The big excuses are largely that I happen to count as one of those individuals that pick up cultural matters that are beyond my age and would not give up on them but what really happens mostly is that people are fundamentally detached from their own foundations and made a mess off – in my case it came when I attended University and their Community croons having fantasies about my bedroom window while they got me stuck with problematic relatives and got off chasing my Public image as abusively as they possibly can, then return to dominate me with any money made which explains why their dysfunctional families work the way it does, gave way to Politicians leading a Campaign that wanted to own the way I handle sociological matters whenever I left my home to attend University as if should anybody had done that to them they would have passed enough of the exams to sit somewhere near Parliament for any reasons, especially so because they also claimed criminals were nice people who just needed money and it all depended on me as I was really big due to a public image I had cultivated through my faith and their Community croons had never stopped claiming my personality was a product of sleeping with other peoples wives.

So in event of which they then claim its racism at Government buildings affecting me for their part which I do not perceive it to be anyway; I think it is people who have the effrontery to work on processes of destroying peoples career which results I do not wish to blame others for like the goons I have to tolerate all the time and doing something about it is my choice and my choice only. As for the threats that they issue, that was largely developed around building up a sense that I have done something wrong that is unforgivable and I have done nothing of that sort either, its largely a matter of the fact the problems these Politicians and Celebrities are complaining about do not come from my Family and are not created by me, while the Public image they are chasing belongs to me. So I do get told it’s a matter of the part I have played to get myself into that position which I have; it’s a corruption of involvement gimmicks on the part of the Men and it was never something they could begin and stop at their own time as they were dealing with another persons life and career, so I have gotten them stuck with it and have no wish to allow them secure an exit at my expense because I want to see them suffer for their behaviour, bearing in mind more so that whilst they enjoy it so much, they are not sharing the salary with me. Speaking of sharing, we are here because of sharing issues all together, when they chase me around for what I know and each time I write a Book that helps to share it, a mini war begins because buying it will make me important – so I have had enough of them as they are not sharing the salary that gets to their heads in the first place. So they do speak of me dicing with power but its never clear why anybody would want to adopt a disposition of power that practically means when it ensures people do not have property it envies, the power pays dividend but as I said, they are incredibly keen to run other peoples lives, such that whenever they say they are the ones who have jobs that depend on the approval of majority population and should be the ones taking home the most money at the market, it is where my whole life gets flushed down the loo, when they set up Warehouses that they have not got time to work on because they need end up at the Government buildings to earn the salary they set it up with, I am truly screwed because it’s the point at which their stupidities have finally found out how the markets really work; so it means that damaging other peoples property when it envies them and showing up somewhere to chase a public image that is not its own is the Politicians version of racism.

They never stop building it up; either I am being beaten down in my own bed by community croons as Media ensure any Public duties are constantly being repeated or there is demand for it to be until people are sick of it, which means I am always tired and looking like some "snowflake" (It is regrettable but statement context to be observed, the intended trap, communities with ideas of what to do to me which will not be broken up and all; I mean there are people I practically think have no way f getting on in their trade without the action I take on Public matters over such description tags, while they spend their time on this, besides which getting their hands up my bum has been amusing for years now while their community croons help them think they have suddenly become tougher than I am and are on queue to grab that Public image all together) wants to stick a knife in my back and grab my public image to get famous with or they have been spending tax payer funds on society trouble makers while ripping up my finances to show criminals are good people who just need money when they are not complaining about the outcomes or they constantly keep making statements that the case of Industry fools confiscating my Empire to deploy it as a means that helps them establish relations with consumers in order to keep trading and getting rich without chasing the habits that causes loss and poverty and brought about the recession or its the insults that mean people get between me and my career and pass about abuses which eventually result in everything I have worked through in the years not counting for me when others want to grab my career. Then we find that the big problem was largely that I never respond to it while we know its more like women complaining at the background of Public living which no sane individual gets off responding to - either way of which I will then have been informed I am dumping it on the women since it would not have been obvious to them that I am listening to what the women are saying all together, especially bearing in mind it really brings to light the fact their family members are responsible for the problems they expect me to get stuck with while they chased my Public image.

I have to settle on the fact that since it appears to be a behaviour they intend to persistently exhibit at my expense, I must prepare to ensure that once I run out of time to raise myself a workable pension for instance, I am able to get the required revenge from the salary that gets to their heads as well.

It is then fondly claimed all the time, that I am afraid and worried about strong women and its utter rubbish too, as there is no need to be worried about women who are likely to bother somebody else for sex instead of troubling me and my Church concerns here – what causes the worry are a group of idiots that are sharing my personal space with me and get very abusive every time I as much as twitch or breathe because their stupidities were having the time of their stupid lives flanked by idiots with penises that issues threats because of the smell they cause; they have progressed from scum that get attacked by women who think their idiocy encourages domestic violence, soon after became the best friends of Industry fools who make their money for the purpose of wrecking peoples lives, now they just want to be feminists and had come full circle with that but have not got a foggiest clue what their mean cunts were talking about hence rather prefer to ask a Man. It is fun for now, until the business of seeing that I have an elevated stress level, only to get off building Publicity for themselves being happy about older men and stronger men making me do what they want over their money problems, shooting it through the roof, will begin to give me some great ideas around here – so far its their foolish men doing my stuff at Buckingham Palace because I spent their House on myself to become more beautiful and waited for them to label me homosexual and find out what will become of it too. I do get told I am angry about this because I am hiding something but I am not hiding much although I agree with such a prognosis i.e. they are criminals; where I am for instance is the one where they work with industry idiots to wreck the academic work and finances following me around and when I live on benefits claim there is a trick I play which keeps me there, that I need to be forced to share with their stupidities, so they might make money and avoid work, I love them too obviously bearing in mind these insults are meant to be sexually abusive and will be waiting for them to shit out those stupid children all over my Public image later on and find out what will become of it too. When they claim we should not be doing this by right I agree they come full circle with their stupidities because of me too – as we can see all of it from the beginning even through all of my responses are developed around what Media does but we are not mates and refusing to keep off my Books and to stop following me around will generally bring about a specific applicable result where I spend their own to ensure this Bookshop is quiet enough for people to just read what I write, there is no deal their meant cunts can cut with me that will ever work, like we were equals around here. I don’t like them but I like it when they stay out of crime and make money to buy products at this Shop. As for the part where British women do it as well, we know I have warned them when I speak of wealth inequality, I am talking about these stupidities bringing about an outcome whereby I got paid once they were done making their own money from it.There really isn't much they can do about it - so far all they complain about is the inability of their men to conduct violence on me, which has prevented their stupidities from becoming fully developed women but claiming the business of finding it amusing when the love for me means hurting me all the time and building publicity like this for their insanity, to get involved with my concerns and shoot up my stress levels, is about to bring forth another outcome too. They claim I handle peoples culture and society as well and they are likely to reciprocate and its utter rubbish; what happens is that I don’t step out of my door to do it, they spend it on me for no reason and I am not giving it back as well – they have learned there is nothing they can do about me but are so stupid I don’t have my space back still, their light weight stupidities then are in charge the last time we checked. I love them too obviously bearing in mind the insults are meant to be a sign of their sexual dominance, whoever is their meant cunts mate around here anyway. The rest who speak of what I wouldn’t do in Africa are just as good but in Africa it would easily have become a matter of letting it fly to find we have made sense of it once we are done with a war after I had been dragged away from my Church concerns that I practice in their own personal lives at the other end, so I definitely would have allowed it as it were; what happens in the UK is that I pop the question about them being homosexual and they claim they said it first on media, so I guess we got there never the less.


A Few facts and matters have been worked in detail here, I have made it so as this is my Administrative renaissance site and effectively an inventory of Divine and Human effects at the Royal Office. This applies Globally and effects a process of consequence for all who are too quick to work out the fate of other human beings, in the belief that the assumption they hold true to themselves, that they always get what they want and always want what other people already own which is how the Eye thus covets is primarily linked to reality.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.




So they claim these days I am being punished by Politicians for being as bad as bad can get but of course it is utter nonsense, since what Politicians do is rip up my finances and show up in public places to exhibit themselves in order to keep alive hopes of becoming me and then we hear they all want to complain alongside their media goons as well of my people doing beat that fight that etc routine at them, of which in actual fact about it they can do nothing since it is not also only clear I have the capacity to borrow peoples countries until books as sold even though they do not seem to learn but can also prevent Liberal’s and socialists especially from making social and political and public mess which is to be correct with my life and possessions whereby I am not in leadership if they deploy media and public exhibition of their stupidities to get there first before the general public does at the discretion of their leadership; so it’s all insults and hence they need to live with beat that fight that etc routine and stop approaching me like  we are mates for it. It does rather appear speaking of the prognosis of a warning, that percentage of the need to get on public places and rally crowds to squander my property as the hopes continue that they will one day become me etc will reduce unless I run a counter campaign for absolutely every single move that politicians make and every single thing that they or their media fools do and say in public, to keep them off their followers etc.

