I am told that there are people lining up to get into a relationship with me but there is always something off about me putting them off. There is however nothing off about me; it is entirely a matter of being disrespected by women to such an extent that they got accustomed to the abusive effects of their behaviour and tried to seek conveniences that will replace the consequences. I for my part could really do without the work of trying to ensure that if I wanted to settle down with somebody from the opposite sex, I had to ensure that other women were not engulfed by it. They always come up with those excuses to say that I seek a condition that will allow me address the female community anyway that I wanted and its utter nonsense as if I wanted to do something about it, they would have found me on a platform where I had statement to make on how they needed to stop interfering with my personal space and personal relationships, hence one more stupid practical joke, especially on abusive insults that suggested I had to be disciplined for disrespect on my part, after which they sell me out to Industry idiots in suits to pay the bills and none will ever understand what exactly their stupidities were talking about while my career lay in ruins. I simply do not wish to do a thing about it as it does not make any sense; if women are being abusive, it never really affects my career unless somebody made it relevant and women are usually abusive, as per if it affected me, because somebody was busy harming them in some way as a matter that concerned me, such that they expected to make themselves better off by building it up on public places for bear baiting every time they had needs that they didn’t wish to satisfy by doing a day’s work; it eventually comes to that stage where the career is wrecked and somebody and everything I did to recover it offered ideas on how somebody could get on media to boost the financial value of their popularity, while every fool with a media job got involved when he has not get faced prospects of serious harm on account he worked as a journalist – even in this situation, the abuses and insults that come from the female community are relevant in the situation because somebody else made it so, they didn’t and hence completely pointless to respond to those abuses, although I have to accept some of them do run it off to such an extent I wanted them to understand that they had to clear my space if they were complaining, hence my point that I had no wish to be seen doing anything about it as such either, whether or not I should consummate a Royal Office by finding a wife as soon as possible.

Such that we can see the other questions emerge about who is banging on over such matters anyway; an old story of the way I am caught up with the tricks people at National service deploy to do their jobs because their stupidities have had a history of encountering it. everything that has happened since 13 years ago when I was hounded out of University so they might deploy my social life and public image to make money being popular, has been a calculated plan, shown especially when the Celebrities get involved to ensure it continued for eternity and of course blow kisses at criminals on my social life and public image, of which each time I got rid of it, there was a new one because they had some sort of base camp where they planned and indoctrinated themselves over it i.e. they are now in a position where they either think that whilst they continued with this and the reasons I am cash strapped is that the Public was prettified and therefore couldn’t get involved with my Bookshop on one hand, I ought to live in fear of their stupidities when we had no idea when it was going to sop – on the other hand they had stories to tell about deep ill feelings that whole communities had about me while nothing has changed since 13 years ago when I dropped out of University because their stupidities were popular, save the parts of the Celebrity culture and popularity that I have trashed so far. The fools in suits have not yet exhausted insults they can channel at me to facilitate a sense that they had perverted service processes of my Bookshop and each abusive tease gets me spending all my time on their stupidities while my responses were exhilarating – they would say instead that their bosses at the workplace think my activities were speculation at best but according to what they and the stupid jobs they had knew of what I got up to, it was no really so with a big mouth. So, we find their own systematic campaign of insults and abuses which ensured there was a civil and criminal disobedience version of what I did with my career, which helped and supported the masses, to build their abusive market and then they believe it should become boring at the end of every good day they had had doing so, which I simply cannot allow as well. It plays out as the two stories where on one hand the only conversation you can have about domestic violence is the fist and the face and the fist hitting the face, save you want to fill in the gaps – while on the other hand, when it disciplines you for disrespect over the insults it has gotten accustomed to brewing up such abusive behaviour, it will sell you out to an enemy to pay the bills, hanging around somewhere it will get what is coming thereafter and you will have to deal with questions of if your mother never told you to be careful whom you got involved with when you left home.

