It is said many have ascertained my clash with Celebrities does not bear a purpose. There is no clash with Celebrities however as such, just a reality of how to get by the actions of some incredibly silly, destructive and abusive characters that will put their actions to eccentricity, ignoring the damaging effects completely and would be found hosting parties with friends boasting about a best life lived, hunting endlessly for people who were not a threat to take advantage of, which now has a place in its activities concerning international development politics, where it needs to be in such a position as nothing gets solved about public matters but what harms them must also be done to people who are scapegoats; we also see their children pick up this behaviour looking for people they will pass insults at profitably and later describe as oafs, through which process they built abusive and filthy homosexuality that would in a way make sense of their personal decisions where consequences were involved, if the victims stayed silent about it, yet none wants to live in a world where what you said caused murder.

In my case the years of abuse and financial destruction are now being ignored, despite the fact the outcome is that I am being subjected to financial destruction, for 16=8 years without a break so far, because it gets me into a position where I thought of what I would do with money that celebrities possessed, despite knowing that a huge amount of it was developed from an abusive process of disobediently plugging their social problems into my public image, which when garnished with body bribery and career insults can be very profitable for them. we are ignoring this now and concentrating on the fact that there are many people who engage with the public without bothering others, while they always need to decide how I behaved each time their stupidities did. Eventually playing out into years of going above me to get involved with members of the Royal family, giving them debatable license to handle me for violent reasons and the reasons I am targeted like this has never been explained once, so I need to move it on and am determined it will go my way, if they cross my path again.

So naturally it is not true that I redo work that state provided security does to protect me, knowing it will endanger administrative processes that the results are used to achieve, which adversely affects younger people.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland