They do bring up this story about Scorpios and Cancers not getting along with Libra like me. I don’t mind it being brought up all the time – firstly, a less tolerant libra would think he does not want to end up thinking about idiots half his age who loved to play with his career and get imagination fingers up his bum, after picking him up in the bathroom with the help of society idiots that he rented space from, to run off cracked up out of my league gimmicks where it could never stop handling others because their stupidities were popular, as if we were back in school, for absolutely no reason, celebrating this stupid power it had to wreck my career by getting imagination up my bum, so the question would immediately become one of the reasons we faced wealth and social inequality, whilst we know also that they were responsible for creating it alongside the Cancers and Virgos. A more tolerant Libra like me would think about the details, that it could not be so hard to get a job, as you only needed to assess of your three best clothes graded 1 to 3, pick the second best and go off to meet somebody who wants to offer you a work role and had invited you in for interview. The reality being that if everybody did it, the whole thing will become very crowded, so some administrative authority will come up with diversifications and so on to ensure people spent their time well, such a person and what he or she did will become the subject for a process where people thought about working on others instead of a job, to get rich fast. So, to put it simply, Scorpios and cancers, and Virgos are destructive and very wasteful, about which they realise each time they had created the problem that they could self-preserve at the expense of a kind hearted person, which is the reason they need to ensure the Taurus is not a weak link and Libra/Taurus arrangement ends up being such a great team. You do try to see it the way the Aries people did i.e., it was okay to do whatever you liked as long as others could continue with their daily concerns, but it becomes a question of how long you could keep it up before you reverted back to the real you and hence not advisable. We do not get along and it is very helpful not to, especially in terms of people who will attack people twice their age because they had a society and were bold enough to, as I mentioned, a less tolerant Libra would think that it was a traumatising thought, and the Politicians will come to their rescue. It is an old story; they have always done this but the point at which they think that they had to start talking about not getting along with a Libra signified instances where they were confident that they no longer had to avoid one. In the end, I needed to end this business of Celebrities becoming addicted to my personality and public image, especially the shameful and disgraceful distant violence associated with it, if they do not believe I will end it badly, need wait and find out, if they need some advice, need stop picking up my PR.

They do claim it was all about making me more willing to stand my ground and fight. It would never make sense to me as a matter of this problem having arisen from a two part story of picking up my Royal Order to hang about on Media looking like a reason was found to end all instances where they felt as if they were losers, added to the business of working with their silly Celebrities to jump on a band waggon because criminals were paying more attention to my concerns than usual, trashing my finances in the process because it is done by sending out cracked up out of my league to pick me up from the bathroom and build abusive publicity from what is found – an example of a problem they create for themselves considering their career, clear expression of the stupidities they think I would get into trouble for with a big mouth. Keeping them off my Books to get the finances running again was a good way to sort this out but we can see they were moving it towards the part where they will stop exploring my civil duties or picking up the way I defended myself when nobody provoked them in the way that I am provoked. It is nothing unusual, just a case of judging from their need to make their civil rights into a tool by which they showered me with insults and suggested they were superior to me, adding up to something of their need to find enemies that I will fight constantly because they were twisted and evil. They speak of those gimmicks about a culture and society I have wrecked and I really hate it because I am the Libra here mostly, we do not share an existence and it should cease to be a yardstick for getting involved with me. Reading a Book from a Bookshop is how it really works, these other alternative methods of handling my concerns is not, as for the threats, I am waiting for them to show up and end up in a situation where they spent time thinking about wanting to fight the way that the world provoked them and not the way it provoked me, while I shoot their brain. So I remember I was better at handling this matter of their civil rights involving a right to hang about passing insults at me or suggesting they were superior while clinging to my income and getting me to fight people, the threats they issue here tended to suggest I grew older and stupid. The question then raised is whether I thought the Russian threat did not matter but it is not Russian threat alone; Americans have been attacking my concerns to such an extent that it is no longer safe from organised criminals and now they are fighting Russians over it to ensure I was forced to get into a fight, making a right mess of everything here. So it all boils down to big countries fooling around at the expense of smaller Countries; The Americans will suggest that they were entitled to build up practical jokes that allowed them prevent the public from engaging with your Bookshop while they claimed they needed it and would spend a lot of money on it depending on my attitude, the Russians will suggest that when they made a mess I got to tidy it up and as business doers, never take anything seriously in their lives. There are funny results such as when Germans tackle India that was a much larger and more populated Country but that is another story entirely, I have mentioned it because I have seen gimmicks suggesting Russia, China and India was an axis and it did not take a genius to figure out such stupidities have been created by a German prick. Eventually it comes down to the National economy practical jokes, the American type ripping up my business empire to hang about inventing things I am supposed to do, eventually talking as if it was addressing its son, at which stage I a likely to explode long before its stupid children took part as well – here in the UK its people making a mess of other peoples social lives and careers to make their own money and it always ends in irony as those who gave their lives to protect the Country never make half the mess – the Japanese were more a matter of a society and culture that is devised in such a way that they tidy up after themselves, which is usually rather remarkable. Eventually it should be noted that the US is not the biggest Country in the world, considering it is now attacking everybody to make people fight Russians while it got off to recruit people for the military where men sales job helped them get rich if they were willing to fight, highlighting the fact there were other bigger Countries should bring the National level economic practical jokes issues to bear.