The main pressure point here is that this nonsense is so intense; I may have been worried about people attacking women over me but now they build up the interests criminals show around my concerns and run it off on media with media like a bubble that decided what my behaviour will be, claiming that it was important to ensure I got into a fight with people to facilitate outcomes where they got to feel feminine and we all know that unless it gets an appropriate response from a victim, what it wants is set in stone. I have been unable therefore to make sense of the way the three years of my time to 2020 have been spent because I built a bookshop during that time and they have done this with my social life, its service processes, and my social media again, so it appears that unless that time pays off, it will have been three years that was wasted in every way back-to-back – it is therefore the last straw. I mean they do say I do it and undo it all the time which is utter nonsense; I intend to wreck their media, industry, city centre and government work careers, if this nonsense about the Public being so petrified, they fear to get involved with my Books while people ensured that my CV was laughed at before it was read while there was nothing wrong with it is not eliminated as soon as possible. I have tried everything – spending all day ridding myself of the consequences of other people’s popularity while at the same time I am not the only person in the world whose income does not match his work. They claim I had so little respect for Celebrities and I would never know anyway – it was a wealth equity structure, they never use a thing according to purposes intended and I dropped out of University for it, let us imagine then that this was not a big deal, so since then, their civil and criminal disobedience have exhibited the teenage gimmicks all over it to get paid for being popular and now they have the money by which to dominate me but the work that was meant to have been done through the wealth equity system has not been done by them and even those who were doing it by being celebrities who lived on entertainment developed from a process of grooming the public away from the activities of criminals that were out to make hell for everybody once they had served their sentences have been eliminated because they wanted it all for themselves but no part of the gangs issues, crime issues, or even German interest gimmicks have been sorted, hence this nonsense about how they deal with disrespect on my part is one of the most perverted things I have to deal with every day in this place – generally, they are talking nonsense if I am not the one dealing with disrespect issues. They claim what I say is never really clear which is utter nonsense as we know what happens is that it does nothing about anything – we are looking at Celebrities getting involved with a Royal social life to groom the Public away from activities to do with environments where crimes are happening and those who are caught up in it are not necessarily responsible for those crimes if considered on a case by case basis – hence law enforcement must reach those deals to secure information and there is always an uneasy environment between groups of people that are fighting each other – it does nothing like this and wouldn’t even accept the easiest job of simply going to a platform that another person had built to get a high paid show business job; it wants a major role and the world will burn if it had to do the work – I suppose this is clear enough now as it were.

The Politicians have said that I deny how stressful my work is, but it is not – what causes all the stress is the abusive behaviour of so-called culture and society gits whose money problems just wrecks people’s lives for the sake of it – when it talks about politics controlling majority and therefore industrial success, my whole life come to a stop, when it talks about controlling markets, it gets flushed down the loo. There are these stupid stories it invents while it clings to my public image and social life over it and then rallies people with criminal history and sends them out to run me down all day over it, like I have mentioned, my inability to account for the three years of my time to 2020, is the last straw in this matter. They do like to boast that there is nothing I can do, while recent ideas suggest that their need to entitle themselves to my income requires me to work on a more Official capacity, while the culture gits with a need for abusive behaviour on account of what I am being used for with their big mouth are setting the stage for the idea their stupidities possessed all the hospitality that local market places needed – the blabbing is all good naturally but we will find out a completely different outcome when it continues the abuses and attacks that decided how I should be used because they needed money while I continued to run off campaigns about its ability to provide hospitality for local markets until we met in the middle – their own will suggest it’s part of culture and society while mine will suggest the culture and society that means more to Government buildings and then we will find out which one was better at it and they will rely on me not to think of them as bloody idiots lest I fall to the slippery slope of discrimination. Usually when I point out how difficult it could be to stop following me around and stop making a case of what they had gathered since, handling my Books, and making stupid comments on my social life, people would say I had no need for it because I had already sorted out my career but then again, my bottom hurts and we have not gotten started on what they are doing with my perspective yet.

They claim the source of most of my difficulties is largely due to the fact people continue to boast that I can handle them comfortably at state provided security but I have no idea why they believe those people were wrong anyway; we know they spend time torturing others instead of getting a real job and that I am hated because I am like the split down the middle carrot and stick guy that Politicians really like – where their interest in my perspective suggested nothing is getting in a way of their stupidities getting a real job instead of bugging others to get paid for being popular. We must set this in that nonsense that creeps up on me all the time whereby things happened, and nobody was responsible while what I said will get me into trouble with black people I have never met or had a conversation within my whole life. I mean it is one thing to defer your career to a later date because they have to get paid for being popular at your expense and quite another for the idea to fester that it’s not a big deal when you drop out of University, save it was going to get people paid for being popular a little more – now what we are facing is those cases where I am acceptable to white people and they wanted my place being abusive enough for me to notice they talked too much with the golliwog mouth but if I mentioned it, I will have signed my death warrant if they were very good at bluffing. If I said I would write it in my Books and websites and ensure that I controlled my audience enough to see that it was not a problem, so that they might spend time hurting their stupid selves instead, they would say I knew there was no way out of such a thing but sought one anyway – same as if I pointed out they were playing a game, issuing those stupid threats, the cracked up out of my league insanity clinging to my social life to get paid for being popular, taking nonsense all the time, with a character that is about to set out those stupid civil rights as platforms akin to criminal activity that involved the obsession of those who thought of the financial benefits of being bigger than I am, being able to talk over me and being able to scare me over my earnings, and likely to find a solution for it as well – but I guess the one that will really bring reality to bear will be if I pointed out that those stupidities they think we ought to go along with so they might do whatever they liked with us and our possessions are not the Law of the land, because it generally means that I had set the stage for absolutely anybody to get a handle on the process of handling them all the time as well. I am not pointing these out because I am backing off from doing it either; the society we have now is a virtual time bomb – we can see people commit murder for five year sentences because of the sustained period of abuses or what was said to them by the victims in this Country and when these gits find out their stupidities had become a threat to their position, they build up ethnic minority communities where their foolishness called the shots over me as well. They do claim they have seen people talk like I do and get into a heap of trouble but it does not really apply to me either way – I am fed up with their interest in me, my work and my finances, looking like they would fancy a proper response while the Law got in their way; time and again the same story of planning everything to the last detail and then the insults that have followed you around shows up where you had done the best work to show they had built a community behind them to run you down and will always remember you for those insults and not who you had become or what you really were, if it had not gotten pretty bad for them as well – it cannot be that bad to listen to the golliwog mouth comments for my part as well, I bet going on about it will likely raise publicity that got people behaving in the same way, besides the worst that can happen is people whose relatives got murdered over such statements by white people, showing up to tackle me until I responded and there was a fight that led to my demise but this is never going to happen with my state of mind that generally lets it fall around me at the background of my life to facilitate my sexual activities should I find a partner that wants to play along, the worst that can come of it is the prospects of Industry people having to change a behaviour because their perverted interest in my income as well generally meant that they ended up courting some very bad friends. The truth of it is that these gits are cursed and what we see here is the way they think that it was some form of power whenever those who got stuck with them spent all day clearing out consequences of their popularity, to fail at everything they had set out to do with their one and only chance to be living breathing human beings.

So they do claim I will never get out of the nepotism I find myself stuck with which is utter nonsense as I am not stuck with any stupid wild girls and society gits gimmicks simply because it involved a sense of entitlement that targets my income – personally I would never know what their motivation is for my part but have been rather clear about their sense of entitlement now developing to such an extent I am a source by which they can make sense of their disillusionment and inability to tell the difference between stealing and being spoiled and I am not their parents to provide for the fall out of their terrible upbringings either, whereby the fact they had found my Books and it is the centre point for most of their gimmicks is going to likely develop into something more serious. The curiosity here is largely a matter of the reasons they loved to target me, which is an old story of seeing that they didn’t have enough footing to turn their abusive civil rights movements into viable financial nepotism, so they wish to manipulate racists into filling in the shortfall – whilst they succeed in setting me up as potential target for it all of the time, they always tend to reach that stage where they end up in a very bad situation and then realise that they were never white the entire time; for my part I cannot mention enough times that enough had not died yet as it were and they do say I am responsible for such huge amount of deaths without even knowing it but then again so is it an old story when their brains had gone on holiday, once they were done claiming I spend my time running from racism, whereas the reality was that none had Public security at their back and call, thus bad things sometimes happen to good people and they may screw with my wellbeing whenever they wanted. Their excuse has always been those claims they wanted me to stop shying away from the violent aspects of my duties which is utter nonsense; the truth of it is that they are always seen engaging in some form of corruption that will eventually mean they sat in Government offices to deny service operatives necessary supplies and it’s the same we see with the foolish Celebrities trashing my career because they wanted to be protected and none knows how ripping up my finances and taking pictures of blowing kisses at criminals on my social life and public image, picked up from what I had done to provide protection earlier and multiplies it for them as it were – so I really have no idea if they are always tackling me because they want to find out why successful service operatives are successful, what I know is that they cannot show me one rule that they follow and likewise their civil rights goons and Politicians cannot show one problem they didn’t create for themselves to blame on others all the time. currently I avoid having to do their issues again and again like a mad man by considering the way that Soldiers leave what happens at the battle field outside of Public consciousness and they will bring it in but then hang around somewhere completely unable to sort out a solution for what they had created – same as I am stuck with the tricks Police deploy to get their jobs done while those tricks do not apply to me, because somebody wants to get out of a process of being tied down and then Politicians spent tax payer funds to rip up my studies and finances, spent some more facilitating their freedom from the Police and hung around at Government buildings seeking revenge where my whole life was completely destroyed on account the idiots had a police record, claiming they were nice people who only needed money – so we can see it was the least I could do when I ensured the bottom hurting issues became such a general phenomenon all together, so I didn’t have to tackle the issue over and over again like I had lost my mind too. I mean the film producers are done with control – they are free to make films that involved Royal Equity and they were free to make films that involved claims criminals were nice people but the control is finished – when I was younger, I would have likely chased it to such an extent the victims became producers at some stage and then I wouldn’t have been the reasons that people lost high paid jobs because somebody was trying to get to me, apparently, I have grown up too.

