I have recently been made aware of this phenomenon that based on what people have done to me, I shouldn’t try to acquire a Public life or engage in overt public service and influence because they will never stop taking advantage of it; it is insanity naturally as it tended to mean that it was okay for me to engage in anything I wanted to do when abused by ethnic minorities but once abused by white people I was finished and time was up generally. I don’t believe it to be a crisis either, since it’s an old story of the way their insults develop from people covered with an aura of fear, from which they develop a need to tackle me in order to gain the energy needed to get out of bed and face the day, don’t ask what is talking it out of them when they are so superior, such that their whole lives were about prospects of business being profitable whether or not they were working on it from their affluent neighbourhoods because there were a lot of people out there trying to do things they didn’t have the money to do and so I am constantly afflicted with gimmicks associated with their need for women and money, which for some reason had made them a Public figure and I am now completely fed up with the problems that comes with it especially the financial and will like them to make their comments about their own social lives and public image. A failure to comply with this will generally have meant that I will begin to assess how I want to handle their money and the public effects of the fact they had it to keep them off my case and I will never take it from them as such, I will simply destroy the effects it had on others i.e., the popularity. This nonsense is basically in a manner of speaking, how these gits would target and tackle and abuse and tease government operatives until a civil war was the result but that will never happen in my case so they might hang around claiming that the real cause of it was the way that the male population could not tolerate the sight of their loose dress code. I am tired of their insults and the financial effects of it and would like it cleared up that they are not public figures on account they had a stupid popularity to play with, not least more so because I am a Hermit too and the distance between them and me as compared to other public figures is just that bit wider.

It is the issue behind those stupid incessant claims that I am running into deeper and deeper trouble which was exciting to them. I am not however, the reality is that they rather enjoy putting me in a position where I had to count how many of them have died over those lies and gimmicks where they would not rest until I clashed with racists and gangs – so they love their blabbing because it tended to make me feel agitated that they were no longer pushing their insults at me as if they were in need for help from an exorcist because it was possible to make comments over my social life and financial wellbeing on Media, which can be stopped for their own good and mine if they kept their mouth shut but I would prefer if they made their comments about their own public image and social lives instead of mine. I mean the motivation for these activities have not changed i.e. I do not face the same difficulties they do, so they have decided on a course of persecution and suffering that had wrecked my University studies, trashed my finances and now gets up on media to make a mess of what is left of any career activity and it becomes one of those questions on whether people can really be so evil as to attain such a position as any sort of involvement with them was stupid and dangerous but added up to some form of power and I didn’t have a choice as per if they got in touch with me, so what I said and did was enough to make me financially comfortable but it isn’t on account of the people who had an effrontery to get in touch – same as those gimmicks about my diet and the way that the Police will make it clear later that they were found feeding themselves with the same diet for the purpose of trouble making like utter scum later on, while I am left wondering what diet would work for them if I changed the diet that provoked their stupidities so. They do claim it is all about the Money but what we are doing now is counterproductive i.e. I have written a Book and they have taken up my service processes to build stupidities that make them feel good about themselves, which outcome is that they have expressed their statement about the way that customer is king in their world and they didn’t respect Royalty which effect is that I have ended up wanting money to such an extent I have inadvertently suggested that the money was more important than my Royal Office but apparently save when my position is consolidated with my Office, it will be difficult to go to the Trust system and trade properly. I don’t know why they do it, I don’t know why Americans do it but we know what happens after is that they show up here looking like they had achieved much while achieving nothing but an aura of fear, which meant that gimmicks concerning money and women made them public figures – it is growing into a clash and I particularly like the way my Hermit duties affects them, such that the clash is likely to produce results where a travel from the Church to Hollywood would not have been something that was of interest to them in order to achieve a higher level of privacy.

So, it is suggested that I am one of the most invasive influences on social media and yes, I am but it does not mean that the other claim that I make use of it and attack it at the same time is true either. the reality of it is that social media has made the internet a dangerous place for younger people – those who pay to advertise products lose market and those who know somebody that works at the social media offices gets rich instead, so we have no idea what we are paying for, nobody knows what they expect, and nobody knows who of their participants are willing to pay and for what. If I am a teenager I would never have recovered from a process where I put up work on social media, only for people to make a mess of it because they thought if I became a future customer they would be rich, then I had to find a solution for that mess and pick up the activities of those who have responded accurately to build up publicity on the solution, which runs into months of distress and property destruction. In my case I am able to sort this because I am experienced on the fact that when somebody is sitting in a social media office somewhere, in which nobody supervises what they are doing, those who are using platforms on a free basis will have had no right to enjoy that freedom considering that they were paid a certain amount of money by a would be famous person or a celebrity, to secure an audience for a client; the question they have not answered when they bother me is that of the exact thing they suppose I would be paying for if I paid them to sell my Books in 24 hours and they expected me to keep paying over a period of time, if I wanted to gain success at selling it, instead of the 24 hour sales period that I had paid them for – it is the same conditions that makes every very difficult for those who work the social media on the basis of running legitimate businesses and in my case I cannot now revert or change my Books from practical writing for professionals, into something that served celebrities and popular culture and I would like them to make their comments on media about their own social lives, instead of mine as otherwise they have not stopped stifling my finances via practical jokes. The point is that it’s not necessarily a problem that they are now reaping the fruits of the way that they have worked as such or that I needed to clear up the fact claims I had something to do with it was wholly untrue, it is that social Media had since commandeered what people should be doing for themselves and by themselves on the internet, set about corrupting it for money and people are set on a stage where they got to clash with each other all the time because the main tool is a media based abusive process where peoples careers are trashed to make stupid people who take their clothes off in Public financially better off. I do get told I had worked out a way to handle these risks but I suppose it’s a matter of the fact I wrote my Books to serve a professional crowd and these activities have made a mess that allowed people chase my concerns to become dot com millionaires, which outcome is that the audience has now become just another crowd that I must support over a certain period of time, to ensure that somebody did not trash their careers on account that I was hated – at the same time, we find that they had developed a position for themselves on National Media and Government buildings where they got to complain about me every day while at it; the solution then being that case where it builds up to a stage in which I had to confront them on whether getting imagination up my bum was what economics and business text Books informed them was the way to boost sales in a business and this will likely spell the beginning of the end literally. So it grows into a matter of the wider social problems we faced since it was indications of the sorts of problems that come with a process of people who are not being supervised in social media companies, interfering with arrangements where people who got out of the mess they make by working a process of meeting up only with persons that they had an on the ground connection with, to secure high finance contracts for stupid people who want to be rich and have therefore labelled themselves as celebrities.

They do claim my position is a ridiculous one and that they found me embarrassing which is nothing unusual as the ridiculousness is a matter of the last 5 years of my time being spent tolerating stupidities associated with the way that the customer is king in their world, followed by abusive processed that have set me in a social and legal no man’s land, where I have wanted money to such an extent I had suggested it was more important than a Royal Office and nobody knows why the Americans do it, nobody knows why they do it to such an extent they had created a dangerous situation for everybody but will not stop doing so. I know now that I will never be able to trade with a trust system unless they were making comments about their own social lives and developing effrontery to get in touch with their celebrities instead of me. It’s the same things we see in the academic system where each time I attend the purpose of their stupidities were to make statements that I set a stage for younger people to be bullied into Military work, the reality on the other hand is that they get these younger idiots shoving imagination up my bum to support another group of idiots in the work place whose whole lives are developed on tribalism raid and never take responsibility for anything and then they pass exams and the cycle gets worse but the teachers who shove the hoodlums through the academic system on my public image are not necessarily characters I am inclined to describe as fucking idiots, considering the way that Celebrities handle my Public image to leave it open for sex workers and corrupt Royals get after everything I did in terms of being comfortable which they leave open to ex-convicts, since they were educated enough to teach somebody a body of knowledge that developed into a qualification but I will never stop imploring them to expand their stupid minds for it too. They do love to boast that I risk social and Political instability naturally which I don’t, I am simply running out of schedule necessary to tolerate both their stupidities and that of their foolish Children – the more serious parts are the parts involving the way celebrities make a mess of my social life for their convenience and leave it unprotected so sex workers may take part and corrupt Royals chased success based conveniences which they leave unprotected so ex-convicts took part as well – so we see what they are complaining about was not the Military protecting an Arch Prince’s Bookshop, it was the actions of other people at the Monarchy whose interests have clashed with this nonsense, whilst the reality that is becoming more obvious is that there will be a huge amount of job satisfaction for public security operatives should they have gotten involved. The point of their claim I am risking Political instability naturally is that they have been going off to the Monarchy to fight my battles but it only means that they were disobedient enough to disregard warnings from military operatives who are never happy about those who had ideas on how they should be served their own civil security, such that their need to tackle me was the motivation for action I took to provide them an opportunity to get shot at by the enemy which had the same effects as pain caused somebody while pulling the victim in several directions to make a smell. The threat of Political instability can be explained as the fact that I am relying on the labour party to provide the stability since everything that prevents a direct clash with the idiots who are running what is effectively the red army in the palace of Westminster is failing catastrophically, so all is well as long as the happy wrecking of people’s lives and property will have suggested that their stupidities were winning and my bottom hurt because I was selfish.

We see then their point made to be that a large portion of their social media earnings came from the sex industry which I am aware from day one was the contention over my Books because sex workers were showing signs, they were interested part of the Crowd I should think of as potential customers. What we see now is that I am disgrace according to their stupidities of which this disgrace story started around 2015 when I had begun to work my Bookshop as a matter of preparation for trading activities and they showed up to interfere with practical jokes, by 2020, they had made a complete mess of it and the office space insults their Children throw around had spilled onto the streets, the financial situation of living on government support then made me an embarrassment that needed to be bullied every second which again prevented the financial success that would end their embarrassment as well for it too – very annoying idiots who have built up this idea it would make sense if somebody shot their brain with a gun or something. So, the violent aspects of this nonsense being that a large portion of their social media incomes came from the sex industry has been put to them as a danger to younger children, but it has been impossible for the Government to make progress on the matter due to their need for practical jokes but now that they are beginning to reap the effects of how they worked, they were convinced others were responsible. Somebody will have spent the last 365 days getting people to take the clothes off on my social life and public image and they are suggesting that they had not worked out by the 6th month that they were making a complete mess of another person’s life. They claim it’s about the so called smell problem which is nothing unusual – the general way is to devise a way of getting around to people to perform some very nasty habits that they can hear and then they will feel like vomiting, from then on the imagination getting up the bum bits will ensue which is the part they can tell lies and get violent for – for my case it’s mostly a matter of how this feeds into my tummy issues, adds up to the way that their interest in my personal space was associated with something they needed, the community croons do it and beat me down in my bed 5 am in the morning because they were getting their beauty sleep, the popularity gits do it because they were topping up their profile, the abusive society gits do it because it was some sort of German influence and the list is practically endless but I am sure people can see what I mean when I say that if they were done fooling around like that and lived up to those gimmicks about attacking me for the smell, it will be the end of their stupid practical jokes as well. The other issue that tends to encourage them is the part where it is suggested I waste my life and get on people’s nerves, reality which is that I have resources and am able to support people on a career basis, more so if it came to work place politics and advancement to avoid abusive colleagues or employers and this is a talent that will be wasted if I was out there seeking the position of the main bread winner – I have already written a Book to the effect and this business of people tackling my income to pick up women for a while, have children and secure divorces that will leave them seeking solace from people they were actually compatible with has done enough damage for action to be taken here as well. The main problem apparently is the Celebrities; such reality as when I handle a bit of discomfort associated with the fact that when two companies are trying to reach an agreement everything is up for the taking and those who wreck people’s lives to employ criminals in the locality because of the company become the most powerful at that point, for some reason that is inhuman we will find Celebrities set a stage for me to exist in that state permanently over claims that it is how money is made and so the same applies with respect to these abuses that they claim teaches me lessons and shows me where I really belong socially while they clung to my Public image – a case of gits who claim that Public security operatives get imagination up their anus and wreck the energy that would have allowed them to seek and keep a job, preferring to make money by working their own social profile to get paid for being popular on my Public image – it never ever happens save Celebrities are getting involved with my concerns, hence reasons it has to stop by means of a process where they got to make comments about their own social life and public image instead of mine or I will set about stopping it my way. Here I am told I am just flimsily talked about some very important matters and yes I have, the clash between Royal curators and gits in suits Celebrity culture tycoons have intensified over the past 4 years – they are a kind of people that would be provoked by a soldier who told them they thought it was okay to show up somewhere and pretend that they were fighting National enemies by