It’s never clear why Politicians and Media are always setting up a stage that lets them get people confused about what is happening with Brexit, while we can all see that the negotiations between the UK Government and the EU is something which suggests that a relationship between the EU and the UK when the UK has ceased to be part of the EU is an entirely different thing from the relationship that the UK has with the EU when it is part of the EU and that we are actually very lucky to have an arrangement with them so early after we had left the EU – the arrangement that will decide we traded with the world as a block and the UK did not need to develop a new WTO trading parameter all together for instance. Why it is that the same people who are at the centre of events when these things are happening are the same people getting the Public confused about it and it feeds into the same sorts of expensive stupidities they ensure others were paying the price for, which concerns how Parliament no longer governs the Country but the Monarchy does, while the Politicians are still being elected by the Public in this Country and consult the general public to reach a consensus at legislative processes, at the same time which it is their duty to provide leadership for the entire Civil service.

What has come to light however is that Brexit offers new opportunities for people to put an end to their sense of inferiority to those who can access fraternity of Nation and land – we are always left wondering especially when they blow off their big mouthed insults all over the place, usually about doing my stuff, what the racist acquires this sense of fraternity with the Country for, if he has a job that looks like that, what the ethnic minorities do it for and so now we must deal with the question of what the do peoples stuff insulting Politicians, media fools and Celebrities who pretend they have the power of God at their finger tips with respect to the way they handle their subordinates but never tone down any bits of these insults that allows society scum beating people down in the bed every morning while the day job other people attend to was none of their business in the first place, blabbing which part I cannot do about them when it has become rather obvious I have had enough of them and those foolish threats all together.

They always say it’s a matter of the fact I call people stupid but we all can see if you have an injury and there is a bandage on it, somebody who steps on it several times and then again everyday must be a fucking idiot that will not stop unless he has a bandage of his own as well; I have informed them they needed to keep away from my Books and stopped following me around especially when I had attended an academic institution as it were, had enough of them and there is nothing they can do about me as we can see they have their own backyards in their own homes to feel fraternity of land with and need to stop screwing with my income and issuing foolish threats at me when the possibility is there that they were bluffing and I am not.

Its like when they say I am powerful and really love the power and its so difficult to tell why they love to say I am powerful when they are interested in the fact I am good at what I do, I mean they issue their male threats all the time talking like the idea of women feeling sore in the privates being linked to the way men fraternise with land and Country was a good thing, doing my stuff, the importance of the Brexit issue is a sense of superiority to do with fraternity of land and country. Its like when they also claim there is nothing I can do about them from where I am and I wonder if they had made up their own version of where I am or are talking on the basis I am in a condition in which I am not responding to being attacked incessantly by society idiots whose imagination goes right up my anus all the time, soon after which the fucking idiots realise they do not like to lose and smell like their loo for it as well; I mean I was not this angry five years ago but this has been how they pushed me out of University and followed me around to ensure the academic work never got completed – it always has to do this behaviour where it destroys everything that belongs to a boy with that big mouth it has got before it picks up whatever it is that gets to its stupid head and got on with it making foolish excuses such as when I resisted people who tried to become super stars with my Public image, which will get me shutting down that celebrity culture for them as well and then they blab about doing it because I may achieve what I want but it can be taken from me when celebrities want to feel safe with that big mouth we can never be free from.

They love to claim that we British want to control other peoples lives and it is utter nonsense, what happens is that like it is presently, every part of the world that is influenced by UK domestic and foreign Policy is being assaulted by Fatherland idiots and when they meet somebody that wants to sell their culture and society for a living they start to issue mortal threats as though funds may not be raised for war by doing it; then there is the part that can create humanitarian crisis when you have had enough of being sexually abused by them while they hate the way that it depends on them if you were selling the culture and society on account they depend on you with an imagination that goes up your anus, which will mean it becomes a fundamental interest to see they do not make any investments where you are, which will allow them snoop around Industry communities to play with employers and beat you down while at work and then they will go back to the hell hole they came from to spend their stupid leverage money and there will be a humanitarian crisis there in a couple of years while you had some peace for a change.