Now they say I am in agreement with how badly none white people are treated and its utter rubbish ; what really happens is that each time people want to sort out their case with Government, they picked up from insults about telling me what to do and how to exist and get on public places to follow up what they did to pillage my finances and academic work while allowing the racists to get ahead, to climb up a platform that allows them to upstage me – we reach the end of every protest process without settling exactly what this was meant to accomplish every time and I am now completely fed up with it. I have no idea what I must to them to stop them making such a grand mess of everything I had done my entire life, we know it comes through showing it does it to cater for girls and then when it grows older it becomes a character that spends most of its time enforcing my mums will on me all the time. Then we find them speak of justice over it and how justice is linked to completely destroying another person’s work which is what they have achieved all their lives, knowing that there is racism they can do nothing about in their society beats my imagination but I will no longer tolerate it or hang around somewhere looking as though ignoring them can be an answer for a problem.

I have been told this matter cuts across all parts of society naturally and yes it does, the white people have tummy churning civil and criminal disobedience practical jokes they claim since they started playing on me has been making them financially better off, much the same way I have pointed out tolerance has its limits when they had run out of acumen associated with sucking up to rich people at my expense beyond it is a business of adding other peoples money to their money while they are not living on food banks or something like that. So, we can see that whilst my finances do not look the work that I do here, their own does not stop the way they would like it to as such. That said, it can all be linked to the number of times black people could not stop showing up in Public places to make statements about being more deserving to be me, where I had done the best work for my career.

Industry allies have said that these matters tend to suggest I have great problems and none knows when they will come to end which it isn’t; this nonsense is growing into a process of responding to the threat of Media fools picking up trends and sensibility associated with my Bookshop to run me down all day long and finish off with short videos about insulting me, made by industry fools that punish top position holders and celebrities with LBGT lifestyle in order to get on easy street without doing any work, same as middle management fools and abuses channelled at me which encourages their minions to get imagination up my bum and tell me one of the main problems I have is that I think they are idiots while most of their stupidities are facilitated by what they did getting around wrecking peoples studies at University then hang around on Media beating people down to show that when people study it affected them personally, soon giving way to a need they had to wreck peoples lives and careers, such that anything the victims did to recover only resulted in ideas that can make Celebrities famous, knowing that the victims had more problems and could perform more damage by adopting the same behaviour, which is apparently what I plan to do once they had started behaving in a way which suggested I had less choices – same as the Celebrities who gain from all these nonsense and like the fashion fools who follow me everywhere to invite themselves into my concerns and make a mess of it that brings about wealth and social equality, while I will be attacked if their bottom hurt and I did not get into a fight, relying on me not to do anything about them because I was swayed by the eccentricity of their foolish characters getting involved with my Hermitage for the sole purpose of destroying it but the Celebrities are usually a little more special because their activities had nothing to do with Industry, they did not produce the show business products we see, they want other peoples incomes but are not living on food banks and when their imagination gets up my bum it goes beyond the fact those who do such things are stupid and want to find out something that will make them less stupid, into something that they do on a personal basis that helped to show they were incredibly important, like a lesson people must learn on how murder is committed.

I do make it quite clear I have had enough of them, they need get off the Hermitage and engage with the Books and they have said especially with regards to the bread winner insults that the men love so much, that they wanted to see what the fighting would look like and we already know they love to tackle me on media because I describe them as stupid – it is an example of the fact they are a handful of educated idiots and there is nothing else in that stupid head save the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side – I completed my Books in 2009 but the insults and abuses that began in 2002 when they first started off with women in the neighbourhoods that will make a case out of me adjusting their curtains for hours between and every day, while the braver git will park his stupid car several times near my bedroom window before it was morning and eventually make me look like I have the worlds problems on my shoulders to build pressure for my tummy and bottom in order to control me and facilitate their foolish popular culture has not given me a single days break by 2020 – so all that blabbing is good, I suppose speaking of those times when they say they don’t actually understand what my problem with their stupidities was, it’s a case of their bread winner insults and industry minions getting imagination up my bottom and the reasons they needed to get the hell out of whatever it is their stupidities were moving into as it were. The threats are usually good and they pick on the part where I think Celebrities do not matter and when Celebrities they say, teach me a lesson, I would have wanted another outcome but I suppose I can make it as simple as the next time they are seen with some money working employment based violent lasciviousness at my expense or are seen buying shares with companies in order to handle me, that will be the point at which their stupidities wanted to see what the outcome would look like, get the pleasure of getting to find out what the fighting would look like the way we see them blab over the displeasure expressed concerning the bread winner abuses that their stupidities really should be channelling towards their own children not me, while their children build hell for people on the streets.

