Now it is said that I am getting others to fight my battles for me which is quite shameful but I wonder if that is really what happens around here for most of the time, as opposed to the fact that there is hardly another group of people on the planet who are as criminally disobedient as Americans are, such that as long as they can claim they are me in some way, they will be able to make money instead of working for it, despite having made it clear in my patent statement on the second page of the Book, that any who does such things are committing a crime. Then there are the Celebrities as well, whose case is mostly that their lives must be determined by the way they handle their enemies and it will creep up on me and absolutely destroy everything in this place if it wants to make an enemy out of me since it believes I would make a profitable and easy to handle enemy. It has courted some responses from me as well, whereby I am being forced to chose and will soon real and operable parameter on how Celebrities are usually good Celebrities whenever the money is missing and therefore such types of Celebrities will always be preferred – otherwise it was always a much easier process to keep off my Books, shut down the Media comments and work with me on the fact they did not say it, they did not do it and they did not write it, so the business of either people whom they matter to ascribing my work and property to them or their doing it has now reached a stage where it has caused enough problems here to be regarded as criminal activity.

The other story we find them tell is that the way I run my concerns is a contributory factor to falling life expectations and yes it is, since getting imagination up peoples bottoms, finding it amusing because you lied about it and improved the sense and idea that you can do anything, improves the life expectancy of your victims, never mind raising your silly Children to do it as well because you had put a label on them that classifies them as a bum, to ensure you were able to introduce yourself to others as an idiot that always gets what they want. When it does reach a stage like mine where I drop out of University and they hung around the academic system passing hoodlums through over my Public image, prompting me to come up with a plan to chase and wreck those stupid jobs as well, it becomes quite clear that I ought to have a fundamental attitude that cuts their life expectancy short as well, especially considering those stupid threats they issue all the time because their temper was God’s gift to the world as far as they were concerned. It builds up to a stage where one must develop a deeply rooted hatred for those stupid communities, especially since they behave as if while they are busy with these nonsense, there was a law requiring others to be a part of it – then there is my personal favourite involving their insultingly entitled women backed up by bigger men threatening me every second which makes me feel I wished they died in Childbirth, than raise those stupid children that show up here with mental illness to blaze my trail. All these activities and various others applicable have the effect of cutting short peoples life expectancy but the biggest of them all is the insults and expressed stupidities at my expense, that allow them tell me what to do all the time, like it was the air they breathed, talking their problems into my personality endlessly and hoping that I will end up with a mindset that suggests these behaviour really indicate the way that I look physically and behave in terms of character.

I do get asked by the Politicians if I do not consider my actions to have come to late but it has not – they are now spending a lot of money to try and show the insults and abuses of Celebrities to be a marketable and profitable item but current events have made it quite clear that inaction towards it, the way I have continued to tolerate it as a perception, is not really a valid solution to a problem. A typical example is the way that I set out that people ought to stop behaving around my concerns in a way which says that HM should be spending a lot of time on processes of punishing people, which is not to say I am unaware HM is Commander of Armed Forces and if The Queen does not decide what punishment was none will but is meant to show where my spheres of authority are located as opposed to other more senior members of the Royal Family and the Crown – what it has become with media abuses and popularity practical jokes instead is a source of stress and I really do feel as if the next time they set about wrecking the academic work to hang around the system pushing hoodlums through on my public image, I am really going to get after the stupid jobs that get to their heads as well. The Politicians have said that I should not be free of the business of making decisions on punishment at my position as well but I am not; what happens is that if he goes around making a mess of Crown concerns, HM will decide it needs to fix the problem and then it will pick up one way missions at the Military and what happens at the battlefield will end up in general public affairs, such that we ended up with whole new problems bordering on a crisis, if I were to make the decision, it would be one where it goes overseas to bring home some trouble makers it is familiar with, now tending to express insults and abuses associated with the idea I looked like I am sort out the problem, which is a no-brainer, that it needs to get on with it.

It is quite interesting that their behaviour is one of having the power to support and help people, after wrecking all the means that others had built to help themselves and people around but have decided to put themselves on a war footing with the people around them and confiscate property when it had failed to be profitable; besides what I know as a Hermit about the spiritual reasons it happens, I wonder if people have found a more obvious definition of evil.

