The idea is all shady a suggestion that I am not having a nightmare of a time because of them is incredible but it isn’t, I am not having a nightmare of a time at all, they just enjoy making a mess of Public interest in my Books, which is not really a problem since I was there when they first started getting involved, to handle service processes and build publicity for it as will create a version of me they were more comfortable with – results where every relationship I established with others had three factors in it and they were one of those. I had built up Publicity for it to use it as a tool for managing what happens with the Bookshop currently interferes with everything to such an extent I might have to do so full time. What is really happening in a wider sense being the real extent of their abuses and insolence, they have been running it off on others to such an extent, like in my case starting from employers and bottom chasing issues getting me to drop out of University, which was not a red flag because they were victims and now threats associated with personal problems that they realised I could solve for them while I am their enemy and also in league with public enemies. It goes beyond the part where they needed to make the comments about their careers, considering it makes them such a handful of insolent scum that it should have been the only thing on their minds, however it is an example of the results we get when politicians do not consider the facts before getting them to show up all over you and count pennies until they magically ended up with millions. They believed my career was a mess but it isn’t at all; it has ended up displaying the true extent of their gimmicks – usually starts from the part of male society that gets imagination up their bums because they are always making a mess of peoples lives and those are most of the time their own relatives and in my case, is now growing into something of a need to explore my civic duties, fight my wars, cling to my income and claim I am in league with National enemies, so there is a prospect that my daddies will take me out to war and abandon me to my death and then it will continue to run in the family like it did my Dad before me and will my Children after me etc. Not a single mystery to it and hopefully the fact I had private parts will eventually add up to the reasons it and its crowd needed to keep their hands to themselves but for the time being it’s a matter of building communities that get imagination up my bum, there is a distinct possibility that their parents were comfortable with it, hence I had built up Publicity for it to make it part of the way that I worked, so much so that property equity brokers think that removing it from the process of devising creative equity is likely to ruin their multinational businesses, so I had since kept it where it is (the part where the goons who enjoyed trashing my career with practical jokes, being informed about it before I did anything with it everyday, offering an opportunity to get off claiming that my career was available to all and it existed in a world where there were no rules, to have it stolen, is the latest example of the testing insults, this running off along the lines of my career offering them another opportunity to express their wickedness).

I understand that what I say is considered to be an activity done in implicit content otherwise I would get into a lot of trouble for it – it is utter nonsense naturally as I am now waiting for approval from the Queen to work Public security, environment matters and tourism alongside the Prince of Wales, absence of which would mean that I can go ahead and do it myself. The rest of the gimmick is a process of picking up the activities of hoodlums that a bunch of silly men who probably had a criminal history, sent out to run me down everyday, as a main determining factor for my social and professional activity. Either way, like they say I am a nobody and they could easily ensure that their opinion of me was what the authorities thought of me, they are nobody as well, considering that there is no official authority given them to influence the people in Authority with the work that they are doing, much the same as I am nobody because if my work was not operated to assist government matters, I would still have had a life where I got to do it anyway. I do get told the idea I am a nobody is not to be entertained but I am speaking from such a point of view as mentioned. They do claim that something about me unsettles them but it had to – they had made themselves a handful of gits who trashed my University stupidities to build up a process where I was a character with an empty personality into which others could dump problems and seek out a better life, once it got tough enough for me, they decided I was the same who had to prove I was brave enough to deserve my career by beating up an idiot who would not keep his hands to himself while they could not keep their own off me as well, leaving me to feel as if my heart will explode by the time I am 65, which was something they did to ensure a bunch of popularity idiots sold out tickets for gigs. In essence, they were things that my wife would think about when supporting the family and they had adopted a position to decide whether I did something violent to deserve my career and finances, much the same as getting married and settled would mean that it becomes more organised and the way that my survival is questionable, produces outcomes in which their future was too.

