It has been reported recently that I am always untidy and happy to sell out people that are fighting for public welfare. It is utter nonsense naturally as what happens is that I have to bear their insults and the outstanding ones are that they were upper classes from overseas but when they arrived in the UK, they are treated like the underclass, soon which it developed into the hell that was the Obama Administration in the US White House, where they decided they should be able to dominate British Government operatives because the US was more powerful and their stupidities were African Americans among other ethnic minority fools. They really need to get a proper job if they are complaining but that said, I am not the only person to have agreed to the idea that the idiots now need to run the world and pay the price for it.

They claim saying this is big but it does not make me better off, as I am incapable of handling my own challenges but we all know my challenges involved a handful of idiots who continue the daddy character abuses, armed with army of young twats with ideas on how I should be used to help people get paid for being popular, clinging to my social life and public image and my Bookshop with girls that pick up the service process to build a crowd that expects me to get into a fight with others, finished off by famous twats who show up to cling to my public image, tell me I am discriminatory in order to build a crowd that showed up here to help them make me do something around my talents due to what they have seen me write in my Books and at no stage is what I am expected to do for them better than the Books I had written, the problem simply being that they had to buy the Books and they hated the ideas of show some regard for me but we are past this now and are in a place where I withdrew access from my concerns and they planned to punish me until it was restored. Hence it goes without saying they need stay away from my Books and stop blowing off their big mouth at me, the famous the better. I mean they do this all the time, and it feeds into the fact that you delay action because harming people is a big deal.

It feeds into the way they say that according to what I have mentioned, I am facing a task I could never complete with a big mouth, while we all know it is easy to reciprocate this behaviour for celebrities because they show up with Publicity to put a name to their faces while at it but the rest do what they do because there are twats in the DWP assisting them as well; no part of what these fools have done with me in the last two decades have been a mistake of the fact they had a culture and society and spent a lot of time screwing around with it – from the difficulty at the jobs market where people laughed at my CV before they read it while there was nothing wrong with it, to the eventual outcome of me dropping out of University and now the fiasco around my Bookshop, it was all planned and we have seen the way that reaching middle age has really taken the abusive processes by which this nonsense helped their stupidities get paid for being popular, which was the sole reason they shut down my academic pursuits and career, to a whole new stage. There has not been accurate calculation as such of the way that I am likely to respond to this nonsense either for my part, but we can see that they will never read my Books because they are so far detached from commitment and this is just the second major gimmick around my financial wellbeing after I dropped out of University because they wanted to get paid for being popular on my social life and hence the last straw as it were.

It will show up like so for no other reason and nothing I do to side line its stupidities would ever work – so the purpose of clinging to my Books to build the sense I am meant to get into a fight with people from the service processes, was to ensure it took up my Trust system and set about making money with it and built its own stupid means by which people thought it had taken care of the way that it got involved with people’s lives to acknowledge that not everybody who does had a good intention – the entire time the idiots are twice my age issuing threats and making sense of their army of young fools that are not currently having their personal decision made for them and then we find the other scum show up on media every day to progress gimmicks involving body bribery and abuses that affected my income, which is what they mean when they sell products through sex and played half the part in wrecking my University studies and now Publicity for my Books as well, showing up at the other end to cling to my daily concerning issuing signals at my Publishers and other ageist fools who are not yet living in families that get feedback for this nonsense everyday so far and then it tells me I am facing a difficult task if I made it clear they needed to stay away from my Books and keep their insults to themselves.

Here, first we see that apart from these abuses, I really had no problem here to concern myself with and so it really makes sense of these madness playing into the business of biding my time as harming people was a big deal. Then we see that they claim I brought it upon myself because I suggested that I had enough to simply move on when people made trouble for me, which as I pointed out before, as long as the fools had access to my wealth equity structure, there will be no success for my Books and we know that like it never listens to anything others say as equally as its stupid interest in other people’s concerns is overbearing, it will claim that the commitment will be my undoing, which plays right into the fact that they never stopped suggesting I had only showed up in the scene before I tackled some German and French Interests while reality is that we reach a  stage where we are frustrated and clash with the world around us and we come through it, then we reach another where we made peace with the world around us but these two groups of Europeans are always known to lead the rest in a  gimmick that involved a process where others made the peace and they spent it – I have only arrived but I had already picked on German interests that I will make use of at a later date, like our collective twat.

It shows up with the insidious boldness, claiming it is courage, then it set about the idea I am Royalty and should be fighting people while it was entitled to build a crowd that helped it get rich from the security created and we know if I am unable to decide my feelings towards what I did and the people I served, I would never enjoy the peace I had created. Soon it is caught between a rock and a hard case and wants all to know that others made the personal decisions for its stupidities. I mean I would think that I dropped out of University because others were being popular and all has gone downhill since, I set about working out a process where markets that are run for abusing people would rely on my personal and social lives for hospitality, I know where this fits but I don’t know where ageist idiots passing insults at me, showing up here with a  crowd to make a mess of my career and hanging about at DWP to work out how I will end up a tramp fits – I know it will never stop until I had decided its salary was the problem and got off seeing if those stupidities were talking about reality when they said that should I build my own crowd that will help me decide how much money they were entitled to make, I would end up like the gay people but then again, it would be a problem to keep it close by and monitor the results. The other fools who claim they have wrapped me around their gimmicks and manipulate me into fighting for their convenience, entertainment and security are only just talking like they knew people who spent all day clearing out the consequences of their popularity while the career stalled, were probably also thinking about getting them into A&E but they were rather confident everybody explained it in terms of big stupid brother running the show. It does need to stop insulting me for the fun they believe their stupidities were having on Media; I have had enough of it too. They do claim that what I have said is valuable but am not making progress because I ama tramp, but I am preparing for 2021, I think it will be the year that they will be seen getting involved with what I did to fight for their entertainment, pleasure and whim buy buying products or I am going to be responsible for the pain and suffering of some daddy characters and celebrities.

Eventually we hear this story right up the part where there was no alternative to avoid a process of causing Celebrities pain and suffering, if I wanted to avoid people lining up with abusive publicity by which they issued signals to my publishers to do nefarious things against me with my Books as a matter of making their own fame-based incomes. The story is that rich people were making money off my work and the wealth gap was growing wider because I tried to breach it all together, but we see it all the time and it is like they are no longer talking to me uninvited, as though they were in urgent need of services from an exorcist because their Politicians had helped them to statements their idiocy can make on media over my earnings. So the whole thing started out as a gimmick, where somebody puts up a product and when people bought it, would say those people spent money that should have been spent on my products, until it had a real effect and the only reason it has developed a real effect were these fools spending money on it for power gimmicks, until such an effect was created, to hang around on their foolish Media telling me what to do and issuing threats that made their stupidities important, the grand old three part story of those I am afraid of, those that can talk over me and those that will attack me gimmick for the stupidities they claim adds up to civil rights. We can see that it is only right that when it became a problem and they showed up to bother me over civil rights, I ought to teach them a lesson they will never forget and ensure it went two ways i.e., after I had, they promised to harm me, and I annoyed them well enough to make their stupidities do it. I mean even now this thing is not really a problem but my Bookshop spends time on public petrification and practical jokes that involved me getting into a fight for their whim and entertainment – the people who engage in it will earn some 5 million pounds among them, then set about five people in a board situation where they ensured that one person’s department was successful for the year and that person made trouble for me and the year after will be another, so by the time it came round, five years of my time would have been spent but then again which they are not really making any new money or creating problems for me in anyway, save the fact every scum who wants to set me out as a character people bullied to suck up to the rich was in a position to get briberies from them for it and this is what the civil rights idiots are after – all my work, all my effort, the property jeopardised, degraded over a 12 year period, so that it might all be replaced with a need to set me out as a character people bullied in order to suck up to and share the incomes of the rich and the fools are now telling me problems were emerging from it, while my history is that I dropped out of University on account their stupidities were getting paid for being popular. The same solution still applies as such i.e., it needs to stay away from my Books and stop addressing me, so this is about to become a real problem for them if failure to comply continues. Here it will be said that this is a path to repression and quite alarming how quickly I picked it up and made it work but we all know their idiocy is repression too, making sure nothing happens here the way nature intended to ensure my finances and personal life made sense of anal sex all day, over all kinds of nefarious stupidities on the way my social life and public image should be used. We hear the gits at the Monarchy claim I am a Tramp, but nobody has ever seen the fact that I were stop them from socialising with Celebrities, making a mess of people’s careers and none had seen it double Queens guards.

They have said that Royals should be rich, not spend time bothering others with financial issues, which I understand but I am not necessarily poor, I just have a trust system from which I must pay my way like everybody else – it should not have been so bad as this outcome where I am getting general sustenance support from the Government, but this is an example of outcomes where these gits are likely to boast about their ability to cause others suffering. It will continue to add up to an impossible feat, writing Book of equities that I sold to professionals and trades people when this wave of impropriety and lewd stupidities continues to rule my concerns and hence the need to ensure that Celebrities kept their distance from both my Books and my Public life. I mean they do claim it be nice if I did something about my social life naturally without a care for what it means, while what it means is that I would need to respond to their insults and that of their culture gits by setting them out as source of hospitality for abusive market, in case I wanted to prevent sell issues when I had to meet a wealthy woman in a five star hotel for a date, so it is fair to assume they will entertain the thought of making their stupid selves a threat if they saw me in the company of a wealthy woman. Eventually we hear those claims that I fool around a lot but it’s a package of the way that I work – they entire rely on this abusive nonsense of causing people so much hunger and pain and financial trouble that the purest of heart will end up entertaining thoughts of what could be achieved by having what they had, no care for the fact if their stupidities were to be resolved, the pain caused would be taken into account, thereby meaning the source of all their insanity being the money they cannot account for how they made had no purpose whatsoever, save it was used to propagate gimmicks where people wanted to be part of their activities because others were made to suffer and endure pain; so having been they love nothing but to show up here and build their history of disobedience by which to savage my health, then follow it on with a sense of happiness upon which market nepotism was built and an ever present ever menacing Media attendance to follow it up by, I like to fool around regularly, especially when we eventually end up with those occasions whereby they had to inform people they hated me and it was amusing too, so that it might develop into market as well.

I. Uno I

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