This journal was created as a matter of the abusive behaviours on media of lazy problem transfer goons and the means by which the equities and securities on them are created and developed will continue to get worse as long as that continues. I still have a couple more years as at year date 2012 before I am fully available to my readers and until then it is important people do not make a notion of their choice out of my affairs especially when they share my skin colour and are as insolent as hell for it.

I hear of the question of what it is exactly about people that annoys me so much, which is some of the stupidest I get asked of course, the reality being that people do need to stop addressing me, especially if I am not talking to them, considering the quantity of twisted evil people that want to have conversations endlessly about what God did give me the authority to do and what he did not give me the authority to do. A typical example being my so called sexual deviance - where when I have not done it, then the idea swirling around that I have teases them and propels them to violence in my direction, when I have done it, then I have not done enough for their purposes, whatever that means - so I am sure people can spend more of their time addressing others that are more relevant to them than get involved.

I am now told that I am a sex addict, but it would rather have meant those who claimed it so were good in bed. In the end the reality of it is annoys me intensely so I never wish to discuss it i.e. its 15 years of making my Court out to be free for all and so this sort of nonsense comes along when it applies in terms of their self-appointed disposition of morality whereby I am deluded about my prowess when it comes to handling other Men while those who are Members of the Court think that whatever I am doing about it is sufficient, then claim I am a coward when we know the main issue is that such behaviour will always lead to an outcome in which my academic work suffered and we know also that I have dropped out of University over it, as stupidly as they can get and we also know they never keep the big mouth shut on matters of telling me what to do as to make them comfortable endlessly, such that when they talk like this, it will likely be something of a need to make money with my public image which securing equality with me, then the money will come through at a later date when they really need to show they were superior all along, oppressing me with my own money and public image in the process, so that their gangs and criminals and racists can hear them blab, especially when famous, about which there is respect on my part for those who are doing the fame independently of me but those who are not are talking too much so far about their Celebrity power, as there is nothing but stupidities to that nonsense where they interfere with my Court and get Sergeant pepper personally involved in my private Royal Business, to pull me on either side and get their imagination up my bum, as the answer for all their money problems, which I will solve whenever I am aware of what is coming to me. They speak of the issue with Politicians when most of us are aware its a matter of largely of the fact that whilst a fight with Politicians is the answer for all problems as I have warned, Politicians have continued to think it is okay to play games with idiots that want to grab my work and set off to some tourism economy where they make money without knowing what they are doing and pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world to change my life with, set to continue as long as there is confidence that there will be no reckoning that runs along the lines of their local constituency Offices being situated a few blocks from the corner shops that these goons run all together where it really should be blowing up each time they spend tools which are meant to protect them from idealistic goons that want to make their lives difficult at Government buildings but prefer to spend it on me and black mail me a feelings of paedophilia because they know where my Books are located and can influence my earnings thereof. These people are rather usually convinced that I am afraid of them but the truth of it are such realities that suggest it has now become just as I warned them about over their practical jokes years ago, a matter of stupidities they invent to insert into my life and career balanced against their own need to look after their lives and careers at the other end we find the idiots who got jobs at Industry and abandoned their post once they and faced a slight challenge to pick up jobs at HMRC become more interested in getting companies making money on my public image instead of collecting taxes people are trying to keep for themselves, claiming what the Government wants really is more taxes while they plan to get connected and become important from where they are, as stupidly as possible; so it does screw with me in terms of the fact there isnt a lot of money at Government work but if somebody drove up a super car to tell you he will teach you lessons over it, Government work generally means that super car will not be the only thing you will take out of his stupid life and beat down seriously thereof. The American ones always want to follow up the story that I am a coward all the time, otherwise this issue would never have mattered; while we know I have to balance Royal Office with culture idiots who think that threatening and attacking me over their civil rights money problems to churn my tummy all day and make me feel flustered is the only form of Royal work there is on this planet, these other well to do idiots with ideas about whom I should be fighting to make their stupidities famous being a group of twerps that have got ears to hear with obviously the last time we checked and it feeds into American daddy character idiots whose children have been deploying my Royal order at Military work organising entertainment communities while they mock me and make a mess of it all day long and yet we know it has not yet betrayed them behaving like that except when we hear them speak of what I must lose on account something did my stuff it feeds then into their claims that video games make people violent while the way I play my games feeds into the Military because they recognise the sensibility, while the video games are fundamentally detached from National service as a statement that those who cannot behave professionally at it are not the best fighting skill there is in the Country, whilst every time their own ends up there we hear all sorts of nonsense about not playing games in a way that makes you feel like you have been equal to the USA, their problem is that when they see my Royal Order, it belongs to them, then they speak of those who deploy it at the Monarchy when we know they are not responsible for my State provided security in the first place, more so appear to know very little about me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland