So they claim these days I am being punished by Politicians for being as bad as bad can get but of course it is utter nonsense, since what Politicians do is rip up my finances and show up in public places to exhibit themselves in order to keep alive hopes of becoming me and then we hear they all want to complain alongside their media goons as well of my people doing beat that fight that etc routine at them, of which in actual fact about it they can do nothing since it is not also only clear I have the capacity to borrow peoples countries until books as sold even though they do not seem to learn but can also prevent Liberal’s and socialists especially from making social and political and public mess which is to be correct with my life and possessions whereby I am not in leadership if they deploy media and public exhibition of their stupidities to get there first before the general public does at the discretion of their leadership; so it’s all insults and hence they need to live with beat that fight that etc routine and stop approaching me like  we are mates for it. It does rather appear speaking of the prognosis of a warning, that percentage of the need to get on public places and rally crowds to squander my property as the hopes continue that they will one day become me etc will reduce unless I run a counter campaign for absolutely every single move that politicians make and everything that they or their media fools do and say in public, to keep them off their followers etc.

Of course, I do get told I have a problem of overexcitement all the time; this is not the truth – that would have been more a case of when I do not associate with others then I am a loner and if I dared walk past a school, I would have been a paedophile and yet if I associate with people, they want to do nothing else save hurting me because I am happy. The best way to understand it is that the existence of three persons analogy and one of them is rich while the other is a goon given money to dominate people with by government and the other if me who then must find employment. What we will find is that the first is rich and the second is absolute scum and the third is poor and that stories about wealth inequality are pre farce which circles going round and round they believe they have trapped me in and hence already begun to explore anus and penis insults they think they have waited too long for; since we can see that if Mr A has a duty to secure Mr B 5 product sales this week which is his job, there is nothing that will stop him from making it happen and if Mr B also works for Mr C who has three million other people doing the same, these guys never ever fight wealth inequality; what they do is ensure wealth ends up in the hands of already rich people and that celebrities are admired and loved because if you do not do so when people get money off rich people by being themselves, it will never happen to you as well. Hence the other side of this matter will be that I could have found a way of explaining this to show my Status but have chosen not to, creating more problems in the process; but that would have been a case of me making it clear a Royal Prince always shines first of all and also that I do not write Books from sensibilities of how the general population get along with each other, as I do on the premise of a Half Priests’ Office and all the confusion that costs me money and does damage is a game that these Politicians and Media goons love to play endlessly – in the end, to expect a Royal Prince to dim up in a world where people get rich not by being successful but by partying as hard as possible, while he has to provide leadership for both rich and poor alike is a total waste of time.

My Health problems are half an impediment to the discharge of my duties either; for instance, I was supposed to have secured a difference between Celebrities in my Court and other troublemakers and now it seems that the troublemakers have taken over what they like and gotten rich so others can breathe but it still smells of course if you want it to.

It is like the two-part case of how the state of the world cannot be determined because of me. It is utter nonsense of course; the reasons I have created a confusing disposition around myself and my Empire and what it does is to make it clear that if people come from the Middle East and from Asia and from Africa and from South America and cannot keep their hands off people bums, they can always continue on that path if it seems that the way I have priced my Books has not priced them out of my concerns; considering there is nothing wrong with respect and nobody here is their spare leader. The other being the issue of safety on the internet; of which is about taking people onto the internet that you have taken up in the real world – some will go through that process like you had done it for them as well of course and those that you had not should be able to see it too. It is an old story of how safe the US makes the world i.e., Mr A speaks to the Government of Lebanon and the Official asks later who he was and he was actually the owner of WALMART i.e. the biggest Chain store in the US and there will be fits of rage and calls made to Assad and Putin right away. I am informed many times that I work too hard; I really do not as such and it has begun to show a self-fulfilling prophesy, I am now punishing the idiots responsible for as well; I have only discovered that few are the people that can stop me from doing what I am passionate about and so do not think The Royal Estate Businesses and engagements should fall behind. I do get asked about what might happen if I turn to evil, but it does not work that way - evil is evil and it is like the part where I might go off and build questions for criminals but before I had built everything else to facilitate legislation, civil rights idiots will have a go at the criminals until somebody gets killed and it all falls apart; evil is evil and does what evil does.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland