Now the general story is that I need the help of Politicians to get out of the hole into which I have dug myself and it is incredible to think that the more you do not respond in anger is the longer these daft scum will think that their games are worth playing but it is the usual story about their need to tell people what to do in a condition where people know what they should be doing but are currently not doing it although they know they should be in their hearts, wherefore they will pervert absolutely anything to achieve that condition right down to conveniences from peoples personal lives built up on media for Public interests so they might access first before the public in order to become socialists and liberals but insults like these whereby I need their help as they have had a history of giving it can easily be the tipping of it all all-together as it were. Same goes with that story of how I never acknowledge the part that I play to create my own problems; whereas they were warned about getting involved with a female only Court but had decided one needs to get used to the fact that they will have anything they wanted anyway and yet they like  to make out along with their friends from overseas wherefore Thatcher had a certain history created which must be maintained and Blair has had his own too (as he is clearly good at setting it up, complete with African goons that want to play his stupid game with absolutely everybody, to find out later that he has no means by which he may control the German ones and resigns from Public Office to create a Blair-rich phenomenon, which is a behaviour that they all now want to copy as well) and these idiots must maintain it making a duty of telling me what to do; from idiots to mentally disturbed scum every single time I step out of my door and all day long and blab about some growing anger about the continued existence of a Monarchy when nobody here has asked them a question about the Monarchy and they have always known I am a Christian and would not bow to worldly power but that it has never been a matter of worldly power except for when it has to be, where the Monarchy is concerned; same old story where slavery was ugly but their violence and insulting ignorance is set to beat it as well; nobody here is asking them about the Monarchy, they said I never acknowledge the part I play to create my own problems and I said they never listen when told to keep out of other peoples Female only Court.

As for the part where people hate me much and some want to kill me etc; it usually starts with idiots at the Monarchy has a high end Tailor shop, so the only thing that will make him feel he has a renaissance and is keeping up with the times is to rip up my Book sales and make a show of himself, until I mention it and he realises he was a Member of the Establishment – the rest as supposed to have been socialist and liberal idiots whose whole life is built on telling others what to do and having something people are not doing which people think they should be as a state of affairs maintained as though their lives depended on it for that and the stunted scum especially those allied to former Prime Minister Tony Blair and especially from Africa turning out to blab and boast endlessly over offering themselves to society as the people that will control me. In terms of killing me of which I suppose they speak of their own problems and I personally think they are bluffing but it is obvious this is not going to make a Public life for me that they will find enjoyable either.

To do and cope with Global Economy Competition, deploy and reserve security against Big businesses and financial systems without the help of Politicians.

Of course the usual assumption is that once the US government sees such an opportunity and gets involved with matters of the kind such as this, then there will be such much political and government power deployed to sort it out which will therefore make me obsolete and hence cripple my book sales and company earnings but it is an old story in any case however about the evils people work with religion which they suppose exist to offer them fundamentals of the means to satisfy their greed with an arguments that makes them unquestionable if they are practicing one or another of some kind.

Of course there is always that talk in a general sense of how I take up work that Politicians should do and or profit from and then set about trying to make myself rich with it but the reality has always rather been the facts about what I have done to socialists who brag all the time but everybody knows are fighting for their lives as we speak; I mean every single war and Political problem anywhere in the world happens with their involvement from Europe and my books in the middle, Europe, Asia, Middle East etc and they know that setting up a socialist Party in the US is risky business but as ever the desire to handle me, my books are relevant there again and I have a responsibility to them that will be extricated with violence and a big mouth because they do not want me to get any of it sold on account it provokes them as though we live in the same life. Apart from them I await any opportunistic idiots that feel like having a go at me just one more time and more so about things I do which is what Politicians should be doing, since of course I know I have had enough and they know I have informed them of that too (i.e. I have already mentioned facts which should indicate to any fool it is a bad time to start; that some people are a Political menace and the Public should be informed by the media, the way things are in Egypt are the right way it should be progress made towards elected leaders precluded for convention and I don't think it right for the Muslim Brotherhood to push things further etc).

