The claim is made naturally that I loved to claim Americans had no clue what they were doing but they really are like a public control problem for those that are i.e., it lived a predatory lifestyle because it was obsessed with Daddy character issues and living in a world of wild girls and society gits but then again, sets about trashing my career because I did well for myself on it. Always attacking others because they donít know what they are doing, soon enough they had trashed my career talking nonsense about cowardice with a big military and enemies on all sides, then progressed to attacking me when I started running off the courage issues, through which I will have come to the realisation that they have been building a crowd to help them run off hope of me attacking anybody that bothered them to make their stupidities feel special with my reputation and social life, that was never an issue for Politicians who claimed that they were nice people who only needed money and the persistent need to handle me is that which I will wind them up and ensure the culture and society goons damaged their property for until it had become a real problem. The hate bits usually apply to the journalists and celebrities who for some reason need me to act on their insulting and abusive behaviour while on the other corrupt my wealth equity selling me out to make money and be somebody, that I must take like a man Ė another indication the bloody idiots do know what they are doing.

It comes through on those claims that Celebrities really want to help me but I simply cannot be helped but if the saying was correct that you can only be helped if you first helped yourself, it would be correct to say that I am an Arch Prince and had no need for publicity, so unless Celebrities had stopped showing up to pick up public interest in my Books and pass it off as their own property and creation, bottoming out my finances and getting people to buy show business products because I criticised the rich, in a game to build up their own connections and wealth, only to show up somewhere and call me names due to the damage they had already done, I will never stop running them down all the time until I got results as well. Nothing they would have asked me to do for them on culture and society goons would ever work better than the Books I had written, and the Books do not cost an arm and a leg, if they did not mind reading it as such. Currently my strategy for running down Celebrities involves maintaining all the means by which I can get involved with their concerns as well and withdraw access to mine whenever they are not ready for me to do so or whenever they would rather I didnít, which has the same effect as the abusive insults they throw at me in public places to allow their culture gits with money on the mind and mental illness over money, to show up and cling to me for the sole purpose of getting imagination up my anus. We hear them claim endlessly from here that I would do anything to get out of a process of doing a fight to make them safe, but we know that I would need to find enemies for that, and it would only add up to a new bad thing, not make them safer. That said, it is still the case that to understand them which most people have difficulty with, a person must think of the most socially and morally corrupt twats out there and fit in the sense that they had just built popularity that informed a crowd they were entitled to a personís property and or concerns, hence can be explained in terms of this getting into a fight for them story which tends to mean that when they are unhappy it mattered and when others were it didnít. Specifically on the claim that whilst I talk, I am largely responsible for the way their show business had stalled and yes I am because they never use anything according to purposes intended which is how I dropped out of University Ė it grows to an extent where doing my stuff insults and abuses are no longer just a case of idiots getting imagination up my anus but becomes an attitude problems associated with my diet, which adds pressure to an already difficult situation where I had tummy problems, they were complaining about smell issues they caused and I had gone through a lot of trouble to devise my diet in the first place, besides which I must ensure it is fresh and must be very certain what I am putting into my tummy if I want to manage it. This is payback for the damage done to my career as such; their show business has stalled the same way it is amusing that I was meant to be in 4th grade but am in 2nd grade and the world had changed, feeding into the above-mentioned organised abuses that they never stop running off for gimmicks where people paid them for causing me pain through products their stupidities placed at the market. Eventually we find the claims of victimisation never stops either, even when they are travelling to Germany to find the best talk of the town abuses and insults to garnish this nonsense with every day; they will claim there are hidden threats to Celebrities which really do not exist Ė what does exist is that I completed my Book in 2009 after my academic work was wrecked in 2008, plan being to never stay out of the academic system until it is completed but I have stayed out since and off the jobs market too for good measure, because between 2009 and 2010, they spent my time picking up small markets that publisher had created to make sense of patents placed on my Books to make statements about what their own new fame had become and by 2011, the abuse of my career and petrification of anybody who got involved with the Bookshop, the need to run me down with short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement and the need to sell products while claiming I had lost something important to them until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy, had kicked off in earnest, since I am writing this in 2020, it is only fair to assume they had had a decade of it and itís now my turn too. So I am working on what I need to do to maintain my access to their concerns, so I might withdraw their access when they are not ready for me to and they are ignoring pleas to keep off my Books and stop addressing me, to resolve the matter by working on maintenance of any prospects where parts of my history was not put to an inventory that was displayed in public places, so they might patent it to their names. Hence a real need to ensure that a good part of the gimmicks was amusing in my favour as well.

The fact their show business has stalled so far appears to have been explained away with a sense that I do not really know what I am doing so far. When they have an opportunity we find them boast and draw a crowd around difficulties they have inflicted on me, when they donít, we find them complain they were so important and my state provided security abused them but at the same time, will never keep from my financial interest and will never stop making a mess of it, if they are well aware that it exasperates state provided security, we will find them boast about teaching me lessons instead, which is a completely different story but paints a complete picture for this one.

I. Uno I

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