It is so difficult to tolerate those claims that I do what I do because of what is facilitated by a Male dominated society, which does not make any sense to me as such but does express an example of the reasons we faced so much difficulty, if I have for years continued to describe what I did as Private Equity Intellectual Property administration, while people will prefer to have extensive conversations on Public interests at my bookshop, to kill off my earnings pleasuring themselves over gimmicks that involved Gender inequality and which parts of society were dominated by a certain Gender, never mind the fact that science and Modernism had since diversified the Genders for them as well. So it is a handful of incredibly stupid individuals who were clear about what I could not say with a big mouth and we can see how this is intolerable to the effect that in a short while, we will find them claim that I did not take part in National service which had provided an excuse to set about deploying the work I have done for my social life and personal relationships as something that prostitutes could deploy to serve them and we know that if this happens it would make sense to begin a campaign that completely wrecked the stupid popularity culture if I needed to shut up the back stage Media for it as well; a bit of professional decorum that involved showing up here to read Books I had written and not play practical jokes on me would solve all these issues as such naturally.

The Politicians do ask the question of the fact that I am not necessarily victim in the matter but I am not as such, that said, would the Politicians be happy to say that they saw a person naked and this then played into a process involving a stupid character that builds communities that help him get imagination up peoples anus and pick up his career where he left off thereafter with a big mouth, what the person did to move it out of his concerns showing up on a media presence to be passed off as a career that somebody else deserved – I do wonder if Politicians would do that, so I think I am justified in rounding them up like animals, so that when I had trashed the Celebrity culture and got about beating them up, it would not just be a case of attacking people who would do the same things all over again but an actual solution would be devised for a problem. In the end it is clearly a huge amount of work – started off with the society gits who had ideas about what to do with my career and had to develop a way of getting everybody to accept the idea that I am the one looking for trouble, until I dropped out of University, then the Industry idiots with ideas about their own financial wellbeing to be played out in terms of which part of my work and possessions others were to take advantage of on claims that after criticising rich people, I showed up somewhere to try and make money in a condition that was linked up to their wealth – now I am at war with Celebrities they say which is largely a matter of fame idiots getting caught up with some criminals that will not let them be unless they were doing something brave and stupid, so they had come up with their own gimmicks to decide what they wanted to do with my writing career on claims I am responsible for the bottom hurting and my career existed to cover their arse, it now needs to stop bashing my Books or I will burn its Celebrity bank account as well.

The rationale is still the same and we have reached that point where our next step is the part where I was angry enough and they were mad enough i.e. they have seen me with no clothes on, splashed out on pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my public image to make magazines, built a community that gets imagination up my bum, dispatched popularity gits to run me down every day, finished off with stupid ageist scum led by American twats who had a need to decide how I talked and behave if they were able to show that Children were achieving more in life than I am and taught their stupid children office space insults that can be thrown at me but it is the lies that serve to facilitate the continuation of a history where in 2012 they realised that I was of an age and a career position where their dreams of controlling my finances would never become a reality, so initially the idea was that my Bookshop was not real, whilst reality is that if the Publishers placed some publicity around the patents that were deployed on the Books to manage those patents, it was as real as it got, by 2014 the business of a criminal activity that involved handling my Books and public image as if I signed a contract with them to allow it had developed into the civil disobedience that we see today, some queer comments to be made to keep it going, some white lie gesture to be made to make the most of areas of the career where I had done my best work and the money was located, talk of the idea I smelled and should give into the throes of heart disease they wanted to cause if they had access to such things. The boasting now is that there is little I can do and I think it is growing into a case of me v the Celebrity communities as well – most of these activities being performed by people who had two lives, of which in one everything went swimmingly, in the other, even my social life, public and question on whom I got into a relationship with was impeded by their greed and need, talking nonsense about getting lazy people like me to do what we were supposed to, which brings to bear the business of counting the taxes and the expenses and the problems showing up on their doorstep all the time, now that they are starting to make physical contact and I believe that the next time I faced this nonsense, I will be inspired by these realities to act in a way which helped to decide how their day went, so that the insults and comments I had to tolerate endlessly might be fully justified.

There is the other talk of the role that the Prince of Wales plays in the matter but it is an old story of ending up in a Country where the powers of the Head of State is being shared with her Heir, while they both lived in Buckingham Palace, therefore none knows if the option of getting the Heir to Assist the Head of State more closely on Government and Public matters had been exhausted, what we know is that they were unable to see that we now have a political crisis where we are being told how to exist by a bunch of criminals that want to see us do brave and stupid things. The Pressure points playing into that stupid arrangement they have with Celebrities as such when stupid women get into a habit of deciding how I dropped out of school to get into a fight with people on the streets and it is going to develop into such problems as I got them stuck in as well, never mind burning the stupid Celebrity culture as well, to ensure they keep their hands to themselves. Thus we find the outcome to be a process in which I had something doing with Industry property owners and Industry property managers, of which the insults being channelled at me were a process of some mean cunts deciding how my so called pearls of wisdom were to be used with a big mouth and the need of Celebrities to become Industry property owners and managers as well is the reason I am sick all the time, sore all over and they built communities that got imagination up my bum; so it needs to stop bashing my Books or I will burn its bank account as well.