They do claim that compared to what people want from me and what my potential is, I am really fighting over peanuts but then again, so is a whole day of Book sales wasted because the media picks up the shop trends and runs off their stupidities on it all day while Industry LGBT gits picked up the service process to ensure people got involved with my Business for a completely different purpose which suited their stupidities, to hang around somewhere blabbing about years of tribalism raids conducted with my property to get involved with Industry getting to mean that I worked for them – having built a trust system and a public image to avoid bad crowds while trading, I don’t think that they have assessed the sort of thing I can give away here very well as it were. Then again this is how they put it when they are not boasting about a determination to completely ruin me with a big mouth – we see this sort of nonsense all the time; the blacks will end up with civil rights that tells an Arch Prince how to exist and whom he should get into a fight with to make their stupidities comfortable – the whites will pick up the lives of women who seek financial success and build from that to relationships with men that help them with social advancement and show up here to get imagination up my bum violently as an expression of their stupidities hoping I will commit a crime or forgo my entire life and the list goes on endlessly. The truth of it is that it is developing into a position I must take where if it is happy it needed to be dominated, if it is a daddy character, I needed to bring on the pain but I do reiterate that my Bookshop was not originally set up in that way and hence this is a lot of work for me – so far what they are complaining about is the business of me not being able to concentrate on anything I am doing, due to their alliance with criminals that have built up my work somewhere so they might tell me my life was over when they needed in order to show they were real men, resulting in outcomes where their stupidities were able to fool around at my expense until they had to catch their breath, leading to claims all the way to the US, that I am imposing Royal disposition on free people while I am really dominating them for it because they are stupid.

Now I have recently completed work on going public with the parameters by which I operate – and the primary question that makes sense of this is that leaders always go down this route every time and the first thing they think about tackling is Media and Celebrities, while the reality on the ground is that I am fighting for survival and the entire economy had made a mistake and must not be allowed to recover from it. Having done some work with respect to The Queens Palace windows Politics, I am clear to ensure the working bed chamber helps me keep them from flushing mine down the loo because I had written a Book that supported them on bullying that churns the tummy, the Public were allowed to recover from a bad position such as the economy for instance and that they had cleared my public image space and got the women in the system to help administrate the part where we are always bound to end up somewhere with nothing to sell, so we ended up selling our bodies gimmicks that will be the cause of their down fall, just as they claim I always play a part in feminist movements while what happens is that telling them off spicing their sex lives at my expense usually only means they taught their children to do the same and continued – they always make those excuses about what they like and don’t like such as people getting imagination up their bums too and it causes wonder whom they think they are and why their feelings are always paramount with respect to what the general state of affairs for the public was. We have to put up with that big mouth all the time that as long as there are people serving the Military in a Country that I work or a Country like the US where they think my literary work matters, I will never be free of them and its utter nonsense as I will once I started my own fun games I can get accustomed to as well, about degrading them all the time and it was a matter of civil living for them and civil living for me and all their energy was spent hiding the things which ensure they carried out their daily concerns without smelling of what they ate and in an agreeable amount of security from me.

In the end all this nonsense takes firm root and becomes something that a person must work so hard and give his life for, on account black people get involved with my and my concerns by a sense of entitlement and these insults continue to get worse the more that I achieve more in my position, such that when I reached the very top, they became a threat to some very important and powerful allies, then it shows up on the streets to tell an Arch Prince what to do to, whom to get into a fight with, in order ensure its stupidities felt safer, prepared to get into a fight with the Police to maintain its foolish position as well. It has now added up to a business of me engaging in private security Industry work where I spent all day being abused for months by idiots who suggested the insults were channelled at me to foster power for Politicians and now we see that its purpose is to build up my Hermitage on Media and control general public access to it, while telling me whom I should get into a fight with to make their stupidities feel safer from bottom hurting and so it is really the last straw, blowing off that big mouth about the smell it causes.

They do say that I cannot actually do a thing about them, hence I am always complaining but I am not – just supplying some facts when we hear they blab about probability of stopping the behaviour but their ego was too big. I mean there are the educated fools in the Civil service who spend their whole lives making cases out of how people should be told they needed to get into a lifestyle that showed their careers had been taken from them whether or not it had, showing up at the Civil service to decide which one on benefits was a parasite due to the sheer weight of the way people are affected but once they stepped out of the civil service are back to the practical jokes. The media is a wholly different thing – they are the confusion people have that Hooligans are men in their 50s with a tummy while they really are gits with ideas about their work place and the way it links up with home being Gods gift to the world while other peoples own was a dung heap, to such an extent they can progress from the idea it helps them feel as if their lives were worth more and meaningful to claims after completely wrecking the lives of their victims, that there is really nothing the victims could have done about it if they tried. So to handle it asking the question of where ones war on media had gone, we find there are usually the tedious process of picking them off one after the other or on the other hand finding out which property registration process allowed their employers to give them freedom to spend all day pillaging my life and Bookshop – the latter is usually very inconsiderate because it puts pressure on the employer in terms of the fact all they have to do is push a button which becomes very tempting to but then when answering the question of how your career ended up in a place where people decided what happened to it by pushing buttons, we see that it is not the worst thing you could do. They do say that I am completely unaware Celebrities want to get rid of me unceremoniously which is utter nonsense – I don’t believe they can; we are looking at eventuality where I developed equity to help young people deal with the way that organised crime affects them and we know the part where some got involved with Industry through it was the first causality because Celebrities had to recover from personal decisions, we know they then spent time building up stories that I want to tag along with them while criminals were better peoples buying films and when I try to move criminals out of my concerns, they made me a punching bag, now they would accept I had the right to respond the way that I have but their ego is so big that they will not be able to control what their tummy did if that were to happen, so they have resorted to getting rid of me unceremoniously, which I suppose is ever going to happen when I had decided I wanted to waste everything that allowed them follow up their concerns without their tummy giving up on them as well. They do also claim I want to rub shoulders with them naturally but its not really a shoulder rubbing scenario if its about producers making show business items on my person, work or equities and Celebrities wanting to know more about me in order to understand the role; I adopted a lifestyle to fit as best I could but it was never going to be enough for them where the need to make ruthless decisions that decide which Celebrities owned the future was concerned; they don’t really produce the show business products so it must mean they are so desperate they are living on food banks and it will get worse if they do not rip up my Books to sell them. Hence we see that this general process of tearing up my Book sales adds up to what people have gotten to do because every other process of wrecking my career had failed – for my part it is the consequence of continuing to behave as though ignoring them solved a problem, for their part they want me to keep silent on account that its not really good for their careers if I got about mentioning it while their stupidities were famous and I have never been paid for my silence as such.

They do claim I have a belief that I can do whatever I liked when it came to Celebrities but I simply want the show business interest in me the way that I enjoyed it; that a Celebrity wants to know a bit more about me to immerse themselves in a role a producer modeled on something I did does not get me dropping out of University, a fool who says I needed to get into a lifestyle that showed my career had been taken from me and gets off on a Media gimmick pillaging and pillaging does and a little while yet, I shall have it restored to what it was, if they chase me around again, I should try to completely wreck their world as well. I used to think that it was fun that there were people whose characters were similar to mine at show business who were called in to play roles that was like but upon all these issues coming to light, the truth is that it did actually make technical sense to run it that way - so I want mine back to the mainstream Celebrities, the Type casting Canopy which appears to have become a problem for some peoples, reasons unknown and the culture type who are usually difficult to bully because they think the bottom chasing issues can always happen either way and somebody will end up with a job regardless of the carnage.