I am informed that it is never really clear where I stood on anything, besides the fact I have been made into a pathetic character none of which bears towards reality; I have not been made into a pathetic character at all, just a bunch of dress well idiots showing they thought it would make sense if I paid a lot of attention to them, on the matter of where I stand, people are always thinking it was a business of engaging with Business owners but it is more a matter of engagement with business owners which is very small, most of the activities involved the CEOs and managers, so engaging with them on the ground is all good but the question was one concerning the causalities; a small price I pay for market success from time to time has now been turned into a business of crashing my earnings to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and get rich fast, by famous idiots and twats who claim I looked on while they got killed by extremists, therefore needed a new existence, we can see how comprehensive this nonsense actually is, when the reasons that each involvement with my concerns should be so dangerous for them, had to be understood.

On the claim that I spent a lot of time interfering and kicking against the tides, none of that were true; on the matter of interference, the Politicians who never stopped endorsing the activities of public trouble makers, over claims they would secure certainty of power from it, have now got the certainty of power, since last they got into a good enough position to perform abusive activities that were linked to the certainty they provided by offering to do bad things to the enemies of the State. For my part it had since become a perverted stupidities that involved work to support the activities of people who passed their own exams at school to work in the security services, bearing towards an outcome where we spent most of our time fooling about with sex workers and reading birth star signs so it is now a matter of me a Libra between the Virgo and the Scorpio, the rest of the star signs knew nothing else but the normal insults, abuses, greed, sexual corruption and all manner of vice, finished off with a need to wreck peoples career and make money that will allow them run others down publicly every day, they have since with the help of their famous idiots, picked up my Patent margins since 2012 to run off gimmick on Media which made them feel comfortable in their skin, I have counted 9 years since, 6 which was spent getting out of bed to fight for the earning margins with no earnings because the patents were so badly breached, I have given its stupidities the option to stop running me down while I am working for others and to keep away from my Books, which it had failed to accept, what it does then involved a sense that I should not try to get rid of its show business when the purpose of it was to breach my patents and spend time on Media, maintaining the damage that was done, should I do anything unusual, it will then enlist fringe society Scorpio to attack me, about which we had since arrived at a point where its main interest in me was blackmail i.e. I could with my finances in such bad shape, get my patent margins back, after its stupidities had become wealthy and famous, like a bunch of idiots who are 100% deserving of physical violence.

So this was the stage for interference apparently, as Politicians have enjoyed causing me career setbacks to give them an opportunity like this, such that we are now in a condition where we have devised the best possible method for civil control and the biggest economic beneficiaries were Russians and Indians, hence there was evidence that the previous methods where we Policed the ideological no mans land between democracy and communism and they were asked to fight some Russians each time working in the security services meant they read star signs and jeopardised the lived of agents or bothered Politicians excessively. The part where some Politicians were looking for trouble being that if the abusive activities Politicians engaged in was a grand design and it only affected people who ended up in the area, it has now been a decade and a half of them learning that I am not in the area and never have been. I now must overhaul everything I have done as per running public Office where I accommodated Celebrities where civil enforcement was concerned, the problem will never change. They do mention repeatedly, this claim that others were paying the price for what I got up to I supposed it refers to instances where they risked the lives of security operatives for their gimmicks and the only way to survive after, was to bother the Politicians, about which they need to kill off anything that gets them fighting Russians and communists. Then again, they were referring for the majority of times, to the women at the Monarchy who assessed the holdings and property they had at Industry, and looked after it as a matter of controlling society troublemakers, they have never actually said that these women have suffered on my account as such but they continued to insinuate gimmicks that bore towards the rumours. Eventually claiming they did not recognise my position, about which none cared, except the Politicians who were keen on practical jokes and needed to be pushed into a position where they got to decide what they wanted too: it never stops putting up its narcissism to suggest that when I engaged with people, especially people in Europe that I am trying to befriend its stupidities and had to acquire the lifestyle needed to do so, if I wished them away, students get murdered in strange circumstances because of the misogyny and narcissism, whilst I am left with an inherent risk associated with a process of engaging with people who cared about what I am doing, which is incredibly stupid. Always so incredibly stupid, had an arrangement with tramps and trouble makers, its insults got involved so personally and when it attacks me over the smell issues, I think we will be looking at the beginning of its bigger problems too the silly Media wars that have been its bane for the past 9 years, now suggesting I can handle myself in any other situation except when being tackled by the media that doubled back to secure support from criminals, can always be resolved when I faced the public to drive home the message that the best way to sort out their finances was via the jobs market, to such an extent it was clear that celebrity products were being sold to households and there was a need for children to be informed about the evils of show business, on account that they would have seen no other option but to join in with what leadership wanted; it needs to keep its earnings without running me down while I worked for somebody else and needs to stay away from my Books or I will stop its stupidities very badly.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland