So I do get the part where it is not exactly understood what it is people to do wind me up so much but it has always rather been a matter of involvement – they do not get involved and that is how it has got to be – they do say it is not that damaging but we have seen what happens when you sit down at HM diplomatic offices to deal with an idiot getting rich and famous abusing you then realising he has not worked out how to handle the fans that have become part of his life and takes up your office and then deploys it to his own ends with the use of media and the handling of your repertoire. The blacks being a special case decided to savage my finances and Literary empire all together, they said it is one of those things that tends to show people white people are not the problem they face and when I try to figure out they suppose they will resolve their civil and criminal disobedience then it turns to violence, so that I talk involvement and they talk violence back regardless of the fact they now have to dress well and make a show in public lest others take it up from them and it is not yet clear that was the least of their worries and there is no way it will blow up as it were; there is nothing else to it but and it does amount to handling my products and squeezing it and messing it up then refusing to buy it when they claim I am planning to make millions that will help me occupy a Royal position with their income after cutting me off from my anonymity, personal life and then pretending I have no feelings which is how they got the back hand of me at media and Politics and Industry in order to settle the reality that I do from which I have been there done that written book now ready for sale part of the story ongoing. So in terms of the women threat, we are only dealing with a case where women think there is no much public light on their behaviour and it can be as bad as it wants but it does not apply to everybody obviously as they are to be the first casualties of a process of making society and culture and Politics so complicated they need sex to be free that keep getting worse and worse and leading to all kinds of mutilations in a bidding at alternative lifestyles because of course if we do ask why they do it their Politicians like to come through for them saying it is how taxes and jobs are created and not what it is, which is wrecking everything here and sitting about messing up my emotions as much as possible to suggest sex work, like their violence expressed towards my good looks taken to new heights about which there will be no consequences at all whatsoever. So they don’t get involved and that is an end to it. The issue at the heart of involvement is that they are corrupt and extremely immoral, will do anything for money and the girls are practically thieves with pretty faces for fame while the men know things about women that normal people could never dream of and hence are convinced they should be messing other people’s lives up with it and getting paid for doing so.

The trendy issue here is terrorism; I mean we hear the question come through of how much we can d about it but there is really nothing that can be done if 6 people regularly attend a Club to enjoy cabaret and 3 of them are white and 2 are Muslim and the other can be anybody, only for an outcome to emerge where the whites gradually teach the Muslims they should not be enjoying vulgar pleasures because they are supposed to have been moral people who left it all for those who really need it and so in a condition where they had already a history of attacking moral people the reality being that Birmingham Muslims must be the same as London ones and especially if they are either Shia or Sunny for example and so they are all tied up and suffocated and the outbursts is everybody’s problem provided people are hoodwinked into casting a vote on the matter on Polling day, this then creates a result where targeting the innocent makes sense and so as long as the Politicians are never targeted by their Counterparts terrorism simply fans the flames of their insults and unexplainable hatred based on their bitterness about life that should exist in ways they never ever worked for in their lazy civil rights lives because poorer people who share some of their proceeds in a social context are being killed; this is why I have created that division and it seems nobody is paying attention to the fact they appear to be the only ones that do not know where these Muslims within their social groups who have enough money to afford guns, just like them are going to strike next but we do know that Muslims are victim to a sense Politicians have that they need a strong and hard working subjugated ethnic group and that Muslims are their most recent target. My case is with the insolent industry fat boys and their girls; for those they think everybody else is stupid and that nobody knows if you must hit people first before you put some stupid money up somewhere a leverage to pile things high and sell them cheap using markets confiscated from those who are too inferior to matter, when you know that your sales department will do things like tell its agents they will be fired if they do not meet a certain target then you have already destroyed other people’s lives and are sending them out to finish off because you feel your greed is the bane of other peoples existence having been it has finished with you and for them I know exactly what they are afraid of too.

They would say I speak of the needs of the poor of course but nothing I have said here is about poor people; the only part that is, is that the more of them die is the more we can never get to the bottom of the issues where people who have money to provoke others provoke those who have money to buy guns who then kill poor people and media rules the world; it does not work any half that way. I am not milking it for being on the right side, I am doing my bit about it as somebody that lives on the same planet but that should not detract from the realities around how a process where they do not mess with my property equity and when they get involved with industries, buy the fucking products, leave me alone and do not play around with my Property, equity and intellectual property alike else I will do the public admin thing and they will know everything and then wish they never did at the end. So no more playing around with my books – I am fed up with that its reality therefore is one of the major aspects of my chasing the sales barrier problems for my books. It’s like what they did naming themselves cartoonists in France i.e. when all these things crush your finances and your mother is on the phone virtually every day, do people depict the prophet as gay because it would be nice if your parents treated you that way for example or somebody just did at random because without that you will never move your bum and get out there to make your life better instead of cling to the guy who is superior to you and can do whatever he likes with your possessions? And of course we all know these are not the only questions and the Muslims that carried out those terrorist attacks lived in the same neighbourhood because they could afford it; I mean it is the reason the rest of us see it consequentially while they are able to see it ideologically then set out to make rules that apply to all looking for more trouble. For my part however it’s a matter of those abuses paying off financially only for them to find they cannot go their own way if they can turn up here with their lewdness and immorality and corruption to pretend they are my personal Gods seeking power over me as well in order to make it a career. They do say it was all my fault for messing with them and the war they should be able to win against me on matters of being a domestic God so to speak but what they said to start the fight in the first place was that all I could do as a Christian was to set up church and tell them how to copy my life to make their own better and I said whether or not they are personally conscripted by the devil when I want them to do something they will do it: so these things are all servants of wickedness and evil and the devil trying hard every day to see if they can recover their disposition by having a trophy victory over me, it is not to say I do not understand that – the spiritual side is much more intriguing, it can be about how they want to show me how my stuff gets broken by the preaching of their modern preachers but those cannot operate without reading the Bible which means it is their evil being used to do the preaching and hence breaks nothing of me and these are the kinds of situations that incense them. I don’t believe it is a problem, they always say their country is modern and that it is so with intended outcome that nobody cares about God or the devil only what they want but that soon becomes something used by those who do evil for provocation i.e. nobody will care when you complain and we will have no peace unless we do the bidding of the devil by attacking you and it is all your fault for not corrupting your faith in some way out of respect and so when I kick them as well this outcome of kicking me as well and winning at the end because the world is an evil place becomes the most important thing in life; so when they are afraid of people it does not create balance in their lives and now they have to deal with what they cannot see – same old case of time and again gathering in huge crowds to find causes about which the best outcome will be my death and yet people who carry out terrorists attacks where they live, live in the same neighbourhoods because they can afford it, nobody is yet picking up on the fact they have located a new victim and it has nothing to do with civil rights. I hear of the part about the Princess of York of course marrying her American lover but he and his Americans are not marrying my work – she is not the only one that uses it, journalist do, where people think women are full of confidence but it is all me and that is what they tell them all the time to no avail – certain American fools need to listen to what others are saying to them or work out what it is exactly they are getting married to because I have had enough of them and will not be tested any further. The women story isn’t new, the answer to it is much the same as the case of what it is I am actually after and some – the only difference is that while what I am after is the same as I am Christian and immoral people can exist but need to realise they owe me a responsibility concerning their service to the devil as I owe them concerning my service to God which makes sense of wickedness and good behaviour that cannot be contested like they think laws should allow people to for the sake of freedom, the women one will include the part about taking over and owning the insanity of societies and cultures so when they wind me up it will ensure I can spend their lives to get rich and famous as well sitting alongside the questions about finding a wife showing an ever so remarkable development of men that do not tolerate anything that moves because they don’t want to end up with women that don’t understand them but simply need to find out whether the fact they have media at their finger tips means they can do it to me instead – old case about women I work with talking about what happens and the fact each time I show up somebody is about to pay i.e. they have now lost everything and are complaining but before then it was all about grooming me to a point where I can be sold out as many times as possible to industry goons so they can have top jobs and best jobs; does not seem to have ended well obviously – we have now entered the part where they want some sexual power and I hear what they say but it does not mean I want them to either. That I am getting what I wish for is a very common story these days of course – but the reality has always been the same as ever i.e. like the case of being told I need to settle my position with the Prime Minister of which there is nothing to settle, only a case of an idiot who really enjoys getting on public places to tell those who have contingencies attached to their ventures to confiscate that of those who are running their business on their own in order to create jobs, which has taken Tory inventiveness to a whole new level and it is the same as the Labour party where people have a need to set up small businesses that only work selling products to rich people in the City centre if my faith co-operates with their need to make  profit with a nice little earner, which works for as much as another group of idiots want to have conversations with them on it at parliament – all together the same old case of very evil people and how they want to confiscate my livelihood to make people tolerant with claiming they need it because they want to work for a society where they can take whatever they like without being questioned and now have set me out as the guy whose actions have led to an outcome whereby they are unable to enjoy the wickedness they previously used to without being questioned, thus their need to see me suffer, only for the Politicians to get up to all these things and complain thereafter about being anus knocked and tummy knocked and so on at the same time – now talking nonsense about how I am getting what I wish for when they don’t even know what I wish for. I mean we do also hear when I have been dominated by others I explain it away with religion of course which is utter nonsense as I have not been dominated by anybody i.e. they like to keep a close watch on me because I do not want to stand back from their wickedness so they can make out I have approved it which makes me so angry I blanks out when I am trying to work or study and then that can become whatever they want it to be, hence the need to distract me from all important aspects of my life leads to this intense need for involvement that means if I am not eating well they sense it and make sure the miserable feeling takes over all my history and much the same if I have a slight tummy ache or heart burn or am constipated and so on and then those times when I feel I don’t know the way my own body works anymore because they are in control of my reflexes especially concerning my alimentary canal and so on but the reasons I like to do such things as not eating well or sleeping well is because young people in this Country need to realise their insults is a lot more serious than something really amusing at an attempt to look powerful because they have done well financially; so that I might pray for 6 hours and go out feeling spiritually refreshed but if a white boy feels a certain way for coming in contact with me I have changed his life and there is no quantity of time frames that will ensure I escape the day we meet again and I get punished for it and then it develops to a point where it is a matter of impressions I make on others which most of the time I don’t pay attention to since it does not matter to me but the part where I am supposed to have impressed them is the one that is intolerable. These things are not unusual, they fall into the same category as celebrities pillaging my work and finances and it’s just reality that when I want to create and sell my packaged equity intellectual Property administration products I have identified the need to take over those their societies and cultures as a tool I need to help me do the job by taking ownership of that their stupid organised madness; hence it would not have made sense to a person that is normal to wear suits and appear on award shows to pretend they are me. I don’t think this matter of celebrities attacking me is unusual; it’s just one of those things which show how big the black markets of the USA really are never mind the fact they are completely out of the control of law enforcement, so that those who turn up to buy your expensive products and put it in the middle of their homes to help them see the world and get up to make more money, talking nonsense about how money begets money and you need money to make money and all those crass expensive practical jokes they like to play with other people’s business empires and so on can do it under the guise of doing me for example a favour; in the end when they do want to know about every single thing that was involved in the making of such a product and do get to find out the question then becomes that of what happens next. It is the issue at the heart of consequences attached to Princess Beatrice marrying her current lover as it stands and things I am being held down to prevent me from doing to ensure it does not happen to me and so on with those stupid tacky day time television and sales channels and so on; I mean she does tell them like they all do, that it is my property and I have to decide what happens to it, for of course these women really cannot say that what they deploy to do their work is mine contrary to the notion they are full of boundless confidence and so on and that what happens to it is to  be decided by me accordingly if the idiots do have needs as it were, so I have no idea why they still are having trouble grasping what is happening anyway. It’s like when the Politicians jump on my book sales to talk about deficit and the economy when they have to plan to inform our principle apply that considering what the world expects the UK specialism so be, they may not handle it and the reason for it is that the Country is theirs to handle in ways they see fit to preserve their own Political power based on cross National influences – so I have brought it up because I have had enough of it too; I mean industries cutting up my equities because of problems I cannot solve is not unusual especially for the American ones; same old story about debauched vagabond Royals and how my finances are to be stifled until I am replaced by one of their bone head boys they are more comfortable with; otherwise companies will make products that move away from the same equities they plunder to develop the products in order to secure high end service which makes sense.