I am not of the impression that the Labour Party in the UK is the party of the people, my real opinion of it is that it is a party of prospective tyrants and bullies that have steadily over the last 12 years crept their way into the institutions of government and state establishment in, hence leaving us with this huge task for either managing them or purging them of which there is the third way of putting the institutions of government completely beyond their reach in which sense I know contrary to popular notion too that my books are pure propaganda and I have no idea what kind of people have such things as an aspiration anyway. Those stupid insults especially the one about which they are your parents and can do whatever they like with everything that belongs to you so stubbornly that your opinion about it is completely irrelevant in an institutional way with a big mouth.

It is much the same with complains we make today about an economy that has been built on an illusion of which is not entirely surprising either when there is a party in government that enjoys borrowing lots of money on the government credit card to provide money for bribing its voters using public sector provided employment, then tell the private sector it will come round anyway because somebody has to have a job and a business and a livelihood and has no other choice therefore. Such that when I ask them about their plans for recovery and table before them what is the investment and what is the capital and what is the employment and what is the profit and what is the business and which part of anything they do has anything to do with recovery comes into question their response is always that they will cut people off from any other form of employment of livelihood, so that none of us has any choice but work it out and make it work with that big mouth leaving you to wonder if they are where they are now because they were more clever and stronger than you are but leaving you also with the monumental task of administration of the economy in order to lead it to recovery.

As for those who give them access to anything they need to do their damage in the consideration it can be made into something that is my fault, I believe I have mentioned facts on my websites about careers that cannot do without sacrificial lambs and will soon have a new story out of them on grounds I find it insulting and like the one about the labour party and some things I plan to do to some people during their retirement to re-orientate their stupidities with the correct way to relate with other human beings, likely to be triggered by the fact they found it funny at the end, it is the part about my familiarity with people who are more important than I am because they are easy going that will kick their own off as well; easy going for arse. It should always be clear they give these idiots access to important institutions in the country not because they can claim it is my fault for getting around pretending to be important but because they are evil devious bastards i.e. none of it will expose me and set me out for racial extremists like they suppose that it will and like to make noise about all of the time. I mean I know we do not live in a country where social sensibilities are centrally managed and as a result politicians are able to restrict what I am thinking about but they want to mange mine sometimes for pleasure sometimes for self advancement and because my mind seems to have been bigger than their own each time they do they cannot think properly as well and turn out to complain which makes absolutely no sense, just like the Labour party and how they do these things and turn out at the other end to claim themselves to be social business men and women who do business in a social way with a certain Edward Miliband as my prospective Prime Minister, which is unfathomably infuriating. I have no problems with the idea of the way government operates, the problem here is how these fools could illegally handle my work and property and then do damage to it, which these socialist idiots pick up on to continue for years on end until my health is affected but are still naming it wealth distribution when they have more cash to throw around like I do as it stands, then turn out in public to yap about it and build on it and brag about it like they do; they must be my gods or something and I cannot make out why they cannot just move on bearing in mind how much time I have given the matter as whole.

The issue we now have is this problem therefore of the matter of me versus the British government full of idiots that cannot see there is a copyright sign on a piece of literary work, over handling my company and my property and my business, they on the other hand are still more interested in their age and my so called insolence because they are deaf and love to show everybody they are such a bunch of clowns. So with respect to how I talk in that way but in actual fact my life is completely overwhelmed with these things as they continue to oppress me with imposed and impressed over-enslavement that started off as a perverse pleasure some years ago, filled my dairy and became unmanageable without direct action. Nothing here has taken over any part of my life, it is a simple case of evil lazy wicked people in our society and their connection with the media and if this games does not stop as well as their handling of things that are my affairs or belong to me, I will burn it for them and of course when I do mention it they ask me why it is happening as though they still have the upper hand and I will definitely for it handle that stupid culture and society again and they will have to present it as evidence in Court too soon enough. I mean how do we live in a country where people measure their potential with other peoples achievements then refuse to do anything about themselves and put it down as an untouchable culture in order to set out to live on other peoples income? It is a rhetorical question here because the buck does not stop here, if it did, they would feel me most certainly; like wreck peoples finances and keep their salaries but continue to claim they are doing wealth distribution and social equality when they never share their salaries with anybody. The part where they say I need to come up with these ideas at the right time that I need to come up with them is just the bit which shows the importance of their stuff looking like it normally does, where the bad things have their fill first then the bail outs and the solutions come through thereafter to save them – otherwise they will continue to get information from a writer instead of buy his books when they need it. They say of course that I dance between the parties and never really play anybody’s tune, when I already know that if politicians are so obsessed with your finances that it is important to them no matter the cost to do damage to it in order to have a sense of self which suggests that you are playing with the powers of the land and will get hurt as a result, then it is clear the idea you have an income is not something that goes down well with them over matters of wickedness and perversions of power, so now that we have reached the point where these games are available to every single one of their idiots and no amount of aid that my work or life offers them means I am held in any kind of esteem, what do they suppose it means, that they have more control of the situation than I do? It is not yet me v the Politics of the country which will put a distance between it and my livelihood of course hence it is currently impossible to appeal to their incredibly stupid sense of reason, especially that of their media friends.
The claim therefore is rife that I interfere with their Political affairs of which in actual fact I do not as it is a big planet and a half monestray and government oprative office and role does not in anyway whatsoever clash in the slightest with a process where they belong to a party, get elected into govenrment office and govern the Country; it is a big country and it is a big world and they can go to hell as they do not have more control of the situation than I do contrary to the way they think of it.