So there is the question of the EU, which is not an emotive one; the question has always been whether or not the EU is a bad thing if it was primarily set up to control the availability War resources in a Region where there was too much Politics in a very small space – so the Politicians had a very clear job to do if the primary issue was the deviance and corruption Humiliating us at Eurovision and then showing up with crime problems at Industrial backyard, quickly garnished with tales of how we are not good looking but our mindset is one which exists primarily to chase what is the exclusive due of the good looking. If their leaders have told us they cannot resolve this issue and more so in a jiffy, such as will ensure one singular Country is comfortable, we must accept whatever Brexit is and offers but this is less than 20% of what the fact we are part of Europe is all about.

I do get told the point of the Politicians is that Europe is meant to be their exclusive zone of wealth and power which is nothing unusual especially when some insulting Media and Celebrity goons of theirs pick it up and start up abuses that mean they want their silly children looking more important than I am on my Public image and were nearly there before I had the effrontery to get involved – their insults have now reached a point where they got a response from me as well, as what I do around here is write and sell Books which they can read or not do so, the EU therefore affecting me like everybody else but specifically the relationship I have tended to have with them being one of finding them doing my career garnished with threats and insults at the backyards of Industry on knowing that I run a Hermitage where I sell Books to Broker creative and Intellectual Property Administration Equity with Companies who want it from around the world; the insults have come a head as it were. It’s the usual thing about their stupidities and we find always find it difficult to match the type we find in Africa, the Middle East and the USA – such as the reasons I need to get off my personality and get a Mans personality meaning it gets racism all over me and was nearly more important than I am on my public image before I had the effrontery to get involved taking up 109 years of my time like we see their stupidities give what they have to the frugal, such as priests having easy jobs that women should be doing while men got off Church to do some Men’s jobs and so on but now this nonsense along with the racism that helps them build publicity for me which suggest we are all the same and all in the same boat is overshadowing my career, while they rely on me to do nothing about the one they have being a threat – not surprising at all considering the first instance was one of trying to understand what kind of idiot gets out of their door to walk around the street looking for instances where the poor were getting poorer and the rich were getting richer, so that Girls might be able to influence hard working men whom they stop on the tracks and trade off their stupidities to Industry twats for money – as I said, it is hard finding any other group of Federated idiots this stupid anywhere else in the world, save Africa, Middle East and the USA, its beginning serve a bit of a burden being the reliable git that does not put up a response so far and I do not think it will last any longer than it has either, contrary to those stupidities where they claim I am afraid of them, a Man they can harm and want to handle all the time with a big mouth.

I do get told I am caught up in some sort of bondage and it is not the case either; what happens is that I have set out an Intellectual property administration business, so according to the work it needs and the Books that need to be written for product base, matched against my finances, I have a lot of work to do – what then happens is a group of idiots getting involved with my concerns to play up some abusive practical joke which means that the state of the finances leads to outcomes in which I am always losing something if their society and communities wanted it, on the left and or on the right which they then trade off with Industry fools to extract money from market I have built – this then means that they make worse that period in which the amount of work I put into it does not match my finances and then their parents sit around in the communities filling in every gap that I caught up on with distant abuse based sexual violation, while the threats they issued at me over the smell because it churns my tummy suggests that they are unaware their parents are responsible for it. In terms of Europe, I have this thing that goes all the way down to the sex Industry, where if I saw people fooling around with sex over my Hermitage I could easily recognise those times when they were saving me from something much as I recognise those times somebody was abused by the powerful and then it goes all the way up to Multinational Industries where the Germans are particularly obsessed with the way I handle Industry backyard, the Spanish really, really want the Architecture Equities, the Dutch just think Britain was great but I have taken it to another level they want access to – the point being that Brexit or not, they are still here and if they want something it must be done. The way the Muslim ones start off is quite incredible; I walk down the streets wanting some real Muslim Men to affirm that I am a real Man, otherwise apart from a lack of Breasts and Vagina, I am really a woman and it will take advantage of the tiredness associated with doing my work while tolerating the twerps from their religion spying on me and abusing me to get rich quick alongside their white friends as if that was the air I breathed to go on and on like that - when I start as well, it then wants to punish me for the rest of my life. 

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland