It is the recurrent theme of all my writings for all those that have read my other columns, the fact that after years of social intrusion and follow on betrayal from the Political system which has yielded the result by the way of getting people talking and perhaps engaged in Politics as they had desired at the cost of their rights,

There has been no end to suggestions and ideas about the reasons for the England UK riots in the last two weeks. By far the one that has gotten my attention the most happens to be the suggestion that it is the result of the fact parents can no longer discipline their children without being reprimanded by the State. Looking on the prognosis of security based on easy come easy go mentality which is followed on with threats to serious consequences when you do the same to peoples cultures if they do it to your finances and career, this clearly seems to be the most likely prognosis of these events we have seen in England. This is not however the end of the challenge to the idea that the problem is largely the State interfering in other peoples family life because as we know, all people really have to do is provide for their children with the help of the government until they have reached the age of adulthood which in the United Kingdom is 18 and of course this must be a daunting task as I am for example yet to be convinced as it were for my part, that even if people have 20 children in their families it is actually possible that they have up to five years age gap between each child which then creates a condition where parenting is a life time affair. Still we have not begun to exhaust the arguments behind the fact that if you actually live with your parents as an adult you should be a happy child and that if you go out doing riots for example, there is a part that the parent is playing in the actions you have taken recently to destroy other peoples lives and property. The truth about the destruction of lives and property happening because Parents are not allowed to discipline their children is campaign of some of the most vicious bullies we have in our society, who have learnt nothing from the riots and the nature of the riots in anyway whatsoever, do not understand when they need to leave people alone and they exist in the same category as those who claim none of it would happen if children were being taken care of by trained and certified professionals to keep them off the streets and away from damaging other peoples property. If I must offer my candid opinion it does seem that the condition of vandalising the cultures of those who vandalise your career and your work and thereof finances which gives equal power to younger men in the society as much as it does to younger women because each sex because of their sex knows everything about each side of society and therefore everything about the culture on which it is based, is not offering younger people in society enough security currently because there are too many social dejavu sponsored by the State and its friends that wish to commandeer all the Interests of the Country while trying to pass exams in school or become successful at a job for which their failures are always meant to be spread around as everybody else’s problem. Not to mention funds supplied to deviance in the society which will surprise and make people helpless when the girls who savage them with rumours until they have to deal with powers become rich and famous as well at the same time and those that have no money to enjoy the privileges of rich people with are empowered to get it in other ways without counting any of the cost, loving it and robbing it in with every opportunity insolent media gives them for it as it were, looking for even more trouble. Thus it does apply that the only way reality will appear in the minds of those who continue to supply funds for these means of destruction, then damage the lives of other people still to make them the violent elements of society that destroy life and property while also making out it is the fault of law enforcement as well by the way, is to ensure that they understand and feel the same terror that a helpless new adult feels because they were born into the world first once they retire and become the elder section of the population, while the younger adults must have become the powerful and wealthier section of it. It is when they had lost these kinds of securities that these lies and the games and fun people enjoy with them will make any less sense to those that do so.