The things I do about and with Hollywood and Hollywood stars is a familiar matter by the way; it has nothing to do with all the sill things which go on in the media. I just figured that because I am not a very big man capable of great violence, I always act ahead when there is trouble and I had no way of maintaining security for those whom I have been able to help, except by leaving it to producers and actors in Hollywood, besides which in any case with Republicans in America banging it away at me that we are just a bunch of lovies who spend a lot of time corrupting people and refusing to take responsibility for it, there was eventually a contest of faiths brewing which actually happened; I never did say or think people will not talk, yap, yap, yap-ridiculous. It is always interesting how it is all based on taking advantage of me anyway. I had never told anybody I do not and do not intend to cash in on what exists when people spend millions making films on my intellectual property or intellectual space (after a collection of men must have shown that men do not have to be the way we are, with an incredible desire to reach out and take things perpetually, of which I was part of what they did to create such messages and norms-after which I was always going to be left with the leftovers which I can deploy for my own financial health later) neither did or have I given them any such notice or ideas about what happens with respect to this aspect of my work and property in the music industry, where they feel they have driven out my friends and surrounded me with idiots who bully me and get rich doing so. We have gotten no where near discussing how the destruction of my life must ensue because my faith will encourage racism against others when it does not against me. Not yet at least. In terms of their leaders, the claim its about the things I say about myself and therefore thus expose myself by so doing which it isn't, for what it really is about, is that these trouble makers must never realise the things they do is wrong, until my finances are sorted out:-if people respect mine, they can have theirs. No body sends me on any stupid errands. It has always been about the vanities people express as concerning what happens when there are things they cannot have; so they are now my friends whether I like it or not and this is the condition. In case they are wondering, this is just how difficult it is; it seems that it is the outer shell that gets their stuff all the time; the nice cloths and expensive stuff, which is why people have poverty catch up with their aesthetics while somebody else gets rich with their work and pretends he is not killing them, boasting about it on public media and telling people the source of his wealth, as well as returning to gain dominance over them because if they don't have it, those who have it will die. Now they know and they can knock themselves out with it as well (so dominant I am vulnerable; indeed). I know it is my temper that besets me where my fame is concerned and all the benefits the patronage provide and the fan base I own, this is not my prime concern, my prime concern is people getting off on public television to spend my income on themselves often, leaving me with nothing and boasting about it, followed on with secretes and embarrassments as they try to exchange their lives with mine and because it is so simple for people to do such things, telling them off when I am in despair will have become a monumental task, which may never succeed; like get rid of the tyrants and get be gotten rid of for being insulting by defending yourself thing, so security will have to be something radical. I am aware nothing I say here does anything to show people as it were that I am perfectly unaware that the things I do shows that I know appearing on Television is as far as some people will ever go to be rich and famous or the fact the only thing that has something to do with them about me, is the fact that on one hand is a Christian and the other the books that the Christian writes, not my office or Royal Estate.

"Your job from which you write your books prevents us from using your books to open up markets to sell our imaginative rubbish" (???) "and we are so offended by this that if that does not change, we will teach you a lesson you will never forget, all of it tells me stories about them they do not seem to realise I am not interested in, all the time. The part that beats me is that I have friends and friends are personal not something everybody is, so it never really makes sense what all the rubbish they get up to would mean or means except I look at it from the point of view of stifling sale of my securities, which of course is not very nice.