I am now said to be taken advantage of by absolutely everybody while the idea I was one of the greats seem to have proven itself to be false and its not that I contend with what people think of the great me or anything of that sort as a whole but none is really getting the better of me like we hear them blab all the time; what really happens is that they seek easy life at my expense and have ended up with a global stage complain/protest about me over it – the reasons it happens like some secret I share with the devil of a question being the same case of the fact they work hard on everybody to ensure this gimmick that neither God nor the Devil exist was what people believed on account their minds are taken over by demons and they have no wish to let go of those altogether, so it’s always important for them to perform some destruction that helps hem recover their health and then find a way once they had realised too much of their time was spent on it and they had no money, of telling lies that make their bullying such a clever form of bullying that people cannot stop them before they had gotten rich with it, of which true to its evil nature, if a close watch is not kept the country will burn before they stopped or the Country will be ruined financially and then it will burn thereafter before they stopped. They understand it is such a huge responsibility to control an individual like me, who found that Governments wanted to know what I was thinking while I was practically broke but will show up to spend time on it anyway because of their evil nature and we see the same with the ethnic minorities that fit into the same group as me, will never stop making out I am their brother, even when the outcome is that my person and all I own now exists in a condition where rules do not apply and people can do whatever they liked, even when I had dropped out of University over it but the business of showing up to handle me physically is obviously looking for a response and this is what they are about to get from me as well – does need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around for a start. I am not a custodian of their popularity and do not keep their money, as for the tale of the things I have done to provoke them on the right hand side, that was an old tale of lies and insults that is associated with the need to claim that what happens when I step outside of my door and when I am indoors is the same as they were experiencing and so this once built up on media creates an environment to stand around somewhere calling me out for a violent activity until I fell ill, which then gives way to an outcome in which I had gone from a character they used to fear to a character that fears them and then the abuses and insults will get completely out of hand on Media as well – pretty much the same case, looking like it wants a response from me, which they are about to get as well. They even speak of this other case of how women make existence difficult for them and get support from me doing so, while what happens is that I have the means by which to ensure when I sit around my Church concerns thinking about my acts of generosity that is a corner stone of my beliefs for instance, they get involved with their stupid civil rights fraud after years of trying to control people that were so difficult for their stupid minds to control that they would only end up giving up the jobs and livelihoods in order to spend all their time doing it, since last they built a crowd that was going to help them out with their repression gimmicks – my view is usually that in time all that is evil will come forth and the need to pay attention to the sufferings of fellow human beings was really much more important but women mostly do not have this sort of time, so what we find them do instead is invent something stupid and insert it into the lives and careers of these goons and work it in such a way that it was obvious women were in the right and they were in the wrong, so we end up with this sense that I appear as if I might have a need to respond to this idea that the women tackle me as well; what happens mostly when women tackle me being of course that I do not blame others for it, for obvious reasons, as we all know such women likely spend all their time doing that and then when they threaten me for reason of their money problems, thinking their civil rights looks like that, we end up with fresh problems from scratch – it is a very different eventuality from people wrecking other peoples lives to get on media and tell their victims there is an existent civil rights problem that requires them to take up leadership, which gets women looking like your school teacher all the time on the other hand. For me the effect is that these women get support from me from time to time and then somebody has to run off a campaign of me having become a woman and get off on media to try and prevent me from being me thereafter, hence the other question of why there is this phenomenon of my tummy giving up on me all the time that everybody talks about, if people are not getting the better of me.

The workings of this being a matter of absolute and incessant disturbance; I may want to sit down in an Office and write some Books, while they are busy making me a real black Man and their community idiots are using my personality they talk about all the time and build groups of fools who have ideas about what to do to me on, to facilitate some beauty sleep but being this was the case, there is the other physical abuse that actually does the tummy churning all together, concerning how I think I am important but they were important and am sitting down to write some Books while writers are usually celebrities and so I hear that my tummy is an issue that will get me into violent trouble and I too think if they touched me it would develop into something that had gone beyond their stupid wildest dreams as well. We see the same exhibited by the stupid older ones that follow me around at academic institutions as well; where I dropped out of University in 2008 and since then their gimmicks have involved spying on me to make a mess of my diet on public places and build a crowd that will churn my tummy and ensure they got to own my Public image and thereby secured convenience popular culture fame and fortune, so I have been unable to complete the academic work by 2019, then they tell me the whole thing is what I think is a walk over due to the perspective I have that should I get my hands on their own that gets to their heads but will not be their main concern until they had wrecked mine, then shall we find out it was really a walk over all along all together. Its all going down one route and one route only i.e. I pillage their Celebrity culture so that none has a yardstick for chasing my bum any further and they pillage my religion since they continue to insist it is their right to do so and we meet in the middle and end up with a Country we can live in; the threats are all good but I did not think we were relatives and have had enough of that stupid ego showing up here to damage my property, make the process of doing so a part of their stupid personality and making foolish statements about what happens because if push came to shove thereafter – its not as if I do not get around difficult circumstances to fix it whenever they had done the damage, its just that they enjoy doing it, hence needs pay attention to the fact threatening me will escalate what their stupidities are complaining about already. My tummy has been getting me into trouble for the last 15 years the last time we checked with their big mouth; I just think we have now reached a stage whereby they need to move on.

