They say there is a new Prime Minister that will not tolerate nonsense from me but it’s an old story; half the time they act in ways that is defeatist for everything we may do as a Public to enforce acceptable behaviour that does not cause people to crack up and smell and the other half the time they are complaining about those whom no matter how hard they try never have enough class to be counted among; so a fight with Politicians is the answer for everything as well and we are all going down the right path apparently. So there is talk of battles I am losing; utter nonsense of course since government money given to them is not my money and distractions because of it causing me to lose mine and my health by which I can work for it has now run into a daily case that has lasted years hence entirely justified that they are always complaining too. I do not think this matter is a problem, the fact they have salaries is my biggest problem and I intend to ensure it does not increase at my expense as well: I expect people to enjoy their money if they have it, not mess mine up and those who want to be fans of rich people to see the money first as it is only civil to do so. As for the story of how I mess up other peoples own; that is a matter of ruling me with civil rights after making sure other people’s property can be accessed while theirs is covered by crowds and public lies, which I  have now taken up and done for them – a matter of people not facing opposition in the insertion of products into my personality to get rich unless they rip up my academics and finances and boast about a thing they have that can be hit hardest by their problems so their lives might never change no matter the economic situation and we will be at it again, this time none will have the time to draw breath like the opportunity they have just wasted. It’s about messing up my finances so many times it becomes a test and when it turns out I can account for their own better than they can account for it, cannot live with being beaten so fair and square and being beaten so well.

So they ask if this is how I planned it all in the first place; of which what I originally planned was already done i.e. the rich existing in that condition where they do not have respect for anything because there is a certain level of public influence which means you cannot approach them to discuss a behaviour in your direction which you do not appreciate and the poor on the other hand seeking the secretes of the rich during an economic crisis, to be made to move out of Popular culture and do something useful with their lives while somebody gets to supervise on account they both converged here to locate someone they can actually handle. Every other problem once I had settled the matter of what relations with celebrities and roles they play around my business is, my only concern should be the matter of how well my products are selling and whether or not I am looking out for sex issues well enough, which of course it is not at present, is created by the two groups of people that push social conditions into violence and murder all the days of their stupid lives and really love to threaten me for it thereof i.e. Politicians who have money to give to people in order to create gaps that work against me every day and Male Journalists/ television personalities who cannot keep their mouths shut and insults where it is appreciated. What I intend to do about the former is to ensure that their money is not deployed like that anymore and really did want to make a case out of European ones that boast and feel invincible all the time and cannot stop abusing others, except Brexit did the trick for them and the Media I intend to put in a box and hide away. So I am aware of the story that if I continue in such ways Politicians will no longer have the power to govern which is not based on reality as it cannot actually be said that I have been the reason twisted and completely insane Women that are pure evil raise criminals as children and want access to government office on claiming it happened because Politicians have not been co-operating with their needs – so nobody and no one really can pin anything on me – every problem they have is as they have made for themselves.