The alternative story we have seen surface is the sense that people would love to put some act of sympathy towards me but have seen things which convince them I were far from a character that deserved it. I could never make sense of the sequence of events which produced these sorts of insolent results anyway but there is no doubt it is a product of confidence associated with Celebrities playing with my career instead of their own – started off with gimmicks to say they saw me do something with private security and were entitled to be protected by me, the need to work gold digger gimmicks by getting to know my publishers, making statements about their own social and public life over my patents during show business festivities had at that stage become more violent. So the problem must be that the stupid bottom chasing social life and public image and that linked to them and their society gits, continued to show up here without consequences and since they were the only people that have been doing any fighting between me and them, having had it for 7 years, they had gotten accustomed to a very important abusive activity. It goes without saying when I do start fighting them, they will need an announcement for it, considering how difficult it would be to ensure a bunch of famous idiots got to play with their own careers instead of mine, especially if I have been complaining through out the times they got accustomed to it, if I needed to attack them and ensure that what they did to fight back was ineffective, so I had chosen to do something else, which involved warning them on matters that had arisen over the importance of playing with their career instead of mine, I think that from here, the next time it makes statements about my Office and status, it will kick off a new problem for its famous stupidities as well.

I mean how does anybody end up with a nightmarish situation where his career and finances was something as declared by popular people on Media, everybody else was entitled to and it will be retrieved and spent by the famous people who wanted to get famous doing so? They have done it simply because their show business experienced the recession that every other industry had suffered due to an economic crisis that their stupidities played a part in like we can see them do here again as it were and then they make those excuses and tell those lies that will convince people there was a Political reason behind it. I mean when the Politicians are corrupt it was due to the fact that they had access to public treasury and you knew their decisions would affects people way beyond your personal boundaries, I could never make sense of the disposition from which Celebrities get corrupt anyway, clinging to my earnings, what we can tell of it is that they did it by means of running my life with social systems that criminals built and by making sure public control problems were never left where those who did the work left them – then they claim that I am the one that got public control issues involved with them which rather tended to show that an ailment had been cured when I got the Public control issues all over my Public image which I did not think would affect them unless it was their Public image and we know it wasn’t, just as much as they enjoyed extracting money from it (the situation was that people were bigger than I am and able to draw a crowd that will make me defend myself from them on their terms, so their dreams would be fulfilled, causing me to chase my own life that had gotten ahead of me, so I got their lives displayed on my public image, so they may chase it too).

This nonsense if I may be allowed to conjecture it is possible for an average human being to be this stupid, is largely a product of profitable results from discriminative activity and it seems that those who earned the most from public mobility conditions where smaller people were trying to escape big bad people got to make the most of it, shooting off their mouth on me all over National Media when the choice is as simple as a process where they stopped stifling my finances by playing with their own careers instead. I mean they were very important, as stupidly as possible, so none can tell why it is that the public control fall out that should buzz away at the background because they were educated persons, shows up on their social life and public image to help them make a complete mess of other peoples lives and careers in return for money and endorsement that industry idiots give them because the process was being passed off as a method of doing the job that armed services did at private expense, showing up here to pick up my public work for publicity that will allow them have the same life as me, crashing my finances as it tended to prevent client involvement in my concerns financially, for fear that the practical jokes will crash the businesses of their employers, followed on my gimmicks where it picked up the Bookshop service processes to build a version of me that its famous stupidities would find easier to tolerate with a big mouth and nothing I did mitigated a need to set me out as a character people attacked to draw a sort of attention that brought about market success, house proud twat with a Media presence to fool around with, will not channel the dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism else if there isn’t yet enough trouble for a life time over it – as I mentioned, when I do start fighting them, the announcement that I am doing it will become very necessary.

They do claim that Celebrities have lost some important corner stones of their sense of security to my sense of security. I wouldn’t know anyway, if needed I can provide them information on when it first began i.e. they had to establish a link between Government and Industry as a matter of being told that was how to make a living but they needed to wreck my University studies and get their modern friends from Africa fingering my bum until I dropped out of which the narcissism being channelled at me had many reasons to back it up and one of those was my diet, for which their stupidities were paying the University fees and maintenance expenses – this is where it started, it has been 2 decades since and the assumption that backs most of their madness is that none knows it is their big mouth wagging.

They do claim I had a problem because I am at war with everybody and it is utter nonsense as we have come full circle and back again at that stage where they clung to my earnings to channel narcissism at me, grab my penis and finger my bum because they were backed up by bigger people if it was their twat on the line naturally. I have no idea why they always had to do it, I mean this process of building a society where social issues made general daily concerns very complicated and a crowd knew how to help everybody rely on moral people, crush moral people and squeeze moral people painfully – it is so intricately built with great care and attention paid to the details, talking rubbish at me everyday. It cannot be that difficult to say that a business has never once been successful if there were distractions between the Client and the product, so if the famous have not wish to stop showing up here to push for new millions, career revivals etc, they will have to answer the question instead of whether they were entitled to my career so I can take it up with them or they were paid to, so I can take it up with their employers. I do get told these are very harmful activities for a person to be doing to another but I never talk about it in terms of what they are and yes I never do, I believe I leave it for them to live up the dream of me doing something to get into trouble with the Police, which will never happen as we are only going to settle but the best 100% acceptable alternative. The game is that they got to make money at my expense anyway if I liked it or not, which has always been an issue about their need to peddle my faith for a living instead of getting a career but we also know that this nonsense really being an extracurricular activity for them is measured both by the fact they are keeping their incomes and the fact their families were blissfully unaware of the nonsense I had to deal with each time they attended their own jobs. It is the usual process with generic results – it has been telling some people to stop acting as if they had no balls in the USA which had resulted in school shootings that are blamed on me while I do not even live in the USA, while in my case it loves to pick up my assets for new entertainment projects, claims I am angry with everything whilst the business of showing up at Greenwich University with its third world friends to finger my bum until I dropped out, is continually followed up as an indication their stupidities created and now owned me; the state of affairs still the same i.e. the people who are paying for their crimes in prison were the ones responsible enough to make decisions about where the prison service was located in terms of their dream careers, the famous apparently are the ones whose personal and social lives were full of those kinds of problems to make a mess of peoples lives and concerns by, because they did not have to make those decisions and were not responsible enough to – typical state of affairs of the cultural left and cultural right. Currently it does not think that I am in a bad way with my temper at this stage, it continues to pick up my assets and my social media to build a version of me that their house-proud famous stupidities can tolerate to finger the bum and grab the penis all day, building its own crowd that will believe stories it tells about being nice to me in order to continue. Again, it is as simple as House proud twat listening to what its victims are saying when it is clear that no business had ever been successful if there were distractions between products and Clients, there should be no distraction between my Books and my audience if they do not wish to respond to questions on whether they were entitled to my career – needs channel the narcissism somewhere else or I will channel it for them.

The environment is one they were familiar with – that their insults were creating a lot of suffering, a lot of wealth and social inequality, which facilitates the gimmicks they worked on media to get involved with companies in which they got to extract the 6 figure salaries etc, somewhere in all that people had to make an appointment to meet a doctor or a nurse, read a Book to engage with the author that wrote it, while they had developed famous persons habits instead, to be entitled to my career, considering the complicated and deathly issues associated with the processes by which they kicked previous habits, issuing threats at me instead and I am never therefore going to get away with another one.

I. Uno I

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