The bullying for which it is difficult to tell which is the teasing which is also terribly insulting and the bullying which of course as adults must always have something to do with jobs and earnings, sales and market place, happens for no other reason but the fact that some people have no sense of regard for me as a person and my physical body perhaps is something they feel they can cause some pain or something with a big mouth. So this idea of running on media what happens after I watch pornography is just something people do because they want to see it banned for them or something. I do not think it does any harm, I just would rather some people live their lives as Christians and not as pornographers and so these idiots and their media are in no position to do something for scandal when I watch it. Perhaps if they were not such a bunch of tyrannical fools and were good Politicians and journalists, so that when powerful people with capital steal the ideas of smaller people to get rich and the smaller people tell them to stay off their private lives for posterity, they would be providing leadership for that and somebody would never get off 10 downing street to chase around anybody on the streets of the UK and the world telling them to give up beauties. I have spent all I had to ensure I keep these men that love to move into and wreck peoples personal lives to feel good about things and have lifestyle while they get tax payer funds in this country for their habits and all over the world, while they have done nothing about the responsibilities that fall on their laps and that of their insolent friends in the US. just get off to sit somewhere and think that because they are abusive and insulting some yank bitch or feminists will make me fix their problems for them so they can be rich and scandals when I watch Pornography that will spice their sex for them bearing in mind these are the ones that fell through, will see me make them squirm. Their American President has led the way obviously as far as they know on the other hand. He just decides to take his own a step further by using my books to build his career so he can get off to the White House to sit there and change the subject every time I talk about it when I am not talking to him, to ensure I never get the books sold. I watch it for legal reasons and for sociology reasons and for criminology reasons etc, when they want to get turned on by pornography they can get their own for that, not when I look at it. I also know that saying this will mean all kinds of rubbish and so it is still not clear to these Political idiots yet that there are still some despite their Political wickedness that will give their lives for Liberty in the US especially and that it is for them I need to and am holding out for. They on the other hand are the ones that do fame for the entire country; I am only doing my role as a member of the British Royal family and of course trying to get my books sold to get the job I did done. I am not in any hole, the fact as it stands is that I was supposed to build and sell my Equities and securities in an academic way but they decided with their ambitions and competitions to wreck my work in order to get their insolent Middle and Lower class children to pass exams on the future I grew up to build for myself and now that creating and selling them has become a process of hurting those that do such things, they claim I never get anything done unless I am hurting somebody. So the first stance was to ensure their wives are never free of my wrath while I build up Publicities about beating up the Husbands all the time which was to ensure I am running a secure Government Office that every fool seems to have access to because people believe their media perceptions. This did not deter them and so I stepped it up. It’s enough to drive anybody up the wall. Public TV exposure for my books by those who do not want to create me a problem I will deal with or a fight I will fight but create me a fight I will fight to preserve, as that is the kind of abuse that will express their sense of desire and greed over what I can do and therefore my problem for keeping their godly insolent selves waiting for so long and their desire to own me and their desire for power which will match their insolent big ego. They say people use others like a piece of meat because they are talented at something, for what it is worth people use people like a piece of meat because they are talented at something. I am not silly, I know that when these kinds of things happen those that are responsible for it are mocking me somewhere as they count cash. I too intend to ensure they do not have a future because each time they do anything they have grown up to do, I would have grabbed it and so each time they complain and tell me to stay off their privacy, I would have grabbed that too and I will continue to put updates of the status for it up in public, in case they want future references for how Tyrants are made. It will be especially good for their girls when it is a case of, no home to move into and feel good about things and no streets to walk around in when they are whors and the system does not like it-so they can be ultra insolent fearsome girls where they know when they are aware of men who can be pushed over and have worked for things. Its about the fact there needs to be enough respect from them for others to the point where it is seen by them that when others have a job whether or not they have the tendency to believe their own lies, it will always cross their mind the owners of those jobs expect to get paid for doing them, whether or not somebody can take up their affairs, run it looking for trophy revenge because they defended themselves against vandalism and squander and likes to wag the tongue over the racist insolence of those who protect themselves doing things the way their fathers taught them. I mean without the support of Politicians who spend tax payer’s money on them for such things and the fact they are older than their victims and obviously have nothing better to do with their time, where would they be? It is only Logical that when they get up to their campaign of destruction on my earnings with back stage media and Politics and talk rubbish at me which is threatening as well what could possibly go wrong happens to be having a spoiled royal boy on the left, so they can run helter-skelter to manage their staff with their insults and of course I am not suggesting it is not becoming a career issue as well, just like their insolent and abusive racist lying big mouth (I mean who would do those kinds of things to people anyway and then talk rubbish about dominance which means they are making time to think about it?). They get bolder and bolder and bolder everyday planning those they want to push out of things others own which they want to have-after all they have back stage media so no body will ever know until they are untouchable, which is not to say people do not know, they know but you better not get back stage media idiots frustrated which of course is the big mouth I was talking about earlier. It is only sensible that the violent attention seeking based distractions on which their business is based, their business which can never be done like everybody else, without hurting and or distracting people they do not even know, mainly because they do not wish to grow up or do anything moral although they are so greedy and have such a perverse relationship with money, all at the same time, is curbed and sustainably, for my part finally in my view; bearing in mind their business does not necessarily have to depend on hurting me and I do not wish to be informed whenever they have taken their illegally rated drugs or have it made up on public Television that I was okay with it even though taking out their highs on me did hurt me, thereby rubber stamped it. They already know that fundamentally I cannot do so because I am a Christian.