They do suggest that they have caused me a lot of harm and the effects were satisfactory. It is utter rubbish naturally – what happens especially with the stupid German influence gimmicks that had not yet changed even after the Western and Communist clash so far, is that they pick up every thing I say and do and everything I counter say and do about everything I said and did, dreaming everyday of instances where they were very important and I was a low life doing civil rights that implied they had problems which involved the struggles of life and I was dealing with it for everybody, clinging to my Books and diverting public interest from the patent margins to another business by way of showering me with insults everyday. It will not stop doing this and loved to issue threats, of which they were not a threat to me at all: the good parts with respect to the society gimmicks is that they get themselves together as a community over what they claim is a process of celebrities picking up their PR to get rich and famous, crashing their finances and career, whereby they needed to live in groups where they could hold each others hands but now it is being used as a platform to decide that they would send out hoodlums to run me down and decide on building a community that got imagination up my bum as per where I lived, where my bedroom was, the way my bed was arranged and where my anus was when I lay in it, so the good bits outweigh the bad, the stupid threats they issued while complaining about questions on whether their families were the ones doing National service in this Country thereby wanting to move into my right hand, having since set out a history. The Celebrities were more a matter of picking me up when I am in the bathroom, to help cracked up out of my league build popularity from it and now they could engage themselves in a gimmick of ripping up my personal life, to find something they can sell to those who wanted to endorse them – they said this was devised to prevent the abuses of society gits that could easily drag them out to take drugs and shoot their brain later but we can see it now being used to stifle my bookshop by picking up every aspect of my PR to get me into a fight and issuing threats when I tell them off, another one where the bad bits have outweighed the good. Both like to invent ideas about stifling my employment prospects and reporting me with the benefits system currently but we know if they stopped doing this, my finances could look what it should in a month, considering they are the reasons I lose followers on social media, become cashless when the Public attempts involvement with the Bookshop, to find them sit about the service processes over their problems on account their stupidities considered themselves to be very important. This is the harm that they are doing and they are activities that people who were not having their incomes interfered with, could easily stop doing when the victim needed to get the bills paid. The side story is that I have been apologising to them for what I had done previously, of which their activities had no meaning or purpose, such that the only challenge was that when it came to it, if a Client wanted them to sell a product that had to do with me, they were supposed to sell what Clients wanted or go to hell, the rest of it is pretty much the same as the idea that developing creative equity involved helping women when they took their clothes off to engage with fashion, showing up here to pick up what adds up to the thing people engaged with to read Books at my Bookshop, and engage with the public at my expense, make something else of my Publicity and complain that I used their own to get my point across so I did not have to fund the process of doing so myself – this is a summary, we know the list about those stupid activities they claim puts them in the same league as successful people is incredibly long and the gimmicks it wrought on my finances and social life is not what I do for a living either, they are not a threat, just incredibly annoying, now complaining about the social disposition they would end up with, if they no longer had access to me but we know that it is the same way that people take mine down when I build up the wealth equity that would ensure there was risk of tummy churning for them to spend their time thinking about my own concerns and how to get themselves involved with it. The rest of it being the Heir to the Throne making a mess, so they had since hit the jackpot. It is not a complicated matter as such - if a career is delayed when the Government had divided the population into workers, dependant and elderly, it has been delayed, if it is damaged, you got help for a damaged career, in my case it was delayed, the damage factor is Celebrities and Media picking up all I did and said and all I counter did and said, to put up publicly displayed practical jokes which later entitled them to my income margins, 4 years I have lived on Universal Credit for it and they do not yet think there is a reason to stop doing it, there is now complaints on my part and counter complaints on theirs over new gimmicks associated with credibility because they had a media presence. We then had to listen to those stupidities where I am said to have apologised and now attempting to take back the apology when people tried to accept it but we are talking about apologising for such flurry of insolence as meant people could divert public attention from a Bookshop that does not display draft manuscripts they can steal but written and patented Books elsewhere, after which they expected that I would be inclined to keep their secrets and allow their stupidities to get famous at my expense.

So I said something about favouritism – the story of favouritism making me sick all day and racism making me sick all day, currently they were blabbing but it does make sense to set out a course of action which got both to sort it out among themselves. When it really comes to it, the reality is that I wrote a Book, did not write something a human being could not read, now I need to get human beings to read it, while they had decided that making a mess of it everyday was so good for their ego, that it had since become a personal entitlement to do so and have been doing this for half a decade so far. The history is that at University I worked my Equity and Celebrities thought it inspired them for something, some of them were suspicious of what I might do later, so they set out a sense that I would only chase them around if the fact I existed making sense to others was an issue for me – these idiots picked up since, no talent whatsoever and a bottom chasing gimmick that got me dropping out of University, this business where I took up residence in a bad neighbourhood to write Books by resulting in a destruction of my social life and a sense my career was available for everybody to share, about which they became curators with narcissistic gimmicks where all I did and said could not be enjoyed by an audience because they had taken it up thank you very much to be more important, is the last straw. They do claim I am in capable of being a happy person of which first time round, the fact I was not jovial made me victim because I could not lighten up, then there was my good temperament they wanted to be a part of like it was a social group and now the need to see me struggle which will make them feel important, like idiots who only understand extreme violence, their stupidities being famous but ultimately it crushes my spirit all the time making stupid statements about what I deserved on the basis of battles I may have won, I walk down the streets and I was as if I had won those battles, the entire time, the security services was a well organised part of a Government department which they have never set eyes on, it fails then to understand what I think of its stupidities if I happen to be working on my temper on realising that I hated it to such an extent that I felt there was only two ways to respond to it i.e. do nothing or take out a trash but it will not stop picking up my Bookshop service processes to express it at me, like we were mates or relatives, ripping up the finances around here. They do claim I denied I am done for what I really am while the reality was more a matter of beating them back to spending their time with their silly famous girlfriends, not show up here to make a mess and kick it down a corner where it was suggested the female community was responsible for the fooling around, whilst it found a way to grab my earnings - It is never true I had lost everything, this is the way that Celebrities live i.e. get involved with other peoples lives, pick them up from the bathroom and share what is found with cracked up our of my league who set about building a public profile with it, from this they develop a Community that gets imagination up my bum because they cannot talk to people and do not take no for an answer, since finishing off with ideas about people I ought to get into a fight with while they clung to my Public image, to show that I deserved my career - the ease with which they jump on a band waggon when there is a slightest increase in the number of criminals paying attention to the way others ran the daily business. It had long since developed into something of the irresponsibility being copied by prostitutes taking their clothes off on my Public image - picking up everything I did and counter did about my Bookshop, making silly statements about new ones and a think you much gimmick.