So it is said that one of the main problems people now have is that I am single and without a family as well but it is not an unusual story, what has happened here is a process where people have taken the business of me showing I related with the life of marital partnership in terms of feeling more affiliated with the older generation than I did with women my age or younger, to which effect these fools have trashed my academic work and finances, to show up in public places putting abusive labels on me and then deciding that when I am old enough, I will marry a grandmother, which is an example of how far they take the popularity gimmicks if they are not found in A&E for some reason over it; generally however it has largely been a matter of this problem they had with a Man they don’t want, best expressed when they say I steal women’s beauty, I am a coward and spend my time tackling culture and society people, who then wreck my career, leaving me to blame others for my problems. It is as close as their stupidities have ever gotten to finding out what I am really like and who I am under the skin but what beats me really is this problem they have with a Man they do not want, the way that the Celebrities are all over insults associated with the idea that getting involved with them was only a process of seeking outcomes where public security operatives did dangerous things to protect me, which technically should have been the end of the story for the way they got caught up with a Man that they don’t want but the further destruction of career and property generally means I had rather become determined to teach them a lesson they will never forget over it too. They do love to boast that I am facing an uphill struggle but its utter nonsense as the Celebrities soon likely develop into a challenge that suggested their popularity entitled them to own my possessions, while the media love to sell me out to Industry twats they complained off all the time but do some times make it too bad, they sell me out to sex workers as well – it will be a difficult task tackling them indeed or perhaps they need keep off my Books and stop making comments on my social life, which their hoodlums and idiots pick up. We all know it is fun and games until such an outcome as the society gits had built up communities that worked violent lasciviousness which targeted me and then it became a problem whenever I stepped out of my door because they ended up meeting me in the process, which outcome is a case of understanding the stupid lifestyle they chose came with consequences but because they had that foolish ageist community behind them, it was my tummy getting churned instead. I should already have gotten myself on a pedestal to ask them to play a practical joke on me one more time at this stage.

In the end however I have done everything else that is needed for family life except the finances that have been trashed by their stupidities – it works well when it means that I had eliminated every means by which idiots show up here to talk with me about how bad women are; usually I will want a check list or I will ensure they understood the outcome of such behaviour was a suggestion women were people but different from men in the sense they liked people to put things into them, which outcome will be the punishment bits that gets them levying the actions of their stupid celebrities on me and then we will be both wrong on the matter. I find it incredibly offensive and have had a history of being unable to control my responses, so I have no wish to start out family life with it at the forefront.

So I have been told it is quite incredible that I bottled all of this up which I really don’t; they are a handful of idiots who would happily make a complete mess of other people’s lives to seek their own interests and when it becomes a crime, then the Police had work to do but before then it is a headache for the government, interestingly of which they are the only fools in the land labelling me as a coward, if it has not stopped to make me more comfortable than they were. It always must be easy for them and any opportunity to make other suffer in the process is preferred. The problem has always been the Americans who had no clue what they were doing and claimed they were some sort of big daddies of daddies, hence the reasons they trash peoples careers to make sense of society gits and wild girls and then everything the victims did to recover or make sense of the skin and knowledge by which such matters are handled will ensure people are run down by Americans for an eternity and there was no escape from enterprises set up to harm others – like in my case where it has gone from wrecking my University studies and building communities they get imagination up my bum, alongside children that label me a bum, once it saw middle age take hold, after it has spent years lying to politicians that I am the one making a mess of culture and society while it never really stopped following me around, to a case of hating my books and now reliance on an outcome where it was too late for me to build a career, which generally will leave me the option of planning my life on their wallets and savings instead, as stupidly as they set it out i.e. there were 20 companies in an area of which 5 I was able to identify as enterprise set up to harm people, pillaging talents and skill as though it was getting people trapped in a job, the jobs which were not certain all together and its stupidities would be the only one to know that it wasn’t etc but in 3 years, the number of viable companies had dwindled to 7 while the 5 that existed to harm people remained – assumption being that people like to be hunted as it were – if it fails to keep from my Books and stop making comments on my social life, is it going to get a response very soon for it.