We do have to listen to that nonsense where they say I had a really bad habit while it’s a 17 year business of being beaten down by idiots facilitated by a bunch of fools in Government buildings to trash the livelihoods of those who were doing it by themselves and get criminals deciding how we existed due to the consequences of their own personal decisions but above all is the daily need they have to put their stupid selves in charge of social and public matters they knew nothing of, show up here to torture me and trash my finances, hence we are working on the public and social matters they had put their stupidities in charge of as it is. They do claim that nothing I said changed what Celebrities did because they were wealthy enough to and it is utter nonsense as I have not been trying to change what they got up to – we are currently doing the questions on what a reasonable person would do if such a person was a famous character who got about handling another person’s Books as if a contract was signed to facilitate it but the reality we lived in is that they had since added civil disobedience to it and splashed out pictures of their stupid selves on my Public image, blowing kisses at criminals to make magazines, while at the same time we have since arrived at the Industrial band of brothers arena, I suppose waiting to wind me up once and see what I will do about their interests and concerns as well. So I am sure there can be enough respect when I say that I am a writer and that they knew what a writer was, when the practical jokes had become part of their personality – either way, I think I will be doing a Public service when I am able to show that current public leadership was the right one i.e. the Public got to prefer the jobs market to Celebrity promises that showed up here to make a mess because their stupidities could not back it up.

They do claim they were wealthy and wanted some respect and recognition for it which is the main problem either way; they made the money plugging their stupidities into my social life and public image disobediently and now they say that the money is not enough, not enough if the business of getting paid for being popular by industry twats was originally set out for wealth equity mistresses, which structures they took advantage of and wrecked apparently, issuing the foolish threats as well. The rest claim endlessly that this was all about people taking advantage of me to make money like Celebrities as well and I suppose they could stop complaining about smell issues as well, spend their youth being tough, so that they might be able to notice that somebody else had little choice about Celebrities trashing a wealth equity system to get rich – even the wealth equity system offered opportunity for work but the fucking idiots must get imagination up my bum because of their interest in it, so I believe I am justified in the course of action that I am preparing myself for as well; if getting rid of the Celebrities to ensure that when I attacked them it would cause them to keep the stupid hands to themselves, it was a lot of work I could do without and if there is a prospect of me getting attacked instead, I believe that they are starting to decide where those stupid hands should be kept as well all together. It is not a matter of being prepared to wreak havoc, it is a case of the fact that their need to trash my finances and live in a world of civil disobedience is set to progress from the part where I tell them to get stuck in with boys getting imagination up my, wrecking my career to decide whom I should be getting into a fight with, which had nothing to do with anything in this place no matter how much what I did about it was passed off on Media as tools attributed to another person’s career, which allows it to take up all my time, into something much more serious. What I am losing is the business of being able to manage a handful of idiots with strange ideas about women, either way which the business of wrecking my finances to get me existing in a way that helped to manage the women, securing a response where I trashed everything they had done throughout their lives in a bid to control women as well, has nothing to do with anything, either way of the fact that continued perverted interest in me had caused them to lose a lot of money over the years – it was a clear, logical response with meaning that any lay person would have been able to understand. So I do get told that they always do this and I need not waste my entire life on it which I am not – it’s a story about having a great idea and Americans making you feel as if you were inundated with criminals but then again, they are not making criminal backyard idiots who need to handle people’s concerns for quick money do anything outside of personal choice either – the point being that the need to hang about claiming they can do anything with my work and my earnings because the US rules the world and carried the big stick, whereby Obama will complain of racism and hold me down for them to do it as such, which outcome is a process of trashing my finances until others were prepared for a trading which suggested I had lost something important until it became real, had since become a problem that needed to be solved and although their stupidities complained about it all the time, we know that they have not explained why they keep updating it every day provocatively. I mean the way it works as per the reality of it is that the work that I do is enough as such but the Prince of Wales ensures they were able to claim that they had caused me to work and this was worth its weight in gold, so they did it again and again, the only way to control it being to ensure each occasion was represented at the Prince of Wales backyard, which they have suggested meant that I am responding to their power but what is really happening is a case of red lines where the Public didn’t mind taking a beating but you joined in because you were too much of a coward to deal with the bad people, so HRH gets off on the whipping spree like that all the time, so his idiots may get off claiming it was some power being achieved and I plan to work this for a year and see what becomes of the power as well in the immediate, never mind other issues where his love for the mob, means that it is the people who tackle idiots that are able to trash peoples social life getting imagination up the bottom, who are set to facilitate the stage for his idea of how Ceremonial duties should be fulfilled.