It is never true I think other peoples children have no right to exist the truth is that there is something they do to provoke and hurt me which has a lot to do with how I stir desires in them and how they are used to having their own way. So especially for the Americans, one touch and the American personality disappears and noise making all over the place is the result about how I have changed their culture etc. As for my views that they are fundamentally inferior, I don’t know if we will ever run out of those either. They are not wired like the rest of us who think material things belong to people and unless expressly and legally given to you can never be yours; they just have desires and when you stir it they take and the adults will turn up to support them like the human rights they agree among themselves in their communities that they deserve. It always has to come to the point where you have to set it out that even if they were your blood relative bearing in mind the insults and discrimination, this is not what they consider to be respectful or consider to be in their interest lies and it is not the way the things they consider to be in their interest or people they do favour for look and hence explanations required about why they feel they can handle your property and or earnings. It has nothing to do with whether or not they do have the right to exist i.e. even if we were blood relatives this is not what mummy and daddy think their stuff looks like, either you or indeed mum and dad touch my property and income and more so again and there will be trouble – nothing like the idea I feel they are fundamentally inferior. It is usually impossible for me to believe mostly that these scum that will do anything for money and seem to understand therefore the importance of a means are ready to spend my entire literary empire to have pleasures of owning a talented tortured soul out of me and I find it even more remarkable they tell me my problem is that I am angry for a lot of the time that people meet me. Yet they say something about their culture as well at the same time. It is not a big issue for me either, I know all I own is perfectly safe and alright, I mean for example most of my academic work in the pipeline at present will be finished by 2013 and the results will come through by 2014, hence I will be able to raise enough money all things being the same for my books at 2015, so this is 2012 and I have three more years; its just that they will not live by themselves and so I have to get on their turf and take it out of them so they can seek fame and fortune on the basis of making me weary all the time. The power on one hand and fame and fortune on the other if beaten thing does not apply, I have created here a condition where their activities are completely irrelevant to my affairs and so the real problem is that they go against the law to get it in there and expect their crimes to be condoned because they have made out it is some kind of a duel of violence I have with them and it is the reason I get on their turf to take it out of them and leave them to spend time making me weary in order to be famous. All I say and do is about my work alright but the technicalities is all about ripping it and ripping them even further. I am not afraid of them anything, the worst that can happen is that they kill me and each time I think about it the need to do something about that stupid ability to take revenge becomes more paramount and we all know its about getting in there to ensure entire communities of them cannot move an inch to take my life into my own hands and protect it and then at some point their criminal underbelly with provoke a police officer and get shot and there will be bursts of riots like it is mostly around here. I mean when you actually think about it, then it becomes clear i.e. why do people set up statements on their hatred of the Police for example? Except that is the fact the Police is what stands between them and a process of doing what they like with other peoples property, walking into the stock market and out again with millions in their hands, the Police are the reason they cannot be rich and famous etc – so they think they can bully me as such and I really do not feel bullied at it stands; I am not of the impression its only the yobs, the media are in on it, so are Politicians and businesses. Hence I get on that their turf and rip them all the time because they interfere with my work. I mean when was the last time they were able to impress their friends in this country anyway since last they decided that I walk around in their city like I am superior to them and whether or not I am important is all relative to what people think and where they think it. When I say I want them to hands off my business and do not want to see it stuck between any more of that civil rights vandalism they want me to actually think about why they hate the Police first. I mean everybody knows they are evil people and will do anything for money and or fame but it is my books of course – the sales of it, it will be their undoing.
So is capitalism doomed? I do not think so myself its just a fact that every society has its own corruptions. The truth is that you sell things to people that they have got the money to buy and the problem is that just because somebody has a business that is so big and employs so many, he has come to the conclusion that does not apply to him anymore and he can therefore sell things to people that people have not got the money to buy and so the main problem therefore is the Politicians because they should allow them go out of business but put out bails outs for them of which there really should be only one single bail out to get money flowing in the economy again but there are several not because they do not know that there should only be one but because they are corrupt as well (and even so it does not necessarily apply that if they do all those bailouts and I decide to provide a service of making businesses account for their equities because those that cannot are a rip off, the people will buy the books either - which is why the bad stuff must happen to people and run its course completely before the ways and means of stopping it is presented and or given to them; like I mentioned, it is the way their stuff looks otherwise others will never breathe). Its the old stuff like they claim we in the UK hold onto a system of tradition and hereditary but clearly since the crisis began the stupid children of the owners of companies have get gotten off the idea they will break up my company and use it to run their own hence therefore come up with answers to the problems; it is therefore the same old story of the fact if it is stupid then it is stupid, if it is incompetent then it is incompetent and that is an end to it. They really love to sexually plunder stuff; all those young women apparently, as it were and when you ask them what it is about claim it is that thing your father does when he is trying to be important, something he does especially when he is chasing political office which you have no purpose for your own life but to sit down somewhere condemned to support, something daddy does when he is trying to be important. So it seems they know what the criteria for their success is and have worked out here who is supposed to foot the expenses for that with a big mouth and an obsession with my television screen too. It is the last thing they will ever tell anybody is responsible for the global economic crisis, not to mention the fact that they do more and more damage with respect to everything they lay their hands on because they have not got the foggiest clue the attention grabbing irritations, what they are doing at all.