It’s as when they say that they get through to me whenever they wanted, which is utter rubbish too – what happens is that I had developed a means to allow popularity culture which prevented the abuses of black Germanic gits, due to their need to affiliate with organised crime, the Americans have destroyed this and given them a global stage public disposition, such that academic environment is in jeopardy due to their revenge for all that was done to encumber their mobility because of precisely these sorts of behaviour – like in my case where I must not be left alone, outcome which they can now share my personal space and practice abusive profitable intolerance that helps their stupidities work filthy popularity and they would decide what I did with my social life, the outcome now being the total destruction of what their civil rights had built up in the last 40 years, while they claim they were working plans to get confrontational as well. As such they have been working their own counter abusive popularity culture that ensured I cannot step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate, revenge done, nothing more. The issue at hand being that they are a problem for the American celebrities that have created this nonsense too, so what the Celebrities have done is befriend them and round me up like sheep to curtail my finances and get me to fight them so that Celebrities might be comfortable and famous, which I do think about but then again also being pushed around by Celebrities is no way to solve public problems, bearing in mind I have a history of them telling me I was facing an uphill struggle when we spend time talking about all that had happened after the years of damage and financial destruction that was so intense that I sometimes hung around questions of whether they had completely wrecked everything that made me excited about my own life, to get scourged by thoughts of what I would do if I had their money, as planned – the suffering and distress never addressed, so they had come up with threats because offering them a chance to stop is largely considered to be a form of weakness and vulnerability to their stupidities. So, I thought it was always a better idea to consolidate this relationship they have developed and set about running down Celebrities until I got results too.

Hence the question of whether I bottle it up or had difficulty finding a partner answered. We are taken by this because of the way that we have been burned by the economic and social problems that have arisen over the years – they turn up to offer the body bribery and soon we find ourselves thinking of what we could do if we had what they had and each time we did lost something important to their stupidities. Same tale when it knows a lifestyle came with consequences but they had decided how to make others pay for two consequences, one for the self and the other for them, which involved lots of abuses as well – makes sense of the life of society men deciding how others may feel about existence on a day to day basis, while they were wild idiots fooling around with peoples social and public life, until they found what ideas people may develop in a hatred for it that is. As a whole from where I am, they were supposed to be part of the main economy since the last time they wrecked my career, following me around to make a mess everywhere I went and boasted about having found somebody to push around in order to make sense of the reasons people were richer than they were before the recession, so I appointed myself to ensure that I did become part of the mainstream economy, hence they look like they have worked hard on these gimmicks to be rich but not much have changed in their financial wellbeing. I understand it’s the reasons they hate my guts and love to send out the insulting women to tell me that my reputation will get me into trouble but it never will; it’s a story of the way they ought to show up here to buy Books, lest somebody else bought the copy they were supposed to and then when such things do grow big enough to impact their careers, the amusing stupidities are never going to stop such as would make me very comfortable indeed.

They do claim that I love to play the robin hood role which has no roots in reality – I do not play robin hood roles at all and they have seen me look like I want to pick up a stick and chase crowds too to show for it. The truth is that poor people never really need the Government to help them out, they work it out by themselves but this is the problem we face i.e. while they are, somebody is taking the proceeds of their work from and this was an industry in its own right; we have seen the blow out that they cannot deny whereby I am set out as a character people bullied to suck up to the rich and all I did about it was passed off on Media as another person’s career. The bigger question becomes that of what the future of a government operative’s work is while they were doing this. They claim I enjoy the accolade by a small amount which is utter nonsense too; firstly, these activities do not make us better off as an economy and people do not spend time tackling poorer people to get rich when they go into an Office for a sales job, they do that when they are doing something to make money by being popular. We know American Politicians are good at fostering this; stifling my Books to give them an upper hand and now unable to control parent bully syndromes that law enforcement talk about like an open secret while such things tear up neighbourhoods by partitioning it into industrial projects, whilst my finances have not been fixed, I had become a magnet for blame as well all together, yet before then, what people did to get on my Hermits equity to make entertainment younger people and families was not good enough – it was hunted down and taken apart, to make suggestions I am a do-gooder who will not survive while I am really not a do-gooder at all.