They do claim that this meant my House had been divided and it is utter rubbish too – I would think that white boy seeing me naked in a space I rented from his stupidities on CCTV, building a Community that gets imagination up my bum and fools around with the twat that makes a mess of peoples social life by doing such things all the time, only to pick up his career where he left off, what I did to move it out of my concerns showing up on a Media bubble as another person’s career, was something done to show that some stupid white boys were good at looking for trouble all the way to Stone Henge or something, not that my House had been divided but we are doing this because the Prince of Wales wants to run State Ceremony on the stupidities that involved a process where they tackled gits who got imagination up peoples bums to wreck social life, in order to preserve their popularity culture apparently, hence he will technically as they will be engaged in a business of doing it for him like so every day. It is then said that they were doing it for me which they are, and I was never aware that they were as such, the divided House claims. It is then said that the whole thing was my responsibility and yes it was but the problem we faced was the 17 year matter of a handful of idiots showing up at University to get imagination up my bum on account they were making me fight their enemies, so when I dropped out I fought all the time and they got paid for being popular, so the problem is not half the crisis they claim it is, only a matter of very disobedient scum who enjoyed working their cowardice at my expense in such ways, expecting money from Industry idiots who spent money making a mess of people’s lives, so if I attacked them I will have been said to break their spirit but if I didn’t, I will be forced to pick up another lifestyle in a bid to pay the bills which did not pay the bills at all and this is a what a platform I set out for a livelihood had been turned into, at the same time which the scumbags were keeping their jobs and expected some higher power to make me relent at getting them stuck in as well. That said, when finished we will pursue the Muslim twats separately as such and they had decided what I could not say or describe them as with a big mouth. The claim that they take responsibility for my actions go hand in hand too – whilst what happens is that they interfere with everything, seeing a woman that likes me only lasts about 5 hours before the lesbian abuses and insults caught up and so on, so I like to think they want to be responsible for my actions, the stupid white lie gestures about my social life and public image endlessly regardless of being told off a million times or more. As for those who teach me lessons – it usually begins when I notice their silly Children needed to attend school by clinging to my public image and then it will push me into the league of criminals and what I did about the criminals will get a response from their stupid parents who were running off pyramid schemes to get rich fast. So, the benefits of talking about the stupid Office space insults that ensure my Bookshop stagnates is that they had to get a job otherwise they passed off what comes off a process of handling me, then again, I had to catch up with idiots like these playing these filthy games until they got to the top end of Industry Offices. They do claim its job well done but in the real world I would get into trouble and were talking rubbish as nobody likes characters that do not follow procedure on anything – aside the business of the criminals they get stuck with who want them to do something bad and brave showing up at people’s companies, my personal favourite is that every git that wanted to improve his prospects of not getting into trouble with the Police can always tackle people to share the money that they possessed, after they must have spent some time attending school on my public image to wreck my studies, pass exams and get involved with Industry Offices – so in the real world I will end up showing I am a very destructive character as well, especially as I am talking from a Trust system while they claim I make it up as I go along, that am not who I am to make the most of my work and set about ripping up my Bookshop which is never explained, every time they get caught up with their criminals who want them to do brave and bad things, which I must say does tend to remind them of their own social position anyway – especially as I had a history of CEOs wanting to mitigate the effects of the fact the companies they managed were local land marks by getting involved with my Bookshop. 

They claim it’s not clear the reasons people like me are the cowards we are, so I suppose they were projecting themselves unto me as such – since they could not live without getting Politicians to spend tax payer time and funds running me down for them, showing up to look like the advantage it had given them and the sense it had broken my self-confidence will not be the only thing I would rectify at their expense, painfully. A reasonable person is likely to worry and act on the premise that if people were building communities that got imagination up his bum and spent a lot of time abusing him to stagnate his finances, career, personal life and social life, it was important before any action was taken, to find out how big it was and how far the problem went – clearly of which we are still talking about it because the idiots did not think it was getting more serious, their stupidities were famous and were providing security services for the famous. Then will they claim that when I talk the low lives will pick it up while we know the low lives were another story of scum that were nice people who only needed money in a condition whereby I was being discriminative, what they really are however is a bunch of twats who spend a lot of time talking about the perils of looking like they had become white people, during which process they could not stay out of my personal space, so the way I talked and behaved robbed off on them and jeopardised their relationship with their clique. The next story we usually have to endure on this is that somebody like me had dealing with the Monarchy, of which we know their middle class stupidities are still looking as if they cannot have enough, having conducted National service to run off campaigns that will get the Public choosing between them and the Royal family – finished off with a business of getting some stupid girls out them to cling to my Public image for sex industry rewards and a process of being famous, the same stupid girls will be protected by security guards that will run me down and ensure I am caught with my gangs and criminals on one hand while they tackled me on the other, so that foolish girls might get paid for being popular on my Public image, as stupidly as possible i.e. they are still fooling around because they do not think that it had since gotten serious.