They speak of having done National service of course which is nothing new; we are dealing now with the way they get around civilian living i.e. arrangements with culture and society goons that lets them spy on people, make a public case of peoples diet and churn the tummy – I wonder if they believe themselves to have achieved more than that all together. I do get told this business of twisting them hard enough to make them do National service is good and that I should not lose it; I am not losing it as such I should point out – the way it works is that they need to have the Lion share, so when they show up here I need to have dirty secret between me and them about Members of the Royal Family, thereafter if I annoy them to God knows what degree, they will get off and do my stuff taking part in National service or maybe just grabbing my career somewhere at Buckingham Palace, the prospect of losing this is a matter of how hard I work on each case; I am not a custodian of their popularity and do not keep their money. They always claim I am avoiding the racism issue while other do the difficult work, which is utter nonsense as we all know the events of World War 2 was a typical way it had always worked i.e. the Nazis were doing some racism and people were disturbed but did not think that it was serious, so when the Nazis started the genocide it was all an expression of the fact they were certain that they will not be made to pay for their crimes; likewise we know in peace time, racism is punishable by social and cultural disposition and punishable by penal law, these goons must be doing what they are doing because they believe others to be on the side of freedom and democracy to such an extent that when they are angry is matters and people pay the price, when others are angry it does not and they kept their money to work their media based stupidities they believe adds up to oppression by. They then like to tell me I think I can handle them when I cannot while reality is more that if I were an Architect I would pick up my portfolio, join a professional body and get around seeking contracts to make a living by, beggars imagination what you need to have in your file when your contract seeking is about popular culture fame and fortune, showing up here to tear and rip and blow off the big mouth somewhere near Politics on a stupid media, telling me that if I pillaged it while they continued to pillage my religion until we met in the middle it would not have been the end when facts rather show the contrary as it were. I do wonder what they were expecting when the Queen relies on the activities on an Arch Prince to govern by Law and their ethnic minority stupidities is such that those who have not committed crimes must be punished and each time we allow it to bear fruit the outcome is that those who have the audacity to hold government office get punished eventually, a collection of twerps looking for a specialised task force to handle their stupidities separately. I am meant to bend them into such difficult situations they get off to do some National service and leave me to keep an eye on it all to prevent Armed Forces corruption, it cannot be so difficult to see that this is what has happened.

The Politicians have claimed that the situation in the Country is dire which does not make any sense if the Opposition says the Government puts profit before people and it turns out that this is the reason Brexit is such a mess in the first place. Its neve unusual for the Conservatives to do this anyway but sometimes the extent to which they go with it just adds up to Malice; I mean the Prime Minister is the most senior civil servant in the Land, has not had her Duck Wings clipped or anything or that sort, just makes a decision to put the Parliament and Country through 2 years of hell, just so that she might get some Fat cats telling her what to do at the Cabinet – what happens with Fat cats really being that trading happens at the Mess while they gather up at the first floor balcony having a conversation with each other about whose own was used to do what and who therefore deserves what in return. They make out endlessly that this makes sense because they will gather up money that helps them to oppress people while reality is that the Government Office is not their property, nor is the civil service and since this is not their own lives, they should not try to burn it and leave me with the work of tracking those equities, while facing the difficult tasks of showing some respect for the government offices they had occupied because of what they have put me through. I mean we have the nickname UK PLC on the global stage because we are really good at making some good old tory money is what the big idea was while reality is that this tag is due to our ability to salvage alternative parts of economy and make it work as a whole, meaning its never really a matter of one side or the other. I personally am obsessed with Shipping and Freight and Naval Commerce, which is not big business, therefore meaning I am likely to tolerate all that nonsense in the City centre about their homosexuals deciding how we are all going to show some respect for the Millionaires who conduct their tribalism raids to the top end of Industry and for each challenge they face, ruin us all to protect their bottoms. It’s not exactly clear and I personally don’t know why the tax payer is still paying for such nonsense.