We have to listen to that story about how I underestimate the threat poor people can pose when they have money all the time but I don’t see that poor people were a threat for my part anyway; if these characters were doing their jobs, people would be wealthier and if people were wealthier, the profit levels they complained about would not have been such a problem, besides which we know they attended University at some stage and somebody must have informed them what a recession was and could devise viable solutions for it therefore, instead of suggesting that were facing economic problems because poorer people were hoarding disposable cash, when we know the explanation that they were not doing jobs that made poorer people think they merited being paid was equally a good explanation, just as the conjecture that they had run out of money is. The suggestion I act like I am a strong man is equally utter nonsense as this so called threat of poor people is something I play with all the time, when I allow the gimmicks exhibited around my concerns to run to a such an extent wealthy people could tell what belonged to them and what didn’t but we also know that they always end up taking what belongs to me, which can only develop into something of me running off a small seemingly harmless publicity for their equities that show up here due to their frequent handling of my financial matters and mine which I am aware of until I broke their pride and joy and got away with doing so. Another example are the things I must do to show that the issues are being taken care of, if I needed to sell my Book of equities and the intellectual property administration solution services in it, where fashion models throw around areas of my works somewhere on my social life and public activities, reason being that they take their clothes off to model inner wear and there is a high risk of people putting criminal communications through to them thereof but when the pressure of the corruption that people levied on this got high enough to push me out into the open on the matter, what I find is that even the matter we resolve is taken up by these gits and put up in public as something that serves to ensure they got private security industry services from me and a fashion models coven that was created to secure continuity for our activities, then hang around somewhere trashing careers, social lives and finances over smell issues, while at the same time it continues the behaviour, puts it down to it’s the eccentricity of its stupid character and has never explained why he does it or what he hopes to gain, while none knows how a person is to keep hold of the tummy while they were doing it – same as all I did being passed through the two part process of either letting it be when they had passed it off as their own and spent it or making out it was a practical joke when I had gone through hell to keep them from doing so and then because it was a joke the whole gimmick will be repeated again and again for as many times as they wanted. They claim I think industries like me while they really do not and its utter nonsense as we know five designers that are part of a network and want to work with me expect me to show up somewhere and do something that will get me paid and another ten that do not follow my social media profile but enjoy picking up my equities to make expensive items that they sold for their brand, needed to stop interfering with it. The question is one of how I do these things and make something from nothing but I don’t – what happens is the way I have been made to track what people did with the fact I am an unusual person, from the times that I had unwittingly affected their personal relationships, those growing into marital unions and then the way they devised new things to wear thereafter but I dropped out of University because it simply got out of hand, that if they took my work and kept it all was well but if they didn’t, the hell they had put me through was a joke that can always be repeated without causing them any trouble, whereby I dropped out due to the smell issues, to show that this was the main cause of it. The companies that show up to make trouble for me as such are now heading towards an outcome where they got involved for the violent reasons but then again will not be able to make anything from it if they did not buy the Books or facilitate product purchase from the Bookshop.

So, I am said to allow just about anything happen to me, completely unwilling to get into a fight that will make public problems go away because I am expecting others to do it; the reality on the ground however is that the actions of abusive culture and society gits really have nothing whatsoever to do with me, save the part where they spend time on media passing insults at me, to ensure those activities were wired towards my career. I can already see the picture emerging, where I stuff the culture and society goons with what I know so I don’t have to deal with their madness all the time, the abuses they levy at me makes sense of the needs of the gits responsible for it all to show up and grab my earning margins in order to avoid doing their own jobs while they kept the job and left me without one, playing into the publicity developed for my books via equity broker with local and multinational companies, being picked up for all kinds of nonsense, which then feeds into the mess made of my career and their subsequent obsession with my resulting nauseating financial complications, followed on by threats that are intended to toughen me up and get me to fight people – the outcome being that I am likely to respond in a way which suggested that they had a lot going for them in those stupid communities and via the civil rights movements and I am about to spend all of it over their inability to stop handling me, just to ensure that I can step out of my door and chase the career that helped me pay the bills and the finances that help me look after it, instead of being stuck with gimmicks associated with the fact they had their own but preferred to handle what does not belong to them. The boasting never stops naturally, and we all know if I can handle the civil rights movements, I really am going to do it for them the way that I wanted and they would have to accept my results, when its purpose is to handle my income margins instead of doing their own jobs and blab about the inequality that is being resolved to favour the downtrodden.

They always say that regardless of what I said and did, the reasons they targeted me never really goes away and what we are looking at is a case of their careers and their reputation for tackling those who handle it, while their sense of entitlement is all over mine on claims that I had fallen down when it came to a reputation that tackled those who handled it but then again, they are also the only people issuing threats, of which it does go without saying perhaps that when the fight does kick off for those gimmicks where they preferred to handle me instead of get on with their jobs, due to a stupid sense of entitlement, I am going to do the fighting that their stupidities desires as it were. On a more serious note, it’s an old story about the reasons we do what we do and do it the way that we do it – for instance people got to stock markets to create problems for everybody, about which they tackled me and I wrote a blog that supported those who went there to trade, as part of Book selling Publicity for my websites, I then have to deal with this nonsense everyday whereby these idiots with a media presence, showed up to eliminate mine while it was easier for them to spend time on their own jobs. I mean if they were chasing economic matters, their actions should make everybody better off in order for them to be successful but it doesn’t, which indicates that they are after the interests of Mr No 1 but none understands exactly what it has to do with me, save the fact their stupidities consider themselves to be incredibly important and it is about to stop, especially now that it is growing into a matter of the link between these activities and that of culture and society idiots getting imagination up my private parts and banging away at me all day, just so they might handle my income margins and avoid doing the jobs they had, leaving me without a job of my own all together. I mean the government spends money that it does because it understand there is a linked up way that it will cover it costs and make a profit which creates the idea government spending is free, what we are talking about here involved private persons and we are re-enacting the fact that economic activities is meant to benefit everybody, so when I had been set out as a character that should end up saying something that criticises rich people, so they might put me up as the fellow others bullied to suck up to the rich and share the wealth, it is important to set out, especially when their stupidities were the ones compelled to issue threats, that these idiots really do need to get themselves real jobs.

They will speak of the way they run their own careers as well which tended to make sense, and some will even say that bringing it up to the case of people fighting or showing bad things will happen to those who mess with their careers is not the right result. It is not from here either, they were simply making a case of me having done something that prompts them to tackle me regardless of what I said and did, regardless of reasons they should not, so I had to explain the way they show up here to eliminate the reasons I work the way I do instead of concentrate on their own jobs, due to the size of their ego and their sense of entitlement. As for the way they run their careers, I have no idea how long this truce they have with abusive culture and society gits over their insane media and show business is meant to last anyway and when it does come to an end, I really have not got a clue who would likely be the dream scapegoats either. I know however it is an activity that is performed to target the female community in their work place, since women are usually more interested in being covered against culture and society gits that might abuse them while they seek out stories from current events that will get them paid – at Government work however, what happens is a case of smaller people that got away from big bad people hanging around on media to keep up an appearance, women being concerned about abuses of culture and society goons when they seek out stories that will get them paid from current events, which points out clear directions on security Policy, education Policy and some vital aspects of diplomacy, so when there idiots start the way they do, it makes a complete mess of everything and the only people who will be aware some character wants to bomb everybody would be the security services, whose actions would then have provided controversies that can be run over and over again for spooks and ratings, while people got killed.

I believe normal people would think what I have said here has served as the starkest warning on the matter yet. The equity broker I work with companies at the Hermitage is the sole source of Publicity for my Bookshop, also, their need to handle it makes the biggest problem faced every day here, it is therefore certainly not their money making and sales tool. We all know that whilst they cannot have enough of gimmicks on people’s lives and careers where if they kept what they handled it went well but if they don’t, the problems they created was a joke, so they might get to do it again, they are the only people wrecking other people’s lives and careers or what is left of it over smell issues but none knows still exactly why they do it, while I have been clear many times at this stage that I have had enough of it. It is never relevant to their careers or that of their equally insolent children to grab publicity for my Books, they simply use it to avoid doing their jobs while getting paid anyway, the entire time of which that job does not pass to another person and I had none myself, while their idiocy got to issue threats, the threats by which it can tell that I have been aware of these facts in the first place as it were.

The other part of this story is that I do not care if people had better rights while the reality is that they needed their careers and support for it, at the same time which making sense of other people’s incomes really is not the solution to their inequity. It is not that I am tackling the question because I think I am likely to make sense to these gits but rather that I really do love to use them as well for my part – they always come up with the tricks to get others breaking the law while they got away with everything else and we know the so-called poor people never got out of bed on their 18th birthday to ask parents how bills were paid.

I. Uno I

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