themselves but the job of being a soldier is something a person gives his heart to. In my case some Celebrities got involved with are indications I spend a lot of time sleeping with other people’s wives, while what really happens is that the Celebrities get involved with my work because they were looking out for some very young Children and such arrangement with me will have for instance involved the way they handled their relationship with men, of which it beats the imagination that claims I sleep with them were facts – the outcome is this process where they are caught up with something they know nothing of and it has been a major part of their career for 9 years at least, which makes it very easy for me to ensure those criminals they claim are better people than I am got to show up around their social life and public image as frequently as they laden such nonsense on me: so far the history of having done so is that there were school shooting, police brutality, cinema shooting and a lot of the ugly parts of American Politics got completely out of hand, I had stopped and they had gotten worse. The fall out is now that they all claim especially their incredibly abusive women on media, that I am fighting a battle which I am losing but it’s difficult to tell how this claim links up to my Bookshop earnings if they are not contending with somebody in a law Court for some reason – on the ground however, I didn’t think that working on me to secure energy in order to chase their daily concerns, leaving me with tummy issues and building me a public profile for the smell, was the day job, never mind the part about assessing my personality and everything they said was said in a way they could talk into me and beat me down with it all day, which their Politicians love for as long as I didn’t get attacked by the Political system because they were attacked too and thought handling me will make me mad enough to do something about it, which simply makes this worse as well – it is the means by which they could never stop annoying getting on pulpits to look like idiots that are never tired of fleeing war zones with a big mouth blabbing about important people getting involved with a low life that was me the entire time of which their stupidities were preferable personals for association and my personal favourite being the audacity to get imagination up my bum, is simply going to write obituaries as it were and I will get away with it again. Overall, it is not the crisis that it appears to be, same tale of middle classes with their aura of fear coupled with money and women gimmicks that wrecks people’s lives to ensure business was profitable whether or not they worked for it and the lower class gimmicks about securing a hate figure with talents whom they can attack to suck up to rich people and top up their pocket money at the market while spending time on crime and popularity.

The most outstanding case for comments made about this complicated situation from which I will never be free, is that of my financial well being but there is no complication of that sort whatsoever, what really happens is that these people were very aware that picking up service processes of my work to play practical jokes that make them comfortable by, added up to an illegal way of handling another person’s property. So the source of communication is that of a case made for those who do not deserve their careers because others were more fitting on the basis of size, supported by the amount of action again racism, violence, crime and war that a bigger person is capable of sorting as compared to a smaller person that is unable to ensure his talents do not lead him to achieve things that are bigger than his size, thereby creating problems – the truth of it is that the reasons people pick up a fight on another person’s behalf to handle National enemies is usually that if somebody created a product and the way another had used that product makes the customers financially better off than the producer, which gets action from the producer to keep all the money from his ideas to himself, it creates outcomes in which the Market was funding trouble and people were paying for something negative to take back home with them and run their lives by – the above as described is what the famous and Media idiots have turned it into naturally. So the abusive teenage idiots that take full advantage of this nonsense have never once mentioned a  time when the gits that had provided them a media bubble and platform for it were making statements of bad things that will happen to those who made a mess of and or caused them to lose their once in a lifetime media job, just like the Labour Party is literally the red army in parliament and regularly sends out its social idiots to work me in such a way that it would make sense for state provided security to handle me on their behalf while they secured democratic friends overseas, which I cannot manage unless I went to war all together. The outcome is the same as usual, that beating the Celebrities improves personal life, beating the society idiots improves finances but I want them to make comments about their own social lives at this stage. I can draw up some of the major items on the list at this point; such as picking up my service processes to build me publicity which suggests that I should be fighting people for them, which I allowed to run for a while and am now caught up in what they needed to do to keep it going, being more damaging than the processes of doing it in the first place, amidst talk of a candy from a baby situation with a big mouth – the other more pressing one being that need to set me out as somebody they attacked to suck up to rich people and make the process profitable, developing into something of the idiot who spends money on it buying expensive things to dazzle the popularity crowd but cannot do so without ripping up my Hermitage and social life, so I would think solving the problem involved a simple case of working a scenario in which they handled my hermitage for it and I handled the public effects of their expensive items for mine too but then there will be more busy body idiots immediately after, getting involved with platforms that people who wish to engage with my Books attend, to make statements that I had worked out a way to solve life’s problems without money and brew their owns statements they can make which will probably one day suggest that I am entitled to my financial wellbeing. So it comes to bear when they suggest that if I feel about beating them I may just get on with it if I wanted with a big mouth but I think that on that front as well, famous people not talking into me alongside their liberalist idiots would progress matters rather well for a start and they may live in the delusion about what I can do until the progress of beginning by interfering with the gap between home and work begins to get it underway. They speak of this case where it was never clear what ideas I had about Celebrities but it’s an old story, not just one that comes through with respect to how they think I should be used because their stupidities were important but a case of working the above listed nonsense to make money, which they shared with some communities to build up into a sense that they were public figures but they were never Royalty, Top civil servants or Politicians and are therefore not public figures – the whole thing makes everything so complicated for everybody and now they claim they were making Policy at the Monarchy as well, what all it is, is a group of gits plugging their madness disobediently into people’s social lives and public image to make money which they shared with some other people that were eternally grateful for having a share of the money, to build up publicity that suggested those who handled Government buildings ought to spend tax payer funded time covering their backsides while they made money, considering the social consequences of their lifestyle. They are not important people essentially and one might be forgiven for thinking their need for random public affection was not a dangerous game to play. In my case it seems the end for this will be an eventuality where it got so bad that it was considered that a direct intervention of State provided security was the only way to absolve the issues – which outcome would be one of state provided security protecting my Bookshop, about which there will be a huge amount of job satisfaction on account I am working intellectual property administration – the one where Police Officers will be found making statements all the time on the way the one in prison was paying for his crimes while the other that trashes peoples family life due to the way he or she had randomly appointed themselves on a civil rights platform to get involved with the best work people had done for a career when the victims were caught up between fulfilling contracts and handling contractors who want their money’s worth does not really have a description. So the Politicians have asked what is keeping me and it’s the old case where I am not in charge and the Queen does not want it done that way – we have trooping the colour where the armed services show the Head of State where everything is located once a year and it is usually televised on public Holiday among other platforms such as Royal charities and so on, I am talking about an eventuality in which a decision was reached that the only way I would survive would be a direct intervention which I am also doing my best to avoid by asking all famous idiots to make comments about their own social lives. They do claim I am hiding and protecting something important by these actions and words and yes I am, each time I respond to their stupidities, I would like a process of detaching my Office from my Business premises not to be repeated, even though I understand it is important to their famous stupidities in the sense that it keeps me distracted as a pressing issue while they did whatever they liked with my concerns – human beings can really be this foolish as we can see.