It is now suggested I has become a character women tended to handle and can take advantage of at will. I really have no clue as to what for, how or why people develop such nonsense, what I know is that they are well aware of what their society looks like and that I am not responsible for their security so every gimmick really should end as badly as it looks. What happens with the women being that they pick up the lives of men as an eventual ultimate terrible person decision they make for themselves, about which they seek a Politics and Media presence to blame others for, then they hang around looking for the easy pickings in terms of having become feminists and then handling the bad Men they have been talking about, the easy pickings like that likely to be characters who made a little sacrifice to support the female communities in the first place, claiming that Hermits like myself are in the same place, being weak men who never do what men are supposed to do in order to seek out the convenient aspects of female existence, as applicable to my finances and career – however the biggest problem is that having picked up the lives of men and then set about looking for the easy pickings, it becomes impossible for them to protect the interests of any male characters they got into a relationship with, which a certain population of women have always done as far back as history goes, so what the idiots do is build a Crowd that helps them establish a relationship with me, which adds up to a disobedient problem that is not stopping the way they would like it to for the time being.

The Men on the other hand like to blab all the time but their own was a flat case of building a crowd that will hang around my concerns and help them make me into a tool, every time they see me try to recover from any complicated thing that I am doing, once they had wrecked everything then, they explain it as indication that their stupidities had done the women thing as well, by completely wrecking the lives of good people in order to get into league with the bad people for money making reasons, as it is always better to take advantage of and abuse nice people while selling things because people need to be ruthless in order to be rich and their case will not stop occurring the way they want either.

The third part being the Celebrity bits where there is popular sensibility suggesting I want to get involved with them while I am only collecting them to recover any property equity they have handled; hence as a result, I cannot wait for them to get out of my life and concerns on a local and global stage and am always inventing excuses to see it happen, which is the reason the whole thing is fraught with bottom hurting and eating disorders.

They have said I appear to be vulnerable while I am not but I wouldn’t know anyway, I have warned them of a reality whereby I find it easier to fight back than get around looking for trouble, so a group of fools who consider their stupidities to be real men have built themselves a life on Media stage and Global Industry that allows them churn my tummy as a basic stage and form of existence, which is going to likely lead to an outcome that leaves them in a lot of suffering, just to ensure a Bookshop is handled like a business, starting as it has already begun i.e. this conversation showing I have already begin to put together structures that allow me attack their interests as a basic prerequisite for getting out of bed to face my day. It all feeds into the activities of the Fashion idiots which always go down the route of investing my Asset equity without permission, to build me a public image that says I am the one that ‘did my stuff somewhere’, looking to get me into violent activity, showing every time without being requested to, that they are really convinced that I am naïve of what evil really looks like.

Some people have said I am now more business person and employee than Arch Prince, which is utter nonsense as it wouldn’t kill any Royal if they made a decision to become priests as such – what happens with my personal decisions being that I am exposed to their stupidities, such nonsense I clear out of a Hermitage as gimmicks associated with building a crowd to abuse moral people in order to encourage the population to buy products and then hanging around somewhere making a mess of people who are trying to recover from a difficult situation, turning them into tools; I mean employing people means you are giving people money for doing a job and tended to suggest they are in your employment because they had problems. Some of them, including Celebrities having suggested they will never get out of my life as I so desire but I simply want them to care about something, not show up here to be the architects of my nauseating financial complications and some of their stupidities hanging around somewhere running off what they think is an ability to decide what becomes of my relationship with my parents, while clinging to my public image to make money – particularly playing off some of the more difficult aspects where I broker equities with companies to recover from a recession bearing in mind my Books are rather flexible products and their ambition after five years of insults from Celebrities since I got the Book published and three years of vandalism from industry idiots is to be able to deploy my property to make money without actually paying for it. Hence some people have said that my Books are very expensive which they are not, as we know that Legal practitioners as I was aware in 2012, were paid a £15 fee for each instance in which they assisted people to swear an affidavit for example, while my Books contained packaged equities and my revenue for each copy comes to less than £5. Either way, I had warned them I am being made to chose as such and have since begun to proceed with processes of wrecking their interests before facing my day every morning.