They tell me my actions affect people's government Policy; I fail to see which government Policy my actions affect anyway. Perhaps here in the UK for beginnings, the one where people must apologise to the electorate for misleading them. With respect to which somebody will get off and promise lots of things they intend to do to others because they believe in the religion that says 'turn the other cheek when people hit you' and when 'you want money work for it'. Another will get off and give such person tax payers money to play around with as long as they can prove it works, whereas they should be supporting those who don't cause the government to waste money solving crimes like I do, so that there might be no alternative argument. Now they have surrounded me with their stupid kids who climb up public places seeking privileges from me they are certain I cannot refuse them, while they are certain that years of bullying because my faith actually is such that I am a fraud for having a job while I believe in God:-therefore they are certain of privileges they will usurp my entire life to acquire, as such there are things I do which affect them and their government Policy. I am not saying it is a problem, I am only mentioning a fact; all it means is that there are people with evil imaginations and I am here without an evil imagination which of course is their problem because they cannot tell the difference between themselves and the Christian and or Prince that does not want to get involved. They always claim the Christian that does not want to get involved does not want to get involved, so that it might be easy for him to get a job but the fact of the matter remains that in the end you can only have one job at a time.

It takes us back to the main issue which is that religious people hurt circular people all the time but obviously if we religious people have no choice they will have any somewhere in hell. Just like those stupid ideas they have about how my business should be working; I sell my equities they use the freebies on the website and turn up on public television to tell people they work with me. No they don’t work with me, where on earth would they get such an idea from anyway? This is however not the only nonsense I have to deal with because the desire to do my job as well and push me out of my earnings through doing so had led to this condition where people choose equities from my work to manufacture products and another set of people intrude, make up perceptions on public media and have Political conversations on the equity itself; it begs the question of what on earth they want from me? The freebies on this market place and its subsidiaries is supposed to be full of risks; there is violence going on there, racism going on there, spiritual wickedness going on there and then the one that concerns me personally which is that I am the one people want to love to kill in order to ensure more black people are coming to live in the UK or the Glory of their race has been magnified; and somebody will use that to do business because he or she does not wish to buy a £16.00 book:-its completely impressive-the power I mean, makes me want some of those. That system of racism and heresy was dead a long time ago; I do not believe I have enemies among men anymore by the way. Except of course we have it being revived in none white communities, which is nothing surprising in anyway; I don’t have any black friends although I wouldn’t want to so I don’t get to know about it. The truth is the truth and I am no idiot’s plaything to make his own truths for him to suit him as if I am his equal. Apparently the world is full of women who think men should be put in their place and men who think women should be put in their place. I have not got a clue why they know I think women and men are equals but want to make out ideas all I own and do actually belongs to them; the girls cannot see I am not a girl and that they know perfectly well where girls like them are and need to stay away from the Royal family and stay the hell of my life work and income and the men always think I do things to get involved with them when I am only trying to sell my books. So it seems they want to service the opposite sex and think that I will go from a duty of putting away ideologies of evil to being personally responsible for it or indeed having knowledge of it when it happens. Yes they always go on about religious society, I wonder all the time what religious society, social networking websites like face book and Privileges no body can deny them actually means. I deny them all the time including perceptions they make up on public television of having gotten such privileges. Their problem is that they always feel when they hurt people with impressions with which they enslave them endlessly and violently, such are supposed to react to them in a way which makes out they are reacting to circular society and yet if you do, they will get everywhere with it which will wind you up like crazy as if they can fight the fight. I am still waiting for both their heresy and insults to become a matter of opinion, so they can stop hindering my faith and proceed further to hindering my finances as well. They can never stop keeping people in a perpetual state of errands they dig deep to find out what they are and then do; and for me especially as far as they know, when I stay breathless people get blessed. These days they are confident that they can bully my Court (a Select Group of famous reporters who live their lives in my world) with the use of prerogatives Royalty or States Men might seek to get these such things, which is rather far fetched anyway.