Of course I am aware of being beaten up by aides of the Royal family but it is nothing new – same old case of my business being something a collection of socialist idiots that have not been able to make my mum tell me how to behave so they can deploy the Christians personality to make their careers have handed over to a member of the Royal family who has in turn accepted their gift – so there is no base earnings for this company on that basis and they want to find out what I can do as well; it has nothing whatsoever to do with their jobs and they can only beat up people they have within their circles and will not mess up my life forever; I mean his daughters are in on it and so are the American boyfriends too, its beyond belief. I dont think it is an issue, its just the need before me of making a decision about whether or not I want other peoples possessions and want to prepare and get into a state of chasing that actively, measures by how this is all held together on grounds that my business should have no income at all so that it can continue to a target of attack for members of the Royal family that want to become full time Royal and want to force the Hand of the sovereign over it and they will not beat up anything by yapping as it were either. The other side of the story being that I never declared myself republican in saying these things and where such fools are concerned I would no sooner had died at the hands of an Army loyal to a British Tyrant...than live in a Country created in their image, it would have to be recreated in my image for there to be peace as it were but beyond that is the old story of the fact the media gets under peoples skin because they know they exist for a process where you feel like spending their own and get down to it every single time, while black people do what they do because they know they exist to serve a purpose where nothing works for you unless you attack them – they simply like to detach me from my Christian stuff that I really enjoy as it were looking for more and this is what I mean I never declared myself republican and they have not yet had enough of controlling and manipulating me yet as it were either as we can see. The celebrity ones are another story too, it was years ago in time that I issued the warning I will start to document them by name because of course they are complaining at the moment on finding out what it feels like to have other handle your possessions for a while and more so try to handle it permanently as well – we have not yet gotten to the part where they must use my Christian personality to make their fame and then when finished with the Monarchy freedom and democracy does not work for them anymore and they cannot go their way and leave me to go mine anymore, so the next thing they will do is use the money to share my Christian personality with others to make me look like something gangs and criminals would appreciate never mind the part where they actively spend the money on products that only organised criminals can supply as it were and when I ask if that would not mean destroying my business completely talk nonsense about being more important than I am and so I wonder if they will prove that on my television forever as it were since I really do intend to put this matter into practice so I can leave it for extremists as well.

I dont think the celebrities are the main problem they are just the ones that fix the problem for me so they can do such things at the end as well knowing that they have connections with organised criminals for those of them that are not victims of it due to their greed and sense that limits is a concept that does not apply to them and those organised criminals are increasingly convinced as well that violating me will have no consequences and we are steadily putting that theory to the test too. The reality is that I am a trader too and do not see what is so despicable about my Trade is HRH is Trade envy for the Country that I should have absolutely no earnings at all there of - if I regularly got off to say hey look there is Ford Autos, I ought to start my campaign about how it belongs to me as nothing sells books like controversy, I wouldn’t have to deal with such nonsense as socialist idiots collecting my business for the Duke of York so he can sit around making sure I have no base income from it and even His Daughters American boy friend and his people can have a go at doing that too. One more occasion of being told I will be beaten up will see people put their money where their mouth is and pay for the process by which I ended up in a condition where very scumbag in this land can turn up and beat up as it were and we will leave no stones unturned over it as well: we do hear those tales of a Christian that gets rid of peoples private armies and tells them there is nothing wrong with being attacked and provoked provided you get along with your business and concerns without looking for trouble but of course everybody knows they cannot have their private army without me and that the fact they need a private army to exist while I do not still continues to indicate I am the weaker one and they the powerful ones, so that their idea of asking is largely concerned with eliminating any means by which I might refuse them as being refused is not something that goes along with attacking others because you would love the story to be about how you had an easy life, their idea of asking is telling people to confiscate my personal life for them with that big mouth - I mean they can do this 24/7 none stop without respite of course but one more talk of beating up and we will get to the realities of what they beat up in their daily lives as well. There is always be those unanswered questions which is what normalcy looks like of why people should think what I say is credible but of course the reality will always remain that they leave me no choices and that if members of their government continue with their damaging behaviour and members of their Industries continue with their damaging behaviour as well, there will always be means and possibility of being able to wreck my finances and push me into areas of society that will allow lowlife idiots to pick a fight with me every single second and really get to mess me up so that they can feel like beating up as well, so its the last warning on the matter as it were, just one more time and we will find out what their own looks like as well - story of This being the original plan of Royal Family members will not suffice as we all know that is never ever true.