The story never seems to go away as such, that I spend all my time being seen doing one activity after another in order to do The Queens job – the reality of course is rather that I have always had this problem with certain black characters and it was the same during HM Golden Jubilee and then the Diamond Jubilee and now HM 90th Birthday but we have now reached a point where some of them have lost jobs and positions at Buckingham Palace and the need to listen when I tell them to stay the hell away from me has never actually been greater as such.

They say I encumber their freedoms here and that story is starting to annoy me in a big way as well since the reality is that I cannot have a business or a job or do my academics when young people can jump on the left hand side and get famous, wherefore I do not want young people to jump on the left hand side and get famous but they have decided to respond to my position by running campaigns to call violent crowds in my direction, turn their need to ask for my perspective into a sub culture and always get seen behaving as though that was how they were born and raised and grew up and had childhood friends etc. It has now reached a point where they travel to Africa to find like idiots; they have now finished screwing around at the shops and passing about blame culture to that effect, what they are doing now involves turning on each other and then the whites will be the ones that begin the process of attacking me with a big mouth but first of all which they want to be famous and I encumber their stupid freedom which they have no idea where they kept apparently.

The parent ones speak of the need to be free from the abuses of society which does not make any sense as their freedom is built on my earnings and it will not have constituted the first excuse they have made to create another of those really stupid conditions whereby they have money in the bank while I can account for the process by which it was made, better than they can, only to have them blab at me about being important because they are rich. I hear that I am used to talking as though I am actually worse off in the matter but I never said that I was, when we all know that each time they speak of their stupid freedoms, what they do with money is fund the desires of a stupid self seeking girl who wants to be famous and cannot do anything unless it kills off the light, then set her up to do popular culture on the public image of a Royal Arch Prince, the reason they take the risk being that they think they can make that money and recover it at my expense – hence this is just the ‘come and stand here and recover it, if you have got the fucking guts’ routine – so it is indeed true that they are worse off; it tends to slash that process where idiots turn up to peddle my public image and intellectual property instead of sell goods and services on their vagabond brands, only to tell me that they have actually got more money. We see it all the time, especially the part where the biggest problem I face with my Books are the opportunities they identify at my company market i.e. if I broker equities with Auto companies, I would be rich if I sold auto merchandise but I am too stupid to see the opportunity and any who tells me is looking for an enemy and yet what I actually sell is Books that I write and it had always been that way long before they saw the business in public – so it is one of the clearly identifiable examples.

They do say I am all talk and no action, I say it is nice to see them spend their Money on social issues; I apparently win again when they spend that money which generally tends to mean I am left expressing the fact I have never seen a group of scum as destructive as this ones and that when I start to handle their case, the end product will be that of Celebrities getting hurt too, on social issues, hence is set to continue. The blacks do claim I am detached from my roots and in like manner always do with features such as calling violent crowds on me; I cannot make out how it could have been true when no matter how much I have rested, I always still always tired as a result of their involvement and its stupidities. As for the bit where all I do is talk and an inability to back it up; but that entirely depends – since I am not talking to them first of all and all I rely on to secure feedback about my equity property and assets is the people who deploy them at the job roles in the Large Companies around the world, hence job security can be a function of how I behave, of which I do not suppose they on the other hand have such a problem anyway since they have got power – apart from which I may fall apart if it is left to their Politicians to blab at me about their civil rights, otherwise it will be a case where thinking about having sex with teacher, dropping out of school and doing nothing but marijuana and stealing and living the high life, only to realise I need to be a hate figure so people can clear their heads and attend school again, will certainly blow up in their stupid faces.

I do love it when they cling to people’s property; where the colloquialism of the German ones is that your stuff has already been done, while that of the British ones is that you think you know how they will do it this time but actually don’t; it’s not marijuana and camp life insanity apparently, it’s the effects of living in deprived neighbourhoods; so that when I turn it on the MPs as well, with all their  State Office perks and Ministers salary, they cannot actually cope and hence it makes so much sense. They do claim I do not know what my Books are or do myself all together but as I had mentioned – the reality is still as simple as the facts that my Assets are brokered in a Trust system of those who hold top jobs are Global Industry and hence I must work for their job security primarily and am fed up with seeing their stupid involvement and opinions and acts of taking care of me or taking over, especially on that stupid Media. So they say the games I play with peoples Women was expected to come to an end but has not; the reality of which is that they still get involved with peoples business like they do mine, in order to bend rules and I have never seen any other group of people that are as destructive as they are, alongside their stupidities and need to get into back doors of industry and get jobs while having smaller people to bully ideas from with their blackheads on the other hand but even then, after getting it your body hurts and then your anus will start to hurt as well and then the need to open up your valuables and middle aged Men idiocy call crowds on you will ensue, which generally leads to me having the distant violence followed up by crowds and low lives, so I can get after them for it too and ensure my Royal Head does not hurt that much every time: I mean it gets to a stage where the Man problem is no longer poor people stealing things but deserving financially well bastards bending rules, hence the question of what you do in that circumstance, save the need to fear them and let them do whatever they liked, especially if they asked about whether or not bending rules was a crime. I do not think that bending rules is a crime either but it is not a relationship to be had with peoples businesses, the one they say I have with their businesses comes as a result of ripping up my finances and blabbing demagogues of what my deserving size of income should be, making themselves bridges between Industry and me, while their girls do whatever they wanted with my Public image and their need to get famous on media and of course I can never ever feel good and have never seen any other group of idiots in this Country or overseas which are as destructive as their Middle aged stupidities yet. None of these things would have happened if I took total control of my Publicity and since no amount of reasoning will change the situation, this is what I must now do (They claim I have all I need but do not know what I have, which makes no sense whatsoever - I know what I have, its just not a future when every idiot has access to your finances and those that are nice use it as leverage to undercut your basic instincts and feelings when they ensure every way in which you and others should not behave towards your livelihood is what they want to do and in order to get away with it make up a story that is about the Country, creating the sense you are dealing with geniuses but are actually entangled with bloody idiots that Politicians would not mind supporting for power. This is not how their parents lived and it is the parents that are happy with their success while their behaviour suggests that the parents will want to know how they came by it all together as it were; of which those that like it are the most destructive scum in the whole world and although there is no opposition to usage of my work, my bottom and chest and head hurts all the time and I do not obviously actually have the right to feel good. They do say it is the power of the Media, whereas it was nothing save an idiot getting up in Public to make their own version of my image and run it over and over and cause me harm until I react, claiming it is because they are envious; whereas they could refrain from telling me what to do and or issuing distant violence in my direction, considering people will pick it up and I will get after them as well.). Its never really an issue, just a question of running your life and livelihood as a normal person or going off on a tangent involving what idiots get on Media to make of you and of course if over 60% of what people think about you, either because they want to see you react is as a result of this, then you have to act because the bullying will never stop - the question usually comes down to whether they and their neighbourhoods of trouble makers whose parents have bequeathed them some money have a justification for it (When it is being nice it is just too loud and complete with tricks on how to earn your income in order to avoid work and get violent thereafter, when it is not, then all they want to perform is vandalism that costs them nothing; they need to leave me alone, stop telling me what to do. Its an old story where they claim that especially with respect to what my tummy does, I am trying to blame other people for my problems - it is utter nonsense of course because nobody lives well an existence where idiots can get involved with them for destruction all the time; the European ones are always blabbing about somebody doing my stuff if I do not co-operate with their needs, while for the British ones it is about how they have done it before and I am of the assumption I can tell how they will do it this time but actually cannot and its a daily affair and I have a bad appetite but hold my breath while I eat and all day long after that for a decade, never mind the fact I am a Christian and might sometimes be on a fast but because they are the most destructive scum in the whole world, although there is no opposition from me when they make use of my possessions, my tummy hurts. I do not need the conversations that ensue when I want it to end, I want them out; period - I mean my Books are not to be read when people are angry but it is the one thing they want to read and express anger with, so as to show people nobody can make progress once they read it, as insultingly as possible and my Court is not for anger but they get involved to wash themselves and feel refreshed and reborn with energy and wholesomeness at the other end like flesh Mans blood with that big mouth.). I hear that I am always boasting about being able to handle them but am unable to but of which it is clearly stupid beyond imagination and nobody knows how my body type and sex is actually meant to prevent a state of affairs that is closing in around them and is about to crack them up anyway but then again if you do handle them, because Politicians like to support their stupidities for a while, the outcome will be that they make five million pounds by ripping up the lives of 10 people and are made to pay 50% of that in tax - of which the expenses spared to ensure they do not run away with the money will be incredible and the expenses spared to run a benefits system people should not necessarily end up on will be incredible, hence the Country worse off; what is certain however is that it is incredibly stupid (the whole telling me what to do problem has just become a very serious one, along with its distant and fantasised violence - its not possible to build a life with their involvement unresolved, yet all delays lead to media claims they want to build a life on, which suggests they are superior).