So shall we be terrified of criminals who speak of the fact others complain about the problems but do nothing to stop it because they are more interested in stopping criminals from committing crimes, while their women clearly threaten others all the time because they are the best men and somebody is always stealing their beauty? Shall we be afraid now of Guys who spend none of their time doing anything useful so that they can pin down women? Perhaps we shall be scared of the guys who pin down other men all together:- no, I never said they are homosexual they just keep their families out of the entire game and pin down other men, because in the last few years they have become famous doing so: I have personally gotten into the habit to snipping off their top, so they might be rich but never the less remain the same thing as everybody else, while I still remain more important than they are, for which no body knows them and to protect my work at the diplomatic front which is what this is all about, control every aspect and facet of how they are known in this world and more so mainly since we do not have a spare planet and there is no way they could have been more important than I am, even if they had all the powers of television world wide centred in their "insolent selfish on other peoples property" hands. It is all they can do to recover from pervading my faith to provoke me in ways that can not be amended (obviously their war in Iraq is over), which I have dealt with by making them ladies too first, just in case they want a war in which they wish to loose their lives i.e. claim I make them men which proves their superiority and domination of me-they are no men and they know it. Maybe we shall alternatively forge ourselves new corruptions of market by being scared of women who serve criminals. Maybe even get scared of very violent women whose entire purpose in life it seems is to find men to trap, on whom they can practice violence and make out sensibilities which suggest they seek the male versions of them because of what women do to respect us men? I personally have never been of the opinion they have no right to society, culture and community-I have always maintained they can only have it in the lives of their multimillion pound earning insolent talk show hosts and other idiots of the same feather and of course their evil violent female pop stars and mainly girl celebrity managers and promoters. So there is a free market to sell whatever we want to whomsoever we wish here, except we corrupt it cheating those who deserve out of what they deserve. They always claim I deny the existence of racism but so far as I can see the claims of racist activity has cost me everything I have got and they are the ones having it now, which means it is my God; naturally they use my work to beat Republicans in America and set me up then weaken me so I might be beaten by them. I will get to ask young people in America to give me some racism before my kin murder me with it; here in UK I am notorious already. Big daddy who has ideas about how women should live their lives and gives pocket money to insolent girls that are enemies of other people's freedom, which he does after he has been giving pocket money to the boys each time they ruins other people's businesses because he was born into the world first before they were, says that some people are there to endure the pressures while others are there to get everything their eye sees, for which those who own what their eyes sees already have no right to own it. So it is a classic case of the hunter has not yet become the hunted but the baby birds have flown the nest already. I am pretty sure they are working hard at finding as many people as they can to drag down with them as it is, so they can black mail me with the idea of how many people will suffer if I act. For me it has nothing to do with my books, which they would rather claim it does; what does is a familiar dialogue: "they are everywhere causing trouble because of it" (women that are interested in my books, usually older than me), "you are supposed to buy the books not read the previews, silly" (me), "I am not interested, you are forcing me" (women that are interested in my books, usually older than me), "alright then I will just find somewhere else where people will be willing to buy" (me), "sorry I didn’t mean that but I just cannot buy it because no body else is doing so" (women that are interested in my books, usually older than me). Which is exactly the way it should be, since I ought to be able to control the publicity that my work gets and should be able to make it work for me only when I am ready. I am accused of being an evil that tells people off having an education and should be made to listen to the things that those who work the statistics which shows that all of life basically works against those who don't have an education have to say, whereas in actual fact it is the community insolence with which they pass these such messages that they cost people who are in the education system; solely for the purpose of getting a qualification and getting a job or continuing to work on one, for which they must be made to spread around the professionalism their education, which of course is not the process of ruining other people's chances and work prospects, life’s work and research with lies, rumours and lots of fame and fortune seeking on every turn of progress on their career and then later tell them they failed their exams in the face of such intense and organised violent distraction because they are stupid, to expose them to community wickedness through broken dreams etc and I am putting it in writing too, so that I might never forget to have my revenge for it.