They do claim that similarities are emerging between my character and that of the English King Henry VIII. It is utter nonsense naturally as no similarities have emerged save the fact that I would have considered chopping off some female heads at this stage if we lived in Medieval times. They were supposed to mind their female community business and chase their own financial wellbeing instead of my income, sort out matters with wild girls and society goons from overseas, not trash my life because I built a wealth equity structure and women showed up to put up investments on it. What they are rather more interested in is how they wish to run the part where men shot each other’s brains and are so serious about it that their stupidities were running my life as well – that said, we have reached this stage where their abusive behaviour meant that my Books were not successful and those women playing those games where they take photos of their lives and put it up over social media on my life and public work, would at this stage both produced a successful Bookshop for me and a wife but it has not and their behaviour garnished with the usual abusive sense of entitlement is now running on borderline torture.

Their Americans friends claim that they liked me when I was more progressive which is utter nonsense as I have not actually changed, just have this huge work to do, associated with the destruction of my University studies and now my Bookshop, starting from the time that their involvement with me was mainly based on finding what they could steal and what anal sex I had the range to acquire thereafter, about which their stupid Politicians claimed I was being discriminative, wrecked the defences and showed up here to threaten me with a big mouth because they were affected too – then it progressed to the part where they never handle a thing according to the purposes intended which was the main reason I dropped out of University and now have picked up service processes of my Bookshop to build a crowd that will support their stupidities in terms of their need to tell me what to do. From here their sense of progress starts out with the idea privileges built for me to run my Office with was likely to aid them on maternity processes while they spent their time fooling around with popular culture and insulting people and ends with the idea they knew a lot about black people while we are basically raised in a family setting where there is a code for absolutely everything; usually starting with the wedding day for adults that have gone on to live their own lives – the gifts you get and that which you give and specific people to whom you give specific gifts decide how your life and that of your children is run and those who had the right to interfere – what these idiots understand on the other hand is this business of grooming me into a position where stupid women can build a crowd, interfere with my privacy and get imagination up my anus, to show they were a handful of very mean cunts.

I don’t think that the matter is a crisis either; in my case it’s mostly this work I must do that I could really do without – to consider the way they never handle a thing in this place according to purposes intended, wrecking my academic work and my Bookshop, the way their flash boys set out popularity disobedience over it after another, followed by insults that will keep me manageable, making me sick all the time and to follow it up with a process of denying them access to history they have built with me, shutting down those stupid happiness that also form the basis for short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement and ensure all my actions were followed up with a statement that affected their bank balance adversely. I could really do with a business of not being entangled with cursed idiots who take up all your time when you end up getting involved with me and bring about your ruin, hence not having to do this work but some Politicians have always loved to be so abusive at other people’s expense.

They do claim that every American that has been involved with the Royal family has failed at all they tried to do because of me but this has been a long running story about whether or not they get into relationships with the Royal Family or get into relationships with me as such – even now we have seen that their behaviour towards my Empire tended to suggest they were sending me a message about the fact that I may have supposedly thwarted their relationships with members of the Royal family but they will always take what they wanted anyway which is a lot of big talk as such. As for the prospects of getting into a relationship with Americans, it was always an old story that I should not push it away if I had not tried it, but we have already seen a process where I set about building websites for my work, give rise to an understanding I will always see scarce success if I did not have a wife by my side because I am an Arch Prince, give rise to new forms of pornography. The Politicians on the other hand say I live my life in the fast lane which is terrible but I don’t: it has been a simple case of setting up House somewhere between Democratic and Communist interests to give me range if I had to respond to matters regarding the Common wealth and other issues that may be thrown my direction, giving way to the Obama Administration going off to China to bring me in, then set off to the middle east to gather some Muslims, unite them with German interest goons and show the British where the UK really fits, the issues of which have not been resolved as we speak and the problems must be managed at other people’s expense; it has always been like this until Trump offered a change which would have served if he didn’t have a racist rhetoric behind his campaign as well – there are parties held at the international communities to serve various purposes, the places where these parties and meetings are held makes it work like a family but once Americans are involved hell breaks loose, then I would be told that I knew exactly what the reasons were, which is the point of this question about living in the fast lane.

I. Uno I

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