The idea I cannot control anything that happens to me and black idiots with insolent women speaking of the sins of the fathers and where their insults are meant to be placed is not actually an issue that has any kind of foundation on fact; of course I can control what happens to me and the idea I have been massively exposed and is therefore impossible to with my beauties everywhere is utter nonsense - all I have to do is be as selfish as these such idiots and their media are with what I actually own and they do not. I mean when people make utube videos of members of another persons court which are supposed to be as insolent as they possibly can claiming sex sells which is to apply they cannot get their own instead for example, it tends to conjure the idea that they have not got facts on how they set out to deploy what I do with my Court for the benefits of their stupid boys and girls to help them sell fame and fortune and that it is infuriating to see them so do with my work and my earning on a daily basis and more so on the basis of that stupid excuse that they employ members of my Court etc.

The same applies here on the coven as well and it is not something I intend to tolerate from the whites who think they can do whatever they like or the blacks who think there are things that my father had done to them and my mother that they wish to have revenge for and therefore means they can send me on any errand they wish and force me to do it. Generally the idea is that I can control what happens to me and all I need for that is to be as selfish as the idea that my work with my Court can be deployed by their bosses to make their own stupid boys and girls rich and famous but I will end it when I end it in the worst imaginable note there can ever be - BY THE WAY OF WHICH NO PRINCE'S MIND HERE HAS BEEN WITCHCRAFT TWISTED BY ANY GROUP OF IDIOTS AND EVIL WAY WHATSOEVER AND THEY WILL NEVER SEE THOSE STUPID CULTURES EVER AGAIN EITHER. The intensely evil desire never to leave alone me and anything I own will see that it turns out as I want it too. In the end the main issue I suppose, like the US economy page has more to do with that really evil, violent and abusive publicity the media love so much, which attacks me everyday and handles my products by the scruff for it with a big mouth, this is what must be stifled and fizzled out.

So, it is suggested that I have waited too long for success and I do try to prevent people adopting this disposition because of its tendency to run off on media. The truth of it is that everything about me is on schedule, save the financial bits that hit rock bottom due to the abusive ways that a handful of gits run off their public gimmicks around interests in my Bookshop to swell their own bank balance and will not find themselves a real job instead of this, regardless of how increasingly threatening I had become. I mean I tried University and they made a complete mess of it, so it became clear that University was a toxic environment for me, but so have we seen how impossible it has become to study at home since last this had become their main concern as well, shedding light on the real problem thereof. There is the other part where I got published online which should have placed a distance between my career and their popularity gimmicks but even the professional environment built up to draw in the kind of clients that might find my books appealing are their main concern for all the wrong reasons and we can never be free of accusations, insults and threats that follow it since they cannot keep their dirty mouths off other people all together. Its not really much of a crisis since it eventually comes down to the way that a handful of trader goons come across a large amount of money and decided that the money made them better people than Royalty which is not an issue until my concerns were affected in an overt way such as these, then there is the part where they could never stop employing the wants to take care of Mr No 1 at all times characters at my expense which people have suggested I needed not worry about as such and I am not, just pointing out the dangers of people thinking I have been hard done by here as per employing those who only cared about themselves at my expense was response to the fact that these traders make money in ways that are less than lord able and had to pay a good amount of it in taxes, so they needed to express their feelings in some way; an old story about somebody trying to steal from others and when caught ignited a titanic battle for no reason, which is just incredibly sad. The Celebrities on a separate side of the matter continue to spit out gimmicks about handling my concerns to make their own version of it by which they got famous and financially better off when engaged with the public disobediently, only to make statements about a plan to teach me lessons of a violent context of which I plan to take them up for as well.

I. Uno I

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