We are said to dither on the Russia – Ukraine issue, claiming it is Mr Putin and not Russia itself, the reality on the ground according to facts we have, are that it’s a few people manipulating everybody into what is happening in Ukraine (2022), so it may sound fake to suggest that it is only Putin and not all of Russia but we also know that if we attacked the Russian Public as well, we will be joining in on Putin’s game with World War Three – these are the questions that arise with respect to decision making processes i.e. to get rid of Putin is to make the world safer but what would be have replaced him with if we did. So we have to dig into the facts, what comes through being that a bunch of people were making Ukraine into the place they can do to express the full range of by Liberalist gimmicks, running down everybody else’s career to make money and not being stopped when they hang about somewhere getting into exclusive conversation and feeling important – the part where they made a decision to attack Russia was based on the idea that if they attacked an enemy of the USA, the Americans will give them a lot of money and defence resources to run off their popularity gimmicks with. What is so annoying about the results we now see, is that in this case unlike it was in Hong Kong, the Americans did share Intelligence with everybody but they simply decided that they were going to beat the process and went as far as they could, so the business of the US Government sharing intelligence was not effective – the regret is that if they didn’t, somebody could sit down with Putin and this would never have happened. What we must now do involves following the effects of the decision the Russian Government had made to attack Ukraine i.e. they never trusted the Government in Kyiv to solve its own problems and we are now dangling on the brink of WW3 because of it. The boast these idiots then engage themselves with is that it teaches us not to mess with them but those stupidities about fighting my wars when they handle my concerns and will not hand it back until they made money from it, does not hold sway here, what does is the fact I am sore all over and smell while they continued to dig and dig abusively, so we see that the threats they issue because of the smell indicated that it had reached a point that annoyed their stupidities as well and is looking for a response that it is set to get off me rather soon as well.

I. Uno I

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