I am said to be the architect of these problems and now I am blaming others while I got about solving it. Its utter nonsense – the truth of it is that these people are now too old to be popular because they had spent their popularity time handling me to make and enforce popularity laws that will run my life; I am now sore all over and a University drop out, they are a handful of idiots that are too old to be popular with a strong sense of entitlement turning up the heat. I would really like the third parties that make these sorts of statements to stop interfering since outcome is that the gits take advantage of them to gather funds and get imagination up their bums as well – for my part they do say that this matter was never that serious and I have actually wrecked people’s lives which I have since I really did lost my temper over the big one when I dropped out of University on their account but then again that happened 13 years ago, technically I should not have begun working my career until I had graduated but I was hopeful that I would, so I worked the career and had to set the career on while I went back into the system, which they set about barring me from to hang about making money they had not worked a day for at my expense, blowing off a big mouth at me to seek a media presence that will make such nonsense into what their foolish existence was to become. I do get told what I say is not necessarily confrontational and works for everybody which it is assumed I am not aware, but I am – asking famous people to make comments about their own lives does not decide if they were show business people and I was buying the products but people who spend money to bail out their abusive popularity children must have been aware that doing so in a way that damages my career and Bookshop would be problematic. They do love to boast that it is all a matter of power and I understand they would like me to arm my responses too just so that might appreciate living and not trying to bully me so incessantly all the time but temporarily, I will ensure each time I had to put up with them we will cross another socially expensive milestone as well. It’s a matter of the miniscule respect that solved all problems, since they only had to show up around my concerns as people who were interested in my Books, not a handful of idiots that have been given the entitlement to interfere with the best work I had done for my career over a 19 year period talking nonsense about a version of me that their stupidities were accustomed to, those foolish communities that facilitate it looking like they would appreciate any person that got off making their personal decisions for them as well. I mean the sense of entitlement is such that they have not damaged my life, so the worst was not intended, making sense of the fact that such stupidities should be stopped at the convenience of their victims and not their own.

They do claim that I really despise women which is utter nonsense – my understanding of the way a relationship would best work for me would be a case of letting the wife and kids get ahead on the finances about which I got to catch on later; it is the part of my social life that these idiots who clearly never stop making such statements are obsessed with, everything about the finances I am able to facilitate having their stupid names written on it so to speak. So, it does not bother me in any way that they make these statements, the truth of it is that I used to think I could get into bed with anything because I was a teen, they however just give me headache by getting involved and are not my type. The risk is that if a person starts to delve into areas of life reserved for a shared living with partner, the banging on from these idiots and their popularity stupidities would mean that such a person wouldn’t know where to stop – so I want them to keep banging on and the other fools who take women that are interested in me aside to blow off their big mouth need talk about their own social lives, all together, they need stay away from my Books. I mean high street brands that pick up my Bookshop for the purpose of detaching my Office from my Business premises to boost their profit, even claiming over time that the distressed caused was largely a candy from a baby cliché. I do approach it with a Carrot and stick method, where I build publicity for it but give them an exit, what will happen when they become a bigger problem is that I will shut down the exists and work with them based on their commitment to a process of detaching my Office from my Business premises as it were. They always start as nastily as possible, around in the morning because it would be the best time to see me beat myself to the loo and rush off to work thereafter and yet I am not selling Books for all the interests that their stupidities and the money behind it expresses in this place. So they do claim I had no respect for the fact they are rich which is utter nonsense as we know what really happens is that my literary empire existed in my head so they got to fake it until they made it at my expense, meaning each time I want to release funds from a trust system and had developed products to do so, they want to release funds with me as well, their abuses and insults therefore have never been so profitable – fair to reiterate that for every 24 hours I had to contend with poor book sales because of what they were doing with the money gained from this nonsense to please the popularity culture gits that make me feel sore all day to secure more for them, we will cross new socially expensive milestones in return.

It has all now currently played out three features – one where I am being stripped of everything I do to protect myself from them which has catastrophic effects on my finances, career and health, the other people the socially expensive milestones we crossed each time I had to tolerate extreme abuses from them which purpose they do not understand and their need to continue the abuses boasting about the last time they clashed with State provided security and people at the Monarchy whose interests meet with mine; it does not yet appear to be something I am engaged in because I want to get them into a position where I can beat them up without having to contend with an outcome where they could do a thing about it and I have given them an exist that suggests what they had become accustomed to at my expense is not of relevance, they need to make comments about their own social lives. We all know that a process where a handful of gits set about detaching my Office from my business premises to play up my feelings and boost their profit, such that statements are made to suggest my Books help to cover their backsides while they made money but there is none to cover mine and they were relentless, will never become serious minded enough to read something I had written, even though they had also built me publicity that suggests I had built myself a persona in which I am never taken seriously.

I. Uno I

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