I do get told the problem with members of the public is getting worse but for me it is going exactly the way that it is supposed to – what happens is that I have to deal with years and years of having to pick up my finances in bits here and there while people borrow the job that my Book does to make themselves look good in public and so I have gotten frustrated enough to find another way of handling the problems they have created for me and putting them down to acts of stupid people but so have they also explained their position very well in the sense that if I told them they were stupid I would have found myself in a very difficult situation and this is what has brought us to the stage we have now found ourselves. It appears all random but it is not; these are facts I need to make public when I believe it is time to tackle Celebrities over the abuse of my work, property and person; as what happens with them is that whenever they meet people who want to take their pictures and make them famous they are in another world and at that time they agree with any scum who claims I am kid who must be made to behave and that means their idiots show up here to chase my bum all the time and make me smell like my loo but just as I was getting past that the insults of the Celebrities then which had no reason to occur becomes the very reason my whole life shuts down.

The part where it is said I got involved with them is utter rubbish; what happened was that I set out a patented system that I shared with those I had any popularity culture dealings with and we can see the songs they make follows a specific pattern, most popular of them is making a case out of a criminal they know crying their own as well because they got involved with my concerns – what we have had is these goons that are really good at looking for trouble copying it as well and then each time it turns out they have attacked and harmed me without reason what we unearth is the fact they have copied it to make money and gotten me stuck with gangs and criminals. So we have now reached a point where I am going to make some facts clear on social media and after that going to start thinking those unexplained deaths and drug overdoses were a good thing – the alternative is still as it always was i.e. that we are not mates and they need keep off my person and my Books at all times, rather than make it a point of duty addressing me and making a case of themselves to create problems for me like so, and by the way of which my bottom hurts because of their ego and that stupid sense of Celebrity importance and its power showing up here with society idiots all the time hence nobody has yet given me a reason for that blabbing nonsense about difficult situations I will find myself if I told them they were stupid. Then there is the part that really bakes my bacon i.e. for some reason I was dragged out of University to sit about for this and since then a sense of insults and abuses have been built up and run all over the town and the result is that they have developed a means of doing their jobs and daily concerns around the premise of what will become of my bottom and my tummy – so there is my bottom and my tummy and their needs on media with me on one side and the Politicians who have been told more times that it is possible to recall, to stay out of the matter on the other side. We hear those insults all the time about how power should rest with the people and not the Monarchy while I have always been rather clear they are big enough to do it by themselves. The ethnic minorities of which are happy with their tribalism and its discriminative insults except they are not happy with the idea that it is okay for me to get killed by racists if the result would be a Nazi Government as well; so we find the abuses carry on with excuses they need for it endlessly while I am the one with the Authority and power of Office, meaning a good probability I will set them up for it and get out of the crisis.

In the end what I am doing here is something that seems to work better in the circumstances than a process of chasing them down until their lives are stuck in the cycle of job, family and shopping which usually leads to Political crisis when the Politicians own large companies full of goons that want to get rich and have noticed they are stuck in such a situation – it would work for me as a tool that keeps them off my case since the last time the outcome we are still dealing with emerged i.e. they have been clinging to me for so long they do not have time for themselves, academic work is a waste and the careers are not going anywhere but as we can see, we talk about it still with their insults getting out of hand while it is not my time that is running out. So what I have done is make the success aspects of life so difficult that those who see me and want my body for violence all the time will have to appoint themselves the people who do to me things I have refused to do to others which would have kept them safe and secure and financially comfortable – it is what I was supposed to have done after University drop out and it is what I have done. So for the parents and older adults bits, the original plan was to ensure their need to tell lies on my case all the time in order to be loved by the Public gave way to a process where they were famous and since it would have been ugly people version of fame, it would make such a mess indeed – what has happened is that they have taken advantage of the fact sometimes I raise Publicity for conditions where I meet society people and get told I need stop bothering them as I cannot do their jobs or handle their problems if they wanted me to but it still does tend to mean they got the jobs and paid the taxes so I win anyway.

My point is that they do complain but the original problem still stands i.e. they need to keep off my case as we are not mates and the yap yapping is all very well but it has got nothing to do with my Book, has no place (my personal favourite bits is of course that the part time job makes you smell like your loo, so the academics cannot be pursued and it is for the same reason that you will lose the part time job as well, their behaviour that brings it on has a purposes and there is a reason behind it which actually makes sense - as far as they are concerned that is; for me it is ever so clear how long a little day can get when people do it as it were, dancing to the tune of their complains therefore being something that I will never get tired of).