Of course the conservative Party has a problem with me, they should. After all, when Labour gets off to know my parents and claims ownership of me and everything I do and I fight them, they always turn up to thwart everything I do because I am encroaching on their turf for doing so but better still begin to fight Labour over my job and then because of who and what they are, stop before I lose it, which of course does not mean labour will stop anyway, for Labour will take it up from there and fight them over my job until I lose it and cannot get another altogether, so that I might hate them for it. Where if I lose it, I will never get another one. So the easy way out is to grab parliamentary legitimacy and flog it along with my books, with a bit of 'I have got a future attitude'. These things would all have been said and done, if I did not have the power to do anything about it but I do and do get to do something regularly (I do wonder if they are blind). So maybe it is racism: I do not care. This is just one of the reasons politicians hate my guts, the reasons as a whole are plenty; for example when they play "damned if you, do damned if you don't" with me, catching me because I put my people first and expect them to buy my books in turn to help me, where I have got talents but because they are destroying the money any time I make it, people begin to attack and hate people like me who have talents but never use it because they are lazy. While they continue to play both sides; it makes me wonder why they deserve the state provided security which separates them from the classified anarchy which elected them, hence I take that away. The other one is when they send out their people to do revolution with the use of my books and after they have taken my books away and I ask for a job, tell me that my needs are smaller than that of the Nation-this has spread to the employment agency from a joke that certain specific employers loved to bandy about which means they are gaining power and is no fun at all; so I ask why there needs to be a gap between them and the poor people who gave them the most important jobs in the land and therefore take that away. The other is when their spin doctors and insolent fools who love publicity and attention set about insulting me whenever they are about to appear in public and even as they do so, get to speak to any statesman or woman in the world of their choice with an attitude of stealing my identity and I decide that first the fun from politics must be removed, so it can be work! work! work! and then that these their problems with the society and all need to follow them everywhere they go; I particularly love it when they have meetings with other statesmen and women and presidents etc my favourite being the UN-they do get to stand out for it.

So it is in terms of them all figured out that it applies that all I need money for is to get out of their habitat and leave them alone but they do not seem to want that either. Even then I need the money for other purposes as well, hence it is my problem and must be solved. Yes I go public with all these things because it cuts the men short; the men who get off on public television screaming "boy, I am too old for fame where is my history!" at me so all of society can notice and do the same while they claim to have power and when they are tired of taking advantage of me to get rich because my hands are full that is or they seek to do it in another more glorious way. Also based on people making excuses for them as they destroy my life and my world, claiming they are laying it waste so that they can have history, which they do not have because society has cheated them out of it.

Hence the purpose is that they lose all the future that they previously had and to this day they cannot do anything about it either. I am not saying I am innocent in all these anyway because I screw up peoples culture, community relations, secrete societies etc and confiscate 'the left' with a very big 'I have got a future' attitude. What I am saying is that they started it and for absolutely no reason. The things I say to their hearing should have no effect whatsoever for the purpose of spending my work and or creating themselves and worthless people a future, even if they want to get together and make themselves rich, by pretending that it does. Except there are stupid young people taking advantage of the fact that they love and there are politicians who like the idea of worthless young people at their disposal, whom they can send out to destroy the property and lives of any who displeases them (since no body cares that their lives are made worthless and another persons life is made unnaturally better so they can send them out to fight others) because they are so useless that they have got nothing to lose. So soon people cry to me about how these things I do makes me sound like a Nazi (because I do not separate those who were not a part of it from those who do it) but they are all in on it, they always are. It is about stopping people from vandalizing my property and not trying to be or become a Nazi and if I can catch all of them, then why not? It was their idea to bring livelihoods into this anyway i.e. I love Nationalism, I love country, I love land, I love violence etc: my reply to this is "all eyes on me the staunch Christian, you are nothing". I know that once I begin to check them out and force them to conform to the Christian faith like they check me out violently and force me to fight racism, claiming they are the ones doing it for everybody while I am having a swell time, so that they can steal my peace and my rest by measuring out relative discrimination, they will begin to avoid me claiming I am looking for trouble doing such things in the knowledge that they love to get rich to make their parents proud of them and get women to respect them by insulting other men. However I want to beat them at their own turf first, to preserve what those who have worked hard God fearingly have been able to have and to create for themselves and then to show them that wickedness could not create anything good and that they are all thieves who ought to act like one and not go around threatening people and that I have never seen any body become a millionaire by selling rudeness and claiming thereof that it is a function of whether a seer has or refused to see his future for him; therefore that if God did not create it, none of it would have been possible. Their talent show masters are much the same, most notorious: Simon Cowel and his over weaning vanity and violent greed that scares people. They speak of their job involving going out to find tons of people who have got talents to make them entertainers but then again, claim that it's not make belief at all because it is real (in what way is what will never be clear because they think others are a walkover). Thus when we consider the democratic society of the world and eliminate communism from the picture, we get to wonder how many people really from all these, can make a living successfully as entertainers. Which is not such a bad thing anyway because when there are enough of them, then the millions will disappear. For my part, I had closed that door and every time I do, the price it open again and I want to shut it for good and stop anything that is preventing me from so doing from interfering.

They are all completely devoid of any talents whatsoever and I have talents I want and need to, to explore so I do not destroy my health. For the purpose of preserving the market for my books the question is necessary: If they wanted to go off and be famous in order to ensure that I never get any of their money (God in Heaven???) by selling anything I create (celebrity connections and their vanities and the search for who will learn the ropes under them and all), why didn't they say so much earlier: about 9 years ago today?