My influences in the Film undustry produces the following feedback at this point: That people are telling me to make a move on The "never enough" goons and their racism and discrimination-the desire to control the rich get jobs from them and control markets. The fact of the issue however is that I can protect all I own from them, hence if I attack them I have absolutely nothing to lose. Rather than waste anything doing so, I seek securities for my women, which I know annoys seriously "never enough" goons, even further. So in the need to determine what the station of those who know more about the will of God than God himself and propel themselves to positions of quasi fame in order to determine what good bahaviour is it is imperative that i must mention that I am the Golden King after all, I cannot afford the Global Naval community lying open no matter how scared people think they are etc, etc. I understand what the link between normal people trying to get by and businesses that wish to squander all I own because that is just what they want to do is, thus only fair to remind people I am not as stupid as it seems. They have won they say; of course, indeed. It is an old western trick; make a public affair other peoples personal lives, in that way they have no choice about telling you what you can take from them and what you may not, later on protect your moral decadence and wickedness at their expense. So that while you discriminate and hit people in the tummy every time you have taken something from them whether or not they will react or pursue because it is where love makes them weak, they take the fall for it because they cannot deny their true feelings about the way things are going. Then take anything you like from them using media and publicity and they cannot do anything about it because you first will have created the public perception that you have thanked them for it and then also because you would have created the public perception that you took it with respect, when in actual fact everybody knows it just never stops. So my point has always been as obvious too; that they are not authorized to, I did not give them permission to, never will because it weakens me sexually as well, which they claim is a favour they do me when I go about having sex with anything that moves on the ground but the truth we all know is that it is as close as you will ever come to hell in actual fact. I write these because they have issued a war cry i.e. 'how I could withdraw permission for them to do whatever they like with my life and work at this time of austerity' which of course is beyond the understanding of anybody who knows what is an acceptable level of right for a human being to have.