Of course I do get told I have a problem of overexcitement all the time; this is actually not the truth – that would have been more a case of when I do not associate with others then I am a loner and if I dared walk past a school, I would have been a paedophile and yet if I associate with people, they want to do nothing else save hurting me because I am too happy. The best way to understand it is that the existence of three persons analogy and one of them is rich while the other is a goon given money to dominate people with by government and the other if me who then has to find employment. What we will find is that the first is rich and the second is absolute scum and the third is poor and that stories about wealth inequality are pre farce which circles going round and round they believe they have trapped me in and hence already begun to explore anus and penis insults they think they have waited too long for; since we can see that if Mr A has a duty to secure Mr B 5 product sales this week which is his job, there is nothing that will stop him from making it happen and if Mr B also works for Mr C who has three million other people doing the same, these guys never ever fight wealth inequality; what they do is ensure wealth ends up in the hands of already rich people and that celebrities are admired and loved because if you do not do so when people get money off rich people by being themselves, it will never happen to you as well. Hence the other side of this matter will be that I could have found a way of explaining this to show my Status but have chosen not to, creating more problems in the process; but that would have been a case of me making it clear a Royal Prince always shines first of all and also that I do not write Books from sensibilities of how the general population get along with each other, as I do on the premise of a Half Priests’ Office and all the confusion that costs me money and does damage is a game that these Politicians and Media goons love to play endlessly – in the end, to expect a Royal Prince to dim up in a world where people get rich not by being successful but by partying as hard as possible, while he has to provide leadership for both rich and poor alike is a total waste of time.

My Health problems are half an impediment to the discharge of my duties either; for instance I was supposed to have secured a difference between Celebrities in my Court and other trouble makers and now it seems that the trouble makers have taken over what they like and gotten rich so others can breathe but it still smell of course if you want it to.

Its like the two part case of how the state of the world cannot be determined because of me. It is utter nonsense of course; the reasons I have created a confusing disposition around my self and my Empire and what it does is to make it clear that if people come from the Middle East and from Asia and from Africa and from South America and cannot keep their hands off people bums, they can always continue on that path if it seems that the way I have priced my Books has not priced them out of my concerns; considering there is nothing wrong with respect and nobody here is their spare leader. The other being the issue of safety on the internet; of which is about taking people onto the internet that you have taken up in the real world – some will go through that process like you had done it for them as well of course and those that you had not should be able to see it too. It is an old story of how safe the US makes the world i.e. Mr A speaks to the Government of Lebanon and the Official asks later who he was and he was actually the owner of WALMART i.e. the biggest Chain store in the US and there will be fits of rage  and calls made to Assad and Putin right away. I am informed many times that I work too hard; I really do not as such and it has begun to show a self fulfilling prophesy I am now punishing the idiots responsible for as well; I have only discovered that few are the people that can actually stop me from doing what I am passionate about and so do not think The Royal Estate Businesses and engagements should fall behind. I do get asked about what might happen if I turn to evil but it does not work that way - evil is evil and its like the part where I might go off and build questions for criminals but before I had built everything else to facilitate legislation, civil rights idiots will have a go at the criminals until somebody gets killed and it all falls apart; evil is evil and does what evil does.


Media studio power, built up distant fascism and where the problems transferred really belong | Industry of Men and Politicians at Lazy self preservation - Female Career Piracy Assistants 

In essence the problem there exists for this firm and and its Literary Empire Trust system is that of Media firms that claim all the intellectual property in it belongs to them, which lies and public display of my property and work without permission claiming it is a tease has eventually led to a mental condition where they genuinely believe that it does belong to them, which needs to be changed intensely; this has been a long standing public place fun that has gradually grown to have great consequential outcomes. Its entire purpose has been Popular culture elitism bullying and Popular culture Celebrities getting money from its profit margins and finances with big needs to fund and big bills they have amassed for themselves, to pay with it, which is very provocative too, even more so when the money with which they acquire products from the market for their destruction are gained from this method.

The big idea now is that I have won the fight and am now putting my updates on my sites but no body can work out what the point is since I have only made the problem worse. I have not for my part in anyway made any problems worse, just a simple process of making it clear to those who create them that if they go around doing things which suggest that when a country spends on its diplomatic needs another country can share like they do, while those government officials they play such games with get around the world playing foolishness about which people will tell them a secrete, then the Government operative in question is always likely to have such problems as publishing books that cannot even be safe at the hands of the Printers. I want my Empire back the way it was and property the way it was supposed to be, those that are responsible at home and overseas ought to be aware its not really important what point anybody makes of it.

