Several times every day we find this nonsense occur where they sit around on Media and Social Media expressing something of Daddy being very displeased with my activities and wanting to teach me a lesson – I could never make it out anyway since most of their stupidities are largely a matter of what they had developed on Media to play practical jokes with but it is becoming serious enough to ensure I took the business of keeping them from pushing off avenues unto my concerns where they lay down a pipeline for practical jokes enough for a lifetime and then I had to spend quality time trying to get rid of it – it means I will never get to start the completing of my academic work and I will never get to start the running of my Book sales properly; so this business of getting on Public places to express nonsense about being displeased with a kid that sends my stress levels through the roof is really about to get the response its threatening stupidities push off at me all the time and I have made it quite clear as well, the day I attend a Book signing event and ended up picking any of their security problems because I introduced myself as an Arch Prince will be the beginning of the end for the posh neighbourhood hoodlum stupidities in this Country as well. I understand Politicians have a part to play in this matter but that refers to the more relevant bits of this nonsense which means when Industry people get around with Hoodlums in the backyards of their Establishments, Politicians decide every time how it follows you around at University and get on Public places to claim your response is a hate towards Ministers and in my case I am specifically regarded as the architect of hatred for women in the UK, especially if Women worked in Government and if I denied it, what is happening around them says otherwise with that big mouth they have got. So it still goes back to the destruction of my academic work now that it is not the 1980s when they were shinny people singing songs with Freddy Mercury because Society people got off on an angle right down to average Taxi drivers having opinions all the time – the academic work was destroyed because following me around at University really was a matter of being able to tell me what to do all the time and so I wanted to peddle their culture and society so I might tell them what to do all the time as well, which the Politicians stopped me from doing, hence began the smell issues and the dropping out bits which have become their answer for all money issues since, looking for more of what they are complaining about; we also know the split personality their insults cause me to exhibit gets them complaining more than everybody else, when I take out a day job and a Prince should not be working, when I have no money and I am not worthy to be one. They claim it is the way people fight my corner all the time and I understand that they prefer I did not have state provided security as well, it is however not their decision to make – the threats they issue will be their undoing, it has always been as simple as keeping from my Books and not following me around especially at school.

I am told what is happening to me is bullying and it is not, just series of incredibly stupid attempts at it – we know they have spent all their time on it and the more serious part is now the bits where they want to make money from it as well. The Politicians speak of how they run the Country but people like me think Monarchy does while that is not what we get when we go to the Civil service, when we go to Customs and excise and all those Government department we make arrangements with when we sort out our supplies and the ways we support our daily concerns, so it means the old business of getting me to publicly acknowledge that they were in charge and the last time they were done with tales of how Religion was a farce and also the source of all the problems in the world, they ended up with situations in which people thought they had said Murder was perfectly alright and did not have the brain capacity to come up with the moral Political alternative thereafter fooling around. The point is that they think we are on the same side while we are not – there are culture and society trouble makers and people with a tendency to commit crimes, who exist between me and them, so everything outside of this Hermitage is harsh but if I got through it, at the other end are Celebrities to get around with but it will be a very different lifestyle – it comes up with a test for me every day so it can continue to churn my tummy and grab certain parts of my work that will help its stupidities win election perpetually and claims I refuse to acknowledge its stupidities as the thing that runs the Country, while the Media and Celebrity goons mock and abuse all day, meaning I have issued threats to rip up the Celebrity culture and it does appear I am really going to live up to them as well. We find the bullying bits to be that in my mind’s eye there is an image placed there constantly whereby the guys had grabbed my Public image and placed it on the doorstep of everybody, so everybody may have it and feel important as well and because they earned the support of their daddies who run a  culture and society that thinks about getting good looking people to stand naked in public places while idiots rummaged their body parts, it leaves me smelling of what I ate every time I step outside of my door while they blow off their big mouth on Media about their criminal history and a need for social equality with it – the older ones take it a step further and we find that I had chosen a bad neighbourhood to work my Books in because it would allow me access to what was happening in the real world with respect to my interests and they complain about the security issues I had executed while their Children build community fools with an imagination that gets up my anus to play with me and tell me what to do all day long, soon progressed to a matter of how they will have everything if only they could ensure HM was no longer able to protect me, yet again conjuring possibility of the same result where I had threatened to tear up that foolish Celebrity culture and am really going to have to do it as it were. Then there is the question of Europeans who are the world’s best suckers when it comes to draining peoples public image for industrial conveniences; the theory they have being that either which direction I chose, they would get the better of me anyway, the reality rather being that while busy with it, they can see that if I spent most of my time on Celebrities, I was wasting it; so I am doing my best on social media and they are aware of it especially with respect to their behaviour when they travel to the USA.

I am told that the problem was a case of everything I need and do relying on others and I could never understand it anyway when they say I must drop out of University and spend time fighting enemies as if I am naïve of what evil really looks like, which enemies I have got to fight like that in the first place – I like to say it continues because they hold to an opinion that enough have not yet died over it, bearing in mind more so that somebody has placed a gun over their heads making them to agree with what I say or follow my leadership the last time we checked. The Politicians will speak of getting me to have debates with people being impossible but I cannot make out what debates can be had with people that are so steeped in their corruption like they are at Parliament anyway – take care work for instance where we know average care workers they speak to with show the buntings and the large nice Cake baked for the occasion but what happens behind the scenes that is that care workers clean peoples poo for a living – then as a Government operative you enjoyed the buntings and Cake and must now take into account a way in which you conduct your affairs, such that if care workers faced a stressful day and decided to push back according to their profession it would not lead to an outcome that endangered their lives and then add up how 15 years of co-operating with the every whim of a group of idiots while introduce themselves to others by building a crowd of fellow idiots that plan a living on other people’s wallets, turning neighbourhoods on its head, would facilitate such leadership and allow us to have a meaningful debate on the Care Industry at Parliament. I am resolved it is now quite clear, the next time they interfere and make a slightest mess for me at the academic institutions, especially when I want to peddle the culture and society of these goons for a living as well, I am really going to try ripping up their whole Political parties to see what doing so changes as well. Then there are the blacks whom I pointed out would have killed off all the reasons people were homosexuals on this planet once they had confiscated my Hermitage – at the time I said they said it was one of things they will do, now we know they get off with their dirty faces on media to claim they owned me while I had dropped out of University due to their familiarity and each time I face matters that the University tools would have aided me with and have to pass it up, become angry and frustrated, I bump into a case where they had made it impossible for me to breathe making those stupid insulting statements and handling my person because we shared the same race.

So I am told that people would love to solve my problems if they knew what it was but I have no problems whatsoever – what happens really is that the Office of an Arch Prince was always going to be challenging but each time I seek out those processes that help me make some cash to pay off invoices what I am faced with are opportunities I pass up because of the academic work these goons wrecked in order to be able to play Daddy and Boy while seeking the fortunes in the City, outcome being that the Daddies have their security guard jobs to mess around with while I do not have the physical abilities for it and have to patch on with a business of finding that each time I have a task, I either have to wait for a process where the system I am involved with was worked right up to a stage and then I get to do the job at my level of qualification or I get somebody to fill in for me, both of which means I am constantly in a process of property equity broker for survival as a result; then they realise they cannot spare my their insults and Media comments while I am at it and the business of picking up the fact I had taken up residence in a poor neighbourhood to help me write my Books as a tool that ensures they can see I am no longer protected by the Monarchy, talking nonsense about how they got their stupid selves into leadership positions since, the achievement being the business of getting me into a condition where I try to make a living where they had the advantage to do better, as stupidly as possible – so it seems we have come full circle now that they have to choose between giving me my space and solving my problems, as we can see nothing is stopping me getting into an academic institution to get the academic work done, save the fact I smell like what I ate because of their foolish attention being showered on me – I had come to my own decisions on the matter as well i.e. they have thought that once they ensured the Crown could no longer protect me, it will be finished and now they know they have to choose between letting me be or getting a reaction that completely destroys their Celebrity culture, we have come full circle on the issue. They boast about detaching me from Royal privilege but there is nothing wrong with my privileges or any of it in waiting as such; just the fact when I am off to find some cash that will help pay my involves, these are the challenges and we also know when it comes to getting somebody to fill in for me for example, I may have a Fashion Models’ Coven because their Photographers and those who make Films for their career are usually in good terms with me, I end up in a titanic battle to provide for the structure because of the sheer number of idiots making parties and fun from the business of taking pictures of their stupid selves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image, same as my Court being free for all, only for me to be constantly attacked by fools that have been poorly affected by a relationship that they do not want to have with others. Hence I am told that I don’t think they matter in anyway but what we know is that they introduce themselves to me by telling me they want to investigate what I put in the toilet and then after a while I smell like what I ate because they built a community on it to ensure their foolish Celebrities were making money insulting me all the time and inform me their stupidities know what their place is and I need to mind my business – so we have not had anything in the form of an explanation concerning why they introduce their stupid selves to me in that way all of the time, what we know is that I have expressed feelings that indicate I will certainly try hurting them seriously if they preferred handling me for the smell instead of stopping it, to see what doing so would change as well.

I am asked a lot about this sense I have never really pointed out if I thought this was racist behaviour but it is not  racist behaviour as such or more a matter of there being several types of such things but we can certainly say the one that always comes up with a story to tell and screams above your head so you cannot hear what you are saying to each other anymore is racist, the others are more a matter of people who had great plans for themselves and somebody ruined it and I look like I had opened up a new world, not that this is enough for two as such but just the hope that there is something else out there is what they are interested in..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland