It isnít actually true that I find having a Royal Estate complicated; what is complicated is whether Celebrities are making Films on my Estate and history and public life to ensure it ends up belonging to them or some local goons are setting me up to be used by them because the local goons want to own the history that belongs to the celebrities or the Celebrities are always having a go at me to get help that will keep them safe from the local goons but what we do know is that itís really mixed and incredibly stupid and will be achieved through lots of violently abusive people power, films and insolent popularity music.

They do speak of actions I follow up because I am scared but itís not a matter of being scared as it is a matter of making a mess of peopleís lives which is rather a big thing Ė when it started it was a mess that meant that I would be in a mess and they would be in a mess on media as well but they will be in a better mess because they worked on Media and I didnít, now itís about threats and something to do with their right to feel safe and all I can say about that being that I do not keep their safety and its important they had started thinking their foolishness matters as we can see they didnít drop out of University and since I did, I have had quite enough of them.

The only impossible bit in the matter has always been the part where we all know what they are capable of when they think there is money to be gained at the other end and so the power of all they do on media is set to ensure other peopleís lives are vulnerable to it, hence logical they need to watch their abuses as the threats can also be tolerated at a limit, telling me I wish none of it ever happened to me at this stage as though we have once heard them tell the simple truth.

Itís an old tale generally, one full of idiocy where Politicians rip up peoples finances in order to make people their plaything and then years later when they have had such things they cannot stop issuing the threats and attacking the victims, knowing if there was a response Politicians will punish somebody else financially on their behalf but at the same time blabbing about those responsible for a process where others are always getting punished being made to pay for it by giving up a public image and faith and personal life that people want to make money and get famous with and so itís a process of constant provocation and upping ante. They always say itís a difficult task for me and that is why I am such a target for their bullying but it is only when they have gone from realising others will not sit down and watch them develop conditions to express their violent side when they think there is money to be gained at the other end to blabbing about Millionaire playboys being worried about me and other armies from other Countries that are not necessarily world powers who cannot keep their fingers off my bum literally Ė then they want to cling to my Book sales while their girls show up on my concerns to run their own business, sleeping with Girls and chewing snacks and making people feel as though they really need to watch their backs and tell me I should be worrying about regional stability. Otherwise mostly itís just the same set of idiots with ideas that say when somebody attends Church they have a use for such a person which means he has forfeited everything else and so he must be stuck somewhere dealing with violence while they deploy his life to make fame and fortune and itís like the certainty with which they do it and boast about how itís the way things get done, that means the victims find it difficult to contain the temper that has developed from the years of all that pubescent insolence. Itís never really a crisis, I have got it under control for my part, just the bit where they believe I am somebody they can play around with and have a need to get on public places to tell me how I must exist to make them comfortable Ė hence the way I do things is not the way they do it and I will be abdicating still some Royal responsibilities that will ensure they are seen suffering the whole time, talking nonsense on media about confiscating the Estate and moving into my right hand for it endlessly, alongside those stupid threats Ė where it was the one about moving into my right hand that got the Politicians involved and the ones they are complaining about at the moment was the bit where I cannot have my Office to myself, due to the signals their stupidities get up and give to the local people on media every day; extremely stupid people and yet they could just read and stop being so lazy.

The Americans are a bit off; we see them talk nonsense about their religion being the practice of witchcraft and Satanism, closely linked to how democracy is not necessarily a moral thing and the extent to which I work my religion means they need to update themselves so as to create balance and for that reason the politicians over my case must not be allowed a moments peace Ė soon enough it develops into a need to make a case of my Books which they realise does not criticise them into something that does by adopting privilege at my expense to blab about democracy and runs into a matter of trying to find out what would happen if people were so angry about it somebody wanted to shoot me when I appeared in public for a debut. The tale of a need to govern themselves being built on it of course; the part where they realised what I owned would be theirs because they would have had the right to occupy my space in all of existence if the UK became a republic, then blow off those big mouthed threats at me on media for it endlessly, trying to be Kings in Vegas, while I lose huge sums of funds and trading to their stupidities simply by listening to what they have to say which is how their populism became the main thing like we see it is today - not that they are the biggest beneficiaries as stupidly as it normally works out altogether. I do get told off a lot for have it all sorted out and then wrecking everything to start again but itís not how it really happens - what happens is that there is a solution for everything else, such as writing my Books and putting them up in public, never stopping when I get stopped but the only solution that will ever work for signals the media gives them to strike my bum and churn my tummy and bully me intensely until I am in pain smelling very badly for hours a nasty while answering all the problems they have a publicity, is when I started acting on the premise that their jobs and careers and financial wellbeing a quality of living is not worth my time and means nothing, which I have not been doing yet.

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