The Biggest problem therefore it applies is the matter of those who create problems like a profession because they are making themselves relevant to Politicians and their desire to kill two birds with a stone by sacrificing the good things in other peoples lives to pacify violence like that which comes from fascism for example, while at the same time making sure other peoples property and earnings serve them where they are and this is the biggest playing field for the media, especially with respect to peoples lives and property, that convinces them they are completely invincible when they handle peoples products; permitted or not. This is not a matter which I consider to be of a great problem, I am just aware they are people who like to exist in a place where all the temperaments of my worries are or have taken place and wish to build up history with it, the problem is the new demands and new strange needs and the media bullying; nothing seems to have any right to exist normally when they are not made to behave. 

Fair to say that the idea that things belong to people as a concept does not exist in their minds bearing in mind where people see them most of the time i.e. public places of fame and so it is still the basic issue; they are the professional problem creators and fascist do not like it among others but I am the one who has enough property to provide for everybody but myself because I am weak enough to have it taken from me - so now they think of themselves as adjudicators and this of course is the real problem; they do nothing else with their media and Politics but and will take from me all I own if unwilling with violence and a big mouth.


Now they say I am unable to mind my Business, which has no basis on fact – I would easily mind my business if it was not about being pushed around as a result of the fact that there will be no way of carry on with it in peace save the one where I look after myself and bully the Media. I can easily mind my Business if it did not involve looking after myself and bullying the Media considering they are so interested. Nothing else works but that and I need to squeeze it as well and find out if I have that corruption in me that means I am keen on looking strong and building up my losses from the pressures of social villainy all around me by bullying those who have too much on their hands because it would be a pleasure to see that I can beat them big and weak; they are too fond of it and lie all the time, way too often for their own good and I am too prone to the effects hence they enjoy it too much as well. They say it will be an uphill struggle and it wouldn’t; it’s about being able to bully them big and weak and because they have made that example of me to learn from I do not have to take leave of my faith to invent such things when we have so much history between us of it happening – it is not going to be an uphill struggle; I have seen endless numbers of great people whose lives have been wrecked by it but I seem to be able to go through the whole cycle everyday looking like some rare super human creature they want to experiment on all the time for their evil nature and entertainment and merchandising and that is why they love it so much and think they want to build up the history and sell it on which is what it is all about i.e. target me and find out whether or not attacking me means getting on media to make money and if it does no reasoning can change anything they plan to do with me on a daily basis with that big mouth. And then we hear them say it’s all my fault while they wreck my finances and get on that stupid media to insist on getting involved with my concerns to extricate a process of being more important than I am their fucking idiocy and I have had enough of the suffering as well for my part – I need to locate that person inside of me that can do this corruption as well and I am getting there too. 

Its what I mean when I say I do not know about their problems and actually do not care i.e. supposing it was through me that the Devil got back into the Bosom of God, which technically is a good thing, can the result of such a situation be predicted, the Civil rights getting on media to extricate being more important than I am by wrecking my finances because career piracy and public life theft has simply failed? So it is clear when you do not allow people peddle your life for anything it becomes a crime of passion all together like this. 

They say I am a dirty little boy who thinks he can get involved with them but everybody else knows the more time I spend on that is the more time I spend on thinking about how much money they have made and if or not they have wealthy friends to get connected with, meaning Mr Talented who can also set out how much he can make with himself on every rising of the sun is held down so their idiots can pillage his life and support them with crime and power on their stupid media self exhibitionism; so not doing so is apparently win-win for the Christian and this is their problem like it was their own lives I live in as it were. They say I am the little angelic thing that has become a really big trouble maker which I am not; the reality is that as I have mentioned before, they rip up finances to make me pay attention to whether or not they have money and rich friends and trouble makers who need money take note of Mr talented doing nothing and each time they make any money at my expense well encouraged by Politicians claiming religion is the problem of the world, what they do s turn out to give them power and domination with those stupid media insults – so obviously they have tempers and an ego and I want them to get off my temper as well; I know nothing of and care nothing of their problems its a business that offer access only to those who buy my Books.


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  They say I mention things about trusting women to run matters more but never step up to the plate and it is utter nonsense because those who say such things are a group of fools that have become very obsessed with transforming their involvement with me into a process of corrupting my Government provided security but do not wish to have anything to do with a Half Priests Office for which it was created all together. So its the same old case of evil Women who want to see ‘people like him’ in a condition whereby everybody else always seem to be better off but what they cannot stand is that I have already done it to them and will be getting connected by hurting them depending on how much ideas they give me by doing it first too. The American ones really love to play it out into a statement that suggests they always get what they want and we all know they do not always get what they want too and then it will turn into a process of finding out if the Toy soldiers at their service are prepared to live up to a promise.

At this point they will claim the UK tends to behave with a sense of superiority at all times but there is nothing superior here, only the fact that I have engineered a process where on my account people are richer than they are too, so that I can get connected at their expense, we are now waiting for a process where they wind me up so I can screw them over as I do it as well. It’s like the same old tale about how my sexual habits determine what I know whereas they cannot tell the difference between their academic work and where gangs and criminals are supposed to be and I am always being tested by them as to whether I answered all questions and did not grow according to the trouble they make for me in my work; ripping up my academic work and passing their own to run off and grab best jobs along with my literary empire and Royal Public life, then pretend that waiting for them at the jobs market is the worst I can do too. Then we find them speak of this game that is being played which they want to play as well; what they mean being that people create their businesses and broker equities with me and then stack it up in very hidden places so I might have to find it because I have a reputation for seeking out pressure to thrive on – so it’s a matter of whether the property belongs to them to play game with or if it is rather that my sexual habits determine what I know. Of course it isn’t true that I exhibit a disobedience that is beginning to pay dividends; what is true is that everybody and everyone these days are largely concerned with occupying themselves with exploring alternative social attitudes; for the Politicians it is a matter of ‘what ifs’ directly developed along the line of what would happen if a Christian that needed to be handled in a special way had to find his own means in a condition where there was no welfare state and he was a hate figure for society without reason and so they play it out for the fun right up to civil service independence from Politicians because it will determine when they want to get their fun and when the benefit system should not interfere with it – for the rest at the Monarchy it’s not just a matter of getting involved with the Royal Family to build personal wealth to dizzying heights as it is about fundamentally considering themselves to be worthy for absolutely everything, wherefore I want to change it all the time whenever they wind me up considering that each time I behave permissively they get to leave alone my Book sales and the rest of my finances as well and how much of it they leave alone will depend on how far I go to extricate the result. It does not mean I offer the Queen more power – it’s just reality that I am a direct responsibility of the incumbent which one actually is the Monarch is not a topic I like to converse one because they will turn up here to decide I have got two instead of One all day long, looking for corrupt easy ways to get rich – which also means that the Politicians pay attention to the little things they pick up and blow into something unprecedented without reason or purpose. 

They say I devise unconventional ways of tackling people which is utter nonsense as nobody knows what the problem is with society and their Media having a need to gang up on people and ensure people look weak because they have been beaten at all cost etc. They do appear to want me to set out a different explanation for their activities that is a function of how much I fear them but even if I do, I will always look back from time to time and find them laughing at the effects of their activities; so it’s not the life of Journalists and television personalities and celebrities here and if they are uncomfortable about me simply need to move on. They do say I blab when people have gotten the better of me, which is utter nonsense – first of which is that their selfishness towards others extends to somebody else’s property if their own was not enough and we are not talking about the need to be some of the most stupid scumbag in the land who then get about telling others what to do, that in itself leads to a need to find some violent and very difficult social problem to get them stuck in so they might become obsessed with finding somebody they can cause to make a bad smell which will show for all that somebody bad is going on etc  but even this being their problem while they operate public transport and Media, I am still made to feel there are better ways out there to look for still.

The important bit is that of not just the number of times I have to walk down the streets and put up with nonsense about idiots that want armed forces to kill somebody for them all the time and it’s not just their need to make a really big mess that they can bully somebody else into resolving so they might have the same disposition as others that are more conservative than they are, it goes far reaching like it always does with socialists and liberal fools and is largely a matter of the fact that the real problem is that I am afraid of them and the fact that when it comes to what is really important to us as a Country, they actually have nothing to lose and are doing everything imaginable to ensure that stupid civil rights does not exist in the same condition as well.

They say I create the sense I have got the worst possible existence of everybody else which winds them up but we all know that if you addressed a crowd the feeling and effect of that day would have lasted some 48 hours or more and if it happens frequently your character gets taken over by it if you allow that to happen – these idiots think of those who have things they are not sharing as people they want to provoke intensely and build a story from doing so on Media every day at least once; so I do not have the worst life of all and find it insulting and offensive. 

