This idea of a blur between the incomes of Godly people and good people and careful, successful and prudent people and that of the men with their girls and their dreams of riches especially those of them inciting all sorts of rubbish to happen on other peoples income only to get on public places and talk rubbish in the US administration no matter which country people live, is of course the biggest load of nonsense ever. I wonder if they now want explanations from me:-these are very vain, incredibly immoral, unfathomably selfish people, so except for getting on public places to tell me what I should be doing with myself for the purpose of using peoples work without paying for it while they earn by doing so as they are in position to get rich and expect me to come through with a big mouth just because they can appear on public media, which is purely abusive because of my line of work and their desire to go down in history with it as remembered people whose names are engraved in tablets, especially the men, why they love to get involved with me I have no idea. The details are that we are supposed to be two sets of people that are polarised in two completely separate different and opposite ways, which I mention because I know nothing about them save the fact I spend my extra time on Godly things and they spend their binge drinking and having sex except when they need money and want to know where my income is situated because they feel they are violent and can use people to be rich therefore the only thing we have in common is my own earnings from my work, so they can take it and insult me in public with violence as well; as I am aware "The Arch Prince will live if he does not interfere with what I want", which they cannot say to my face because it is such a lucrative insult for the purpose of making money at my expense running campaigns of 'enmity with' me to make rich friends. They always feel like going overseas to get people to look after them who will turn up to permit them to use people as slaves when they get here, so they end up being little kings and Queens for whom people are holding down the land for their titles overseas and in the UK as well, while their children get on public places to abuse people for being leaders which makes them bolder and bolder and more and more healthy with such boldness while their victims become sicker and sicker and because of which they never run out of excuses for spending other people's income, for the purpose of splitting themselves into two the familiar groups: the one that says when I come close I will be murdered because he has shaven his head and has a perverse relationship with money, he and he evil woman talking nonsense and boasting all the time with the rubbish he talks about applied to an immeasurable desire for reaching to grab stuff that belongs to others, while the other moves left to goad those they have decided are supposed to be doing some fighting which is entirely based on increasing their beauty and superiority by abusing people all the time, with violence gained from some kind of insolence based spiritual power; then when they come here it's pop stars they want to become and pop stars they want to be on my income, which intention they express and display every second without fail turning delay into denial on my career and boasting about consequences that will never happen for it with a big mouth, which is supposed to end with a condition where their stupid parents find out how well I hold the land, in order to do it as well for the purpose of getting rid of me and copying it all of it. All of which means it gets better everyday the more they waste my property and tell me about it with public media abuses. All they do with their time is locate people they want to hurt all of the time and then start lying campaigns with which to do it and of course I don't like hem hurting me. First I was supposed to be their private and personal Jesus that they can crucify everyday whenever their lives are difficult and they want to get to know somebody that is better and richer than they are, that was bad enough because in this city of theirs where everybody is doing it I would never get a job or any earnings from anything, now I had progressed to the point where they claim it is the culture in which I am a Royal Prince which is an evil I destroyed completely some years ago and they know they will never recover it, hence are now we are at the part where they spend my income on themselves. They fancy too deeply this idea of me as the person they have defeated which people should not take away or save from them as per everybody is doing it. Their stupid kids that get stabbed and killed on the streets are always making up ideas as well by some kind of excused violent challenge to a fight based discrimination of my earnings they think is very clever and more interesting than ever; they are the ones that are always making up stories I make out my life to be so valuable I will never get into a fight lest there exist more problems that they make a duty all the time making friends with violent men whose entire life is a desire to be rich and the grabbing of the incomes of those they can overcome, collecting that my so called life for violent people to get famous and rich and by the time they come to the point where they have been hurt too much for them to tolerate and decide to stand up for themselves, somebody just murders them and goes to prison for it and nothing happens, which they claim is my fault which then makes it even better. The big idea is that what I have said exposes me, it does not in the slightest; the fact is that they are either violent on the right or they are evil on the left, they don’t live in the same life as me and I don’t share my income with them; we have nothing in common and the idea what we have in common is my income with excuses and insolent processes of telling me what to do is one of the reasons they complain all the time. So somebody uses violence on me and I want to deal with it, the other that is evil and perverted will come round and mess that up sending me on errands and trying to control my earnings because he is trying to ensure that there be no God, same with if I want to deal with him the violent ones come through and of course they hate the idea of women and their relationship with men who stop people having sexual fantasies about them, while their insolent girls lie all the time about who is having sexual fantasies about them. They always make out I am the guy who makes noise all the time but will soon have his arse whooped, I simply do not think this is a problem as racist scum are always known to start a fight and cheat so they always expect I would do nothing about the effect of their insults on my health as we wait to meet each other like they brag about on public television all the time, besides which it would be such a privilege to touch a Prince not to mention hitting one and that is a matter that will be settled; it is not as simple as they make out it is but maybe we will find out before it is actually settled because they run campaigns of hatred against me by which they get rich and get connected to rich people, but they want to beat me up as well which has no reason but of course it actually does have a reason as it were for they run all kinds of illegal economic activities all over the place and I am one of those things that interferes with it in the most destructive way imaginable. Of course I know things like hacking into my computer are happening, I mean why do they suppose I let it happen and ignore it for most of them then, except for example facts like their hitting me will one day stop when they have no more cocaine to sniff and heroin to smoke and so on which I personally have developed a habit of hunting them for. The usual strong point is the defiance of the powerful by those that are weak; which is never a topic for conversation, since Americans are always very fond of and good at believing the things their enemies tell them about their allies than the things their allies tell them about themselves-naturally no body expects those that are immoral to try and see things the same way as a Christian but no body expects them to share the Christians earnings either and set off bragging about it with big mouth insults all the time as well. Everything has a consequence and the big question is always whether those that are weaker are strong enough to execute these consequences. I always look at it from the point of respect; where the fact somebody looks really European and it means they are cunts, so I go to the US to tell them they cannot tell the difference between men and women in their country until it goes horribly wrong; you cannot believe what your enemies say more of the time if you have not conducted some form of really violent intrusion into the internal affairs of your allies because you think you are really powerful. By which time is common place the deployment of women who have gone from men they can bully when their bosses have sex with them because they are seen to have done something to aid another woman's career, which then progresses through many forms of bullying in public places for those that are important and powerful, until it reaches the point where everything men they can beat according to them because their morals mean they are incapable of violence and will therefore do nothing about it is something they want to destroy and destroy they do indeed, while no body has any sense of how evil they are or to accept they are evil because others are busy making money from somebody’s predicament. My personal problem is, this is the process of grabbing the customers and market off my market place to keep somewhere else and satisfy the fact they are the only ones that need money, selling something else and then settling an inheritance for their children which will make them superior to mine, as if I cannot get it back and that if I wanted to it would be so muddled up with others they have done such things to as well, that I would never know which is mine and that even if I do they will hold me back with the help of stupid Politicians that we know will complain later except I let them get away with it getting stuff from me that I don't recover or let people get away with hurting me because they do it as a community and not individuals, which then means I cannot survive in the world of men-which is why I will never give them back that stupid left and they will have to imagine a new one which they cannot get away with if it means secrete society powers. In this way I get famous the more I get abused.