well; after 13 years of vandalism, everything I say and do is sweet but leads to a process where people want to spend less and not more on my products which is what the real problem is and that is without question or contest and it stalks me and follows me around and damages my property to do it like that constantly and without reason or purpose, while what I have said here will never have counted as diagnosis and solutions which ensure that the problem is solved in a straight and academic way to avoid social violence.

It is the same classic case of the blind not leading the blind otherwise there will be even greater problems; in my case I had eyes before I met them who had ambitions to be the blind who led the blind so they put out my eyes and are now telling tales on account of the effects of their leadership compared to what my eyes saw before it was put out. The problem gets bigger as  we can clearly see that their position socially and culturally is that they are liberal which means that this is a behaviour, the way the devil works, which goes round absolutely every ethnic group there is and gathers as many people unto it as it possibly can. Then we hear that the big problem with me is that I offer people a product and service that causes them to fight; which is utter nonsense, as they do not have a better social class than I do and their sense of taste is not better than mine either all together; attention paid, if paid by them, would have shown anybody that what I do is more in keeping with the needs of Women who although living in a society that prioritises female needs, want to get their own matters resolved by themselves and we all know these goons cannot handle such Women and when they try what happens as a result is that by the time those of them that have given an effort have achieved anything, the Women are completely tired and that means feminism ensues and the Women deploy their lives to get things done and they become poor and the need for hatred being directed at the female  folk is propagated thereof.

Speaking of US elections which they love to say Donald Trump is extreme and that the problems I face are associated with the fact I have now view on either candidates, whereas I do not actually think that Donald Trump is extreme when Barrack Obama has spent 12 years of government time in the White House making sure Dollars end up in certain corners that black Liberals and Democrats have exclusive rights to and Hilary Clinton is going to do exactly the same thing, none of which is unusual as we all know Democratic and Liberal people have always believed it is impossible to get anything done, right down to telling the simple truth, without money being involved and these above mentioned are just ones that want to get out of bed and spend my income of themselves and generally feel they want a conversation with me on what IU should be doing, as insultingly as they possibly can. Hence do people vote for a Candidate that is honest but will likely get into government office and tell people he has a manifesto he is supposed to pursue and does not want to be disturbed or distracted or do we vote for a Candidate that will flatter and get into government Office to ensure you are constantly pursued by people you have clearly informed a relationship with you from the last conversation you had with them, will be impossible on account of money? So both candidates are in the same par in my view and these trouble makers cannot actually point out the areas in which those they claim are extreme are actually being extreme; what we hear them say is that one Candidates rhetoric makes zombies out of people – whereas what is happening on the ground is that no matter how hard you work to ensure your products and business do not end up in a condition whereby if people damage it they get a psychological benefit, Democratic and Liberal people will already have chosen it for such purposes, ensured that it was and showed up on Media to build publicity to make it happen every single day; in the end we have never seen them save everybody, we have never seen them save themselves but what we have seen is that the guy who lives in a Town of Racists gets by anyway, the guy who ended up in prison gets by anyway and apparently they must be doing so because they were stupid.

So the other conversation had is that I am one of the main contributors to the breaking up of the EU, which is utter nonsense – everybody knows except those who live in Europe and are blinded by it, that the most impudent individuals in the world are European Politicians, who are only rivalled by African and South American ones; every conversation that has emerged between them and other peoples leaders always begins with the fact people think they are something important when they are nothing and ends with loss of points at an argument which is then finished off with a promise to find out if you really have got that much power. So for me, it was a case of carrying on as normal, taking up duties that were bigger than me and more deserving of those who were older, held government office by elections and had little respect for anything in their stupid lives in their view, which then led to abuses and attacks and such things as very extreme sex parties which affected persons that went on to make pornography from it, pornography which was free of course and was based on my public image – hence I am sure everybody will agree that this behaviour was widespread because Europe is a place where it is guaranteed that the person who holds government Office must in some way have been involved in employing you and that this is a good enough reason for it to have broken up. They do say I am completely unaware our relationship with the US is the one where they give orders and we take them but of course so should the bigger ally not get around deploying what soldiers have died for to create their own Military which will be based on existential survival as well; I am not saying it is a crisis but when such talk turn up, it should be seen that it is all some 80s and 90s style evils of the streets at work in high places, otherwise it will characteristically be out there building crime infested neighbourhoods and civil rights movements.