Its nothing unusual; if I mentioned one of those occasions when a gang fight broke out and the innocent guy got killed and everybody else is wondering why and they say his innocence goes just as far as his death – the number of times he churns up the tummy of those who dare to have what he does not etc and the Politicians are fond of ripping up peoples finances to make them look like poor celebrities so they can know about it all etc, I will be told I have gone too far but that is really how it works. In the end its just some of the stupidest people our Country has on offer and they have become really fond of telling others what to do. They do say I tell people what to do as well, which I do not; what happens is that they provoke me to a point where approaching me make them spread and when that happens start to think I seek leadership violently and where I do not have the mandate, when they actually do not have to approach me but then again do because the insults cannot be resisted by them and the stupidities are therefore measured publicly in such ways. They say the way I handle matters does not solve any problems whereas it does i.e. half the time it makes Politicians realise ripping up peoples finances to make them into celebrities that have run out of money, in order to ensure they see and know all that rubbish going on in their society does not pay and the other half the time it deal with a condition in which they need my help but do not ask due to their superiority and the idea I might gain from it besides which being taken advantage of by their junior staff and passed from one idiot to another to be abused is a better option.

Just like that story of how much Muslim scholars hate my guts; of which the simple reality is that people who are teaching a religion have no teaching whatsoever that says their disposition speaks of what they have seen in the past and what the present is like and what they suppose the future will hold – it’s always sense and more sense being made of how Mr A had a life that was used to kill somebody and therefore Mr A is guilty of doing it too, so is the Media that likes to mess with the life of Mr A and the murderer themselves, and there is a name for all these guilty people and its infidel of which nobody knows whether somebody is sleeping with their wives for it anyway, so these idiots can turn up here to strike my anus and penis and chest and claim they want me to do something about the evil of religion. Yet it is also possible to plead for the lives of innocents while setting up legitimate conditions for terrorists to fight those whose job it is to do the fighting, so we can see how it ends.


 So it is said at this point that One is unable to protect himself from a condition where others deploy his property for anything they so please but this is not reality; reality is that my protection of myself is in order, it’s just that I cannot do protection of products by myself without the customers – i.e. when a  product is purchased here, I can provide security equity but I cannot defend the service everywhere when big industries and Media fools and money mad goons want to steal them from the customers, only you the customer can do that but for me doing it for everybody remains a perpetual work in progress in any case by the way.

I understand they say I and there are other still like me who think the US is an extension of my Country and my Country is an extension of the US but it is the biggest load of rubbish in the world; nothing but an old question that needs to be answered around the case of causing yourself to hold government office while you are cash strapped – so that as it stands I have done that deliberately but it has become a global issue over their needs already. They wouldn’t mind going homosexual for the Prime Minister that has never before told them he wants them to do so – it is all a matter of what they can force feed the leaders while they have their hands of things they would not normally have been given so when they take it they are not questioned – then there is my personal favourite where if they have access to power and an office and are able to escape all the responsibility in order to Deploy it to their ends then nobody will ever mess with them, which becomes a need that is more important than the very existence of other people itself; my case has always been that they need to stay off my book sales and my finances and of course keep off the perks of my job and then there can be people who think the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US. I have never really thought it an issue; its the case after case after case of proposition matter; everybody else is rubbish at it, they are the real leaders but cannot get anything done by themselves in any case either and everything must be done by violence on the basis of who can beat up who because they don’t know how to manage even the situations that call for an otherwise eventuality, when it comes to the issue of where to keep their careers with regards to the places in which violent society has situated itself, they are leaders who have not got a foggiest clue how to make that happen and I am rubbish at it while I lead the whole Country out of it on that stupid media where they go to enforce their will all the time and it really comes back down to the fact they have no plans to stop being rude and so you have a conversation with them when you want to and how you want to and when you feel like it, otherwise you don’t their democracy and freedom; its just that on this occasion somebody who thinks the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US is very, very, persuasive and it is not the only thing that is persuasive around here either speaking of which. 


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and a serious business; I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be.

When it is suggested that my work is indicative of fact I am as stupid as bricks I do not know if I should be jubilant or really angry since as far as we know the idiots of our society have continued to maintain their behaviour is the best anybody could possibly get from them in the circumstances especially when help comes from Political office to help extricate profit from it from them too; I have only considered cashing into it as well for what it costs me, which has in turn changed the entire world and I could not care less if it did - it was expensive but entirely worth it.Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

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