They do claim I am flying high for now, set to get into trouble later but the measure of their big mouth really is that on one hand is their need to secure the life of excess that they get involved with people’s concerns to wreck it and get away with doing as much damage as they could simply over a whim they have had, garnished with another group of gits that work protection of the lifestyle for them all together on one hand, while on the other is another group that are very similar to them but simply made use of the way that my work helped them handle the business of involvement with broadcasting organisations and how it affected them but it has been impossible for me to find a single woman they had given up to me to settle down with and this business of people in the Armed Forces doing their jobs as a matter of loyalty to my cause would not blow back on me so hot if I were in a relationship, which I am not because of them. I really like the other insults where they claim they would never stop bugging me because I am a waste of space, while what happens with the space is that when the Publisher builds publicity for my Books to make sense of patents placed on it, they made a five year mini war on me alongside their celebrities to ensure that the exposure to public interests paid me £0 – so what we are working on now are things I must do to say that I built an environment in which I wrote Books and people attended it to read what I had written.

The task of handling it however is not actually as difficult; for every fool that gets imagination up my bum, there is an instance where ageist idiots encouraged it, the conditions having been built from a process of seeing me do something with private security industry and setting off to build a crowd that will help them run a community that grew and became wealthy on the basis of how a kid was used to solve the violent problems, concerning which they had built a hierarchy and placed themselves at the top, then ran off abusive Publicity that got petty local criminals accessing my personal space to get as abusive as they liked, which is the source of all the smell issues – since these idiots started this business of how my ability to provide security should be used and the way it will alleviate them of problems they have been solving all their lives, I have not been able to account for the way that 3 years of my time have passed and I am looking down at the 4th. So what they think is complicated really is a process replicating the abuses for the social lives of individuals in the stupid society every time I had to contend with their minions and those minions will have a need to handle me until somebody took everything they had from them to make them fight me as well, as I have pointed out above, they did complain that somebody took their careers when they were younger, so I guess when it is taken from them again this time, it would be the finale. The way administration is operating currently however is that of their need to make a mess of my career and social life over claims they were important people who were financially well off; about which I have had a twin response of a need to see them talk about their own social lives and naturally the fact that I am not convinced that they were important and wealthy, which then goes all the way to the Prince of Wales and makes sense of the country we live in at present. The popularity side show is apparently an issue with  group of terribly foolish women who love to abuse me and top up their social standing, eventually creating instances where people at Government and Monarchy are seen opposing them and it is a very stupid form of division as they don’t actually matter but since I have not completed the process of detaching their stupidities and that of their celebrities from my concerns, I do assume that it is my fault, although the acceptance of guilt is likely to be temporary.

I. Uno I

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