They do claim that attacking me will never cease but it is nothing unusual from here either, as it does appear that as long as it is not driven into a place where I set out my career in terms of that which is possessed by their famous gits, to decide that each time I lost something, they lost a reciprocate as well and they had to tolerate all the things I needed to do to get into such a position, there is no sign that this nonsense will end, as long as a bunch of incredibly stupid media had financial fraud and a media presence at their finger tips to play with. That said, it is now becoming a matter about which something that does not concern them in anyway now concerns them i.e. the King makes statements that they fight my wars and stand up for themselves bravely while I am a low life who expects more important people to fight my battles, hence a link between some low lives insulting me and celebrities getting paid, thus I will regain control of aspects of my Bookshop that brings the income within a set deadline or the idiots hanging about the communities to make stupid statements about the way all options were on the table once they realised pensions were things human beings did and the explanation I offered for the reasons my career success was delayed had to be struck down and replaced by their own, so they could call me names, cling to my income margins and put the labels on, sending out low lives to run me down every day, the low lives whose insults was the main support system for every famous stupidities especially the type which decided it clung to my earnings and I had to do something that got me into trouble with the law, to show I deserved my career, will be my main preoccupation, in terms of idiots with ideas about instances where their money gave them power over others, consistently showing up here to set it out as leverage by which I became a character that these fools bullied to befriend the wealthy and share the incomes. We know it is a completely different world from the conventional economy and does not bring anything good, only an opportunity for popularity fools to enjoy a bit of the lifestyle that wealthy people did, so I need to control my Bookshop at the deadline when they cannot keep their mouths shut and show up here only to read a Book otherwise I will get to find out if they were to put a stop to their insanity as none had given them licenses to pass insults at me when they wanted or were meant to stop it on my schedule. I am told I am supposed to see the mess that is made for me at Royal position here as a privilege which does not apply at all as we are talking about new abusive careers at security services for the male population, followed up by a bunch of fools who show up with a support crowd that will make me legitimise it whilst their famous fools clung to my earnings talking nonsense about ways in which I knew of what bothered them and had refused to serve them but each time I investigated it, found their problem to be associated with people they got into bed with and the kinds of people that they got into bed with. It would make those comments that make a mess of my shop everyday about what state provided security said to provoke them naturally, but it is difficult to ascertain what a bunch of people this stupid talking nonsense at me that does not make any sense every day, were going to do about me if I did not legitimise new abusive security services careers for the male population. The Politicians have suggested what I have said is ugly and bed as it gets but it is naturally as it means that it was the criminals and ex-convicts setting public policy, at the same time that my crime control publicity was alright if somebody was using it in a community when a violent criminals was set to be released from prison on parole but I will live in hell since they were only interested in the money, when I withdrew access from them on account they attacked the crime control publicity that got on their nerves as they tried to handle the public image for the purposes of fame career reinvention, as stupidly as possible. It is not deaths door here either, as it simply means that they needed to find something to pursue with a country that existed in their heads urgently and on a schedule but if they did not wish to do so, could spend their time making sex videos on the internet instead, however on a personal note, I will control and own my bookshop income structures on the deadline I had set out or I will get to find out what they were made of too.

They claim some people thought I am alright and others thought I was a real nightmare, of which does not make any sense of none is ever clear here the criminals setting public policy for them, meaning they were out of their depth, running my life with social activities of crime perpetrators. As far as I am aware what happens is for instance that I worked to get the violent orthodoxy of the society gits and their neighbourhoods under control and the Celebrities worked to extract money from my career and trash it, once done, they decided the problem had resurfaced and the importance of making such a mess was to do with ideas they had on how I was going to go about it again, the next time I did, in order to serve their famous stupidities. I mean the work done is still in play but they have a community of idiots whose practical jokes were enabled to catch on with my career schedule, along with their stupid Politicians who will let me have my Bookshop back as soon as they were done fooling around with it but have not figured out how they would pay the bills in the meantime, setting out a disposition in which every option was on the table when it came to making money, including organised crime, about which they sent out their low lives to run me down every day, all built up on media to create a crisis where the work I had done means nothing to anybody, so it does need to specify what it means when it suggests half the people fancied me and the other did not. The problem at heart has always been the main one i.e. that if a person was bigger than you are, there was an increased prospect of making a mess of your career and finances while having enough energy to keep a legitimate job which is then used to consolidate the position in order to make a mess of the rest of your life and make money with it as he or she goes along but what then happens is that the famous gits get in league with another group of birth sign reading fools who built up a campaign about the way that the law allowed the weak to take advantage of the strong and each time I stood up for myself, the famous twats will make a complete mess of what I did apparently it does not have a license to push off its famous persons insults at me, which are now at such an advanced stage that my Bookshop had crashed and I am cash strapped, so I would fancy it kept its mouth shut and showed got involved only if it wanted to read a Book. They do claim I am only exposing problems I cannot deal with but as mentioned above, I will regain control of my Bookshop market takings in my asserted deadline or I will launch an attack on the finances of the famous as well. They do claim I have had it difficult which I have not, always a dither on the clash with the famous because another group of idiots decided they would run me down and build a community for it, then get imagination up my bum and attack me if I smell which has not happened, the latter shoots off the big mouth endlessly but we know the source of all the trouble is makes here is that the way I ran my finances was its main concern because it had not stopped being part of anything that ran people down so others can make money, since first grade, and its home was comfortable to match its finances that were currently looking better than mine - the abuses are meant to motivate me to sort my finances but they are counterproductive, hence none is looking for trouble, suffices to say it has not happened and they talk too much.

I am not half as vulnerable to them as suggested in any case, I could easily resolve the matter with Celebrities painfully by following on the need to run off insults at me until they could order my steps with my own need to run them down until I used their public image to ensure that they served me, it would be difficult for me to get away with it if everybody knew I could but now I am in a position where I had no choice. They do claim it was tough making sense of the way some people are so far different from Celebrities but it is not; we are talking about people who decided they knew how to get about youth leadership and progress back in the day and their idea of youth leadership and progress involved social immorality. We were not all draw out like this and it needs to stop handling me, especially in terms of so much insults that if there was a banner facilitated by my patents, the insults will breach that banner to such an extent, I was no longer able to get into an Office for a writers work and the market built would be available for the picking whilst my social life will be trashed by any public following which took to it. It is more serious than this as some had put it, we are talking about the way others were drawn out too and how these famous activities of theirs have created an outcome that meant they engaged in an assault on the engine of growth, such that in order to maintain an abusive social structure which allowed them to be more important than they were, nobody was outsourcing contracts to anybody anymore and we know that an economy cannot operate like that for up to 18 months on the whole.

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