It has even been suggested that I had been pushed to a point of obsession with my work which I have not been Ė itís a question of how hard a person works to handle a bunch of idiots that have taken time to trash his public image and therefore finances, in order to weave their stupidities they had for a social life into the service processes of a livelihood and set about building me publicity that suggests I am meant to get into a fight with others to look out for them? I guess one of the ways to get around to it is to bang them until I got results as well, which is what I am doing. I mean normal people would have stopped at the point that a process of hurtling down a rabbit hole to end up at the backyards of Industry, watching people do my career or the part where big companies spoke of word that I was coming in to distribute their products with a business which led to loss building subliminal messages on the streets, developed into a case where their need to release money from my Trust system alongside me, generally resulted in a global stage complain about some actions on my part that their stupidities claimed added up to tyranny, while I had complained that my academic work was wrecked and my entire life had now stagnated, so they might want to make comments about their own public image and social lives, if they wish to avoid such results in the future. They do love to put up those stupid civil rights supported boasts to ask how I got stuck with them when I claim to be so important and clever which is the good old story of my life that their stupidities are always working with some crowd that will join them in getting imagination up my bum which consequences they were very well aware of, so they might adopt a safe point at which to push me into criminal activity, the stupid popularity, while clinging to my personal, social and public life, to get paid for being famous. They do claim that I describe myself as an Arch Prince, thereby encouraging it but it would have been the case either way; it would have been a matter of being attacked because of how I can be used to help people get paid for being popular or a case of working a Royal Office where they had support from civil right communities that decided how I should be used when they had need of money. The one that works for me at this stage is the one that ensured I could trash the Celebrity culture to improve my personal relationships while making sure they cannot fraternise with the Country, churning peopleís tummy in the process, unless they were doing National service. They do love to boast that they would very much like to step on me pretty hard which I donít prevent them from doing but when they had complicated it as well, need to think about the fact we have not yet found them with placards in hand complaining about civil rights in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace for years Ė otherwise they are the popularity community and I have been suffering abdominal pain because of how their stupidities had decided I should be used, every day for 18 years and it goes without saying they are free to have a go when they believe their stupid selves to be mad enough for it too. Currently the way it stands is that going off to get shot at and violently attacked by the enemy should feel the same way that getting imagination up my bum to inflict pain while pulling me in many directions, which meant that although I was old enough to manage pain, I couldnít manage the pain that mattered and it was the one that smelled, are pretty much the same experience but that big mouth about attacking me for the smell is a proposition to take it up to a stage that will spell the end of all their practical jokes as well, the yapping rather indicated their stupidities have not got a clue what they were talking about all together. Itís the same old idiots, the body language is an impediment to a process where others got on as well, through its business is always profitable whether or not their stupidities worked on it, since there were a lot of people out there trying to do things they didnít have the money to do and itís as though everything I say to move it on, only gets a response whereby the idiots had done it again as it were Ė issuing threats as well.

This is not actually a threat to me as such; the abuses that add up to the embarrassing things that caused people to lose all they worked for, is something that occurs at Industry, so what we have here is a group of people that will fake it until they made it at my expense and not as such linked to reality Ė the pain it causes however is another story entirely but hating them is a slippery slope as one is not likely to only hate the abuses. So, the point of this is that their interests in me should be about my Books if they wish to stop complaining about me as well. The fun bits for the time being is that they want to tidy up their lives or appearances before they became famous, and I thought it was best that they were the way they are. For their part they say that I am expected to fight my own battles not get others doing it for me but itís the same tale where the conventional idea is that the worst way to get about a problem of bullying was to shove the victims in the deep end Ė however mine is not bullying and does not bear all the ingredients of bully based victimisation; what happens is that they impose their version of fighting their corner on me through this business whereby they put themselves in charge and had not a clue what they were doing, such that the process of solving the problems they need solved became the bigger problem all together, about which all other interests in me do not work, save the part where they showed up here to read Books I had written, the same way I respect the careers that get to their heads. So itís not bullying as such essentially but it is an example of the way a person would need to draw out a list if one wishes to get round to all the way they put themselves in charge but didnít know what they were doing to torture those who do, hence the effect around my Books is more a case of building a rocket to travel into space and somebody showing up and make such a huge amount of trouble at the door step that there was a global stage crisis on account that they wanted to travel into space: hence I am a Hermit and not necessarily uneducated on how evil works - here naturally the twisted stupidities will carry on suggesting I had described myself but such nonsense would be disputed if I suggested they were not important people and had not the money they bragged about.

The matter of showing I am not a coward is an old story about the way I dropped out of University on account Politicians needed to help them on my attitude towards their culture and society and here I am now not doing attitude towards culture and society had produced another result where they send out some twats to pass insults at me from a point where there was a whole crowd to support and after that I will lose my entire lifeís work because I did nothing and was therefore proven to be a coward. This has now developed into a case of this need they had to communicate the finer points of homosexuality at me due to access they had to areas of my career where I had done my best work at this stage, looking for more. So, I know that HM does not expect me to set about getting into a fight with people, but so does the Queen have her expectation and does not want people to abdicate responsibility. It will lead down a path where we discussed the differences between women of higher social standing and the common women, such as the type of ladies who would simply get off engaging with Industrial activities until they clashed with these gits in a really big way which has already happened to create this public stage, global stage and international stage phenomenon, full of idiots blabbing nonsense at me about how I responded after women had fought my battles instead of being grateful with a big mouth and the bottom chasing issues that have reached the top levels of government because of it Ė the other types would rather engage in charity work, since the same way these idiots bang people all the time is the way they bang away to make the homeless sleep on the streets, if they have not banged away at the one that is actually going to kill them or something. For my part, it was rather simple that if people wanted to stop complaining about me, they had to keep away from my public image, social life, my Books, and my income margins. It is never true that my life is in shambles, everything works perfectly save the financial matters which are in a mess because of a business of being targeted by celebrity culture: the Celebrities are insane and they were loyal to Celebrities for the insanity, which created a cocoon of an environment where they can pick up areas of the lives of Celebrities, with respect to what they had decided was the market impact of the fact the Public thought those Celebrities were popular and make them into media that earns them a lot of money but I have not in a decade and a half been able to draw up the abusive link they have established between wrecking my University studies along with other areas of my career and doing this: so I have to conclude it is the consequence of their bad upbringing catching up with the mental illness that gives them boundless energy, not for the purpose of getting a job but for handling others to ensure their need to manipulate people was more profitable than ever, therefore what they are doing with me must be that which they think could not be achieved in their financially well off neighbourhoods.

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