The war in Afghanistan and the trouble with it is that it is not a big war but it is being used by political leaders for power games especially the American government. So it is not surprising that from time to time they will demand other allies supply more troops. The issue is that they are becoming more unpopular among their people because of the number of people losing loved ones to their war. This is not what I am doing something about because if I did, then somebody's entitlements might be affected. What I am doing something about is the fraternity of Nation in which we all work our professions is being threatened, as equally as we are by Political authorities. Hence Soldier, Doctor, Engineer, Nurse, Writer (such as myself) etc are all in the same boat-one gets affected, all of us get affected. So if Soldiers fight wars in Iraq and oil companies go in to do business, it should have little to do with Politicians just as the suggestion from the Political elite that we have some kind of beauty to give up, some kind of fraternity that is of National importance to hand over to them a complete madness, especially when some have said good bye to their loved ones and will not return alive already (I am keeper of the British Armed forces after all), this is what I am doing something about. In retrospect, I have been clear that my work involves the sale of securities that I have created through my books in my Estate as the Golden King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I am also aware that there is nothing as insecure as people who do not wish to pay for the services they get just because they are services and I suppose it may border on human rights issues but not if they complain about theirs being abused first. (28/11/09) This has piqued my interest in the suggestion that most of the things I do pertaining to my interests are things I do especially when businesses are involved because they will later be left for such women since it is their work to provide power for men who get rich, which such men are not interested in, in society; and the embarrassment that this causes and the fact it means she, they, can appear anywhere, have reasons to which is absolutely disgusting filthy and attack anything I do mainly by being there as though I owe them, especially when it makes money, exudes importance and may provide fame is of particular concern (very humiliating). It creates the suggestion that I am the weak link, a Prince that cannot look after his hospitalities, his guests and friends are getting thinner and disappearing and there is an underworld celebration of a man having been brought down because of the future that doing so will build. I suppose there are no other reasons promiscuous women pretend to be feminist. (29/4/2010) I am not giving back to any trouble maker any western decadence, they think this form of fascism is invincible and they will just have to go away and imagine another one; this is supposed to be a very simple task for them considering how much they boast about and destroy other people's fundamental youth to talk about world peace. I wonder if people are still wondering if they need to buy books that are the latest trend because they are live and offer them self provided securities at the same time. And of course I do not wish to provide services which make me cash strapped either. It does seem to me that some people are more interested in whether they are getting money from politicians for the purpose of following me around with their Anti-Christianity believes than they are about me getting on with my life and I have had a decade of my time wasted by this sort of behaviour and want no more of it. 22/8/2010

Just like their excessive reliance on western tricks as though I cannot defend myself from them. Like the "I make deals with the devil in order to get you to do things about things i.e. when things happen to me, I do them to you so that you might fix them etc"-like Republicans in America minus George W. Bush; whose war in Iraq was the last stand over the issue, until Labour goons in the UK decided to adopt it which he allowed them (the good riddance).