The abusive gimmicks were built up for their hoodlums to fool around with, to such an extent there were some figures as centre pieces issuing threats about the chances, I will get into trouble for trying to be more important than I really am. I could never make sense of it myself as there is no problem here save the need to get involved with the Military and work it in the interest of real men, building up to a process where I did the public work and a bunch of idiots decided they were employed by media establishments where they spent it on themselves hence I never smelled good and my career stagnated, while the others performed activities such as running around the streets with NHS sirens to build a sense Police disturbed the neighbourhood and I should be made to fight my corner, then decided who was to suffer when the business of parents bullying their children because the government will take up parental responsibility and the way other peoples children should beware on the streets because they could not raise their own properly was a thing. It will not stop following me around with this nonsense, going off to hang about security services making stupid statements and sending out its twats who get into some clothes to hang about street corners blabbing the way people did their so called staff and show up here to get imagination around my private parts to forcibly make me work their stupid civil rights, issuing the mad threats endlessly, backed by the German influence idiots who decided that because they never stopped walking around the streets with abusive popularity that others were tempted to fuck properly as well, I was so weak that my very existence was irritating to a point where they did something to wreck my career and social life, have since not shown an ounce of remorse, shooting off cracked up out of my league big mouth over what had been shared from this public service office, to be used in a perverted manner, without which they had no physical and mental health. It has been 6 years of this nonsense and those insults where I am supposed to get into a fight for be free of it narcissism showing up here to inflict the abdominal discomfort while it got to perform a series of activities that indicated I was so badly beaten down, I could not see a picture where its friends and family did not live here with me, as a matter of its daily interests in my concerns showing up here, followed up with life changing insults. It is always the gimmick that any system that does not drag children into school to brainwash them, so that their abilities were left to idiots that spent the youth being tough, was a threat and we are getting around to the part where all that energy I put towards tackling tribalism raids that allowed fools show up here to chase several figure salaries on my career publicity, towards a business of deciding what became of the unpredictable industrial politics, the partnership that businesses which sold them products made with them and the stupid media presence that has not yet been used in a manner that does not try to dominate me in years, then it will become clear that its insanity has not been forcing anything to fight for its civil rights, it needs to fool around somewhere else, the idiots fighting women for social privileges and at the market place, body bits giggling everywhere as though they had qualifications for being low lives.

They do claim these activities meant I am detached from the population, which I am not, just a matter of work done to assist Politicians when cutting red tape for businesses and or even the wealth equity that allowed people build products to sell to gits that spend money fighting others, telling lies and going around in circles with peoples careers they always needed to show up here, hijack something to bully people and share the incomes of the wealthy, get rich fast, make a mess. I am not in anyway interested in their gimmicks, more so at this stage needed to arrive at a point where the need to change context of what I am doing, was met with a behaviour which humiliated them everyday on my part too. The gimmick where I am treated like so because I am a failure was nothing unusual, these are people so stupid that it is not clear how much money they thought existed on the planet, as to decide that they will get rich setting other people in public as characters that can be bullied, so that people could befriend and share the incomes of the wealthy.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland