I am told that the instincts black people have had about me have proven to be correct but I wouldn’t know anyway, we know that instead of getting a real job, they want to get paid for being popular through which they wreck people’s lives to suck up to idiots that would share money with them for it, as a result of which every gimmick that racists have shown up to perform at my expense have been started off by their stupidities and they never stopped boasting about it; that said, I believe that the complaining looks better on them but the need to threaten me really does seek an outcome where they got to complain about me instead. There is my party piece as well i.e. the destruction of my academic work and finances which even the Politicians that spend tax payer funds to facilitate it and spend the same tax payer funds to wreck my finances whenever they appear to have lost the edge, claiming they were nice people who only needed money, which they are not claiming anymore these days, have not been keeping score because their stupidities were too busy having fun with it at my expense – the destruction of my academic work and finances which is meant to serve the purpose of making sure I had ensured so much suffering that when they bought cars and clothes from being popular, the fact that in my heart I wanted some, will cause crowds to identify with it and thereby continue to foster the profitability of their popularity stupidities. By the way which we are not having a conversation here which had been a product of people asking them a question about this the last time that we checked but their stupid instincts have already proven to be correct with a big mouth, looking for more. The Politicians have continued to boast about the way I have lost everything and cannot now do a thing about it naturally and we know it is an old story of the way people respond at the Monarchy being a product of social and wealth inequality that unelected government operatives were obsessed with, these facts being completely left out most of the time, save when they were boasting about some abusive successes somewhere and the only reason it continued therefore being that they had a career and were confident that none was handling and making a mess of it as well. In the end we know the big problem is that they are all utter filth and have been complaining that I smelled, largely caused by the fact they are always perpetually trying to contact me, which I should have mentioned years before but did not because big brother was running the show and he is an utter idiot as well. The love for claims that I talk about what I do not know and make a mess of highly paid and important job is quite incredible, but they have no shred of evidence for this, not even a show of financial power by which I could have done it, since they had destroyed that, hence cannot soothe their pain.

I. Uno I

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