Itís like when people ask about the problem between US Democrats and myself while there is none i.e. apart from their extreme disrespect and plans to make money on it and turn it into some twisted evil social norm, to ensure that no Religious morality affects them while we regularly see them get off their parts of Industry to seek the property of religious people who have a reputation to preaching peace and none violence until it becomes a state of affairs which constitutes a threat to the general public. Itís the same social corruption that characterises everything we see them do; inappropriate sex, inappropriate money making, inappropriate everything and then when it thinks people are no longer strong enough to resist, career crime becomes the main thing. Personally they say I wrote my Books in ways that means I cannot be taken advantage of and that if they had a choice I would die for it with a big mouth, so it is getting nearer the point where one more democrat blabbing nonsense at me about how I have taken or achieved beyond my size and so on, churning my tummy, will mean I take steps to show them there are periods where respect can be a very important thing indeed, since it is not their Books, this is not their lives, my public image is not where the money they should pay their way in the world with is located nor is the behaviour they have towards it how people should earn a living. There is an aspect I am responsible for as well i.e. turning people into damaged goods by taking up their time to spend it with me instead, to such an extent that when I talk about the right way to earn a living, they can see they are past it - for making use of my Books without payment and to ensure they are paying for the Books not building business empires on taking property of brother with a big mouth.

They do claim everything I do is terribly stupid but then again being a narcissistic goon with a popular culture canopy with which to take money off people affects National Budget surpluses and Deficits in a particular way Ė since they are insulting enough for it, they wanted Big business and need to look the part Ė if everybody were doing it, the Countries in which it was being done would be Bankrupt. We are where we are because they played up the same gimmicks over my studies too; first I was being bullied on account I am too old to attend University at 24 years of age and then that quickly progressed to me having to defend myself which led to them travelling off to Africa to bring their friends into the University and eventually the tirade of bullying caused me to drop out altogether and they got worse since Ė so it looks like I am talking about it because I am back to square one and need to decide where I go next and I am sure they do not want that direction to amount to a process of chasing insolent ageist bottom chasing fools with a need to stir up violent gossip that allow them access to my public image while sending out their stupid children to administer some punishment all the time and will not stop talking nonsense about the wealthy people and the Guy with Women and themselves who have rights to the guy with women and have rights to the women in order to have what wealthy people have thing, even when they know they have neither paid for any of it, it is not their property, this is not their lives or public image, I did not write their books but will not stop blabbing the person that is notorious for doing their stuff and behaving in ways that cost them jobs while ripping up my academics, clinging to my public image and looking after my Estate income margins in order to be real men Ė all the while complaining that I have set myself up to facilitate a process where I can tear up their finances on a global stage, from Europe across the UK, right up to the US. I know what my Books do and so when people want to take advantage of it to develop their own products and get rich where large companies have been inefficient, they need to pay for it or do as the large companies do i.e. give me some publicity that help me sell it, otherwise their insults and abuses sake I will make them proper men in a while indeed by tearing up their own too; it cannot be that difficult to just make people understand they need to show up around my concerns only if they are interested in a Book. If considered the way my real view is; reality of that is a simple case of the fact that whenever large companies do anything concerning brand administration, we find these hoodlums appoint themselves over people they think they can bully to do their own behaviour which is similar and concerns their stupid culture and society, eventually ending up where others are meant to behave towards them the way people behave towards the big companies and since I already have a history of dropping out of University, mainly because their children must have hate figures in order to concentrate on academic work, I am really lost as per that stupid Book I saw some time ago called ďFreakonomicsĒ, while they are unable to understand that I specifically as a person have become quite intolerant of their madness as well. So, what next? What next is that I can now protect myself with my own pocket money and take my time with anything I want to do, without sexual context and very painful distant abuses being the determinant of my finances or taking up my time.

Itís simple that for each time I am in pain when I should be writing Books or studying on account they are using it, their society is queer and if they provoke me further will find me deploy their lives to solve big problems - simple and fair to say that they are so stupid the only way to sell Books to them is when they need the Books and make use of it without payment until a statement has emerged which is a threat to my person all together, that they become damaged Goods in social and public life and up next will be professional life as well, until the Books are sold, fair to say that each time I see them around my Public image, I should sack their finances and market margins as part of a global community effort, fair to say their Politics will never see progress unless the tirade of violence and abuse which gives me a notion that they want me dead so they can have my life, especially practiced by insolent and evil liberal Americans finds somewhere else to spend its time.

There is talk now of how all I do is a function of being poked and propelled into by the power and influence of communism but itís one of those things people would not say to me in person until they have spent mine to secure money and world peace where and when they think they need it, otherwise reality is that my bottom hurts and there isnít a reason for it therefore somebody will likely show up and offer a reason to give me one all together and of course they do not get confronted at the Global and Stock Markets on grounds that their idea of how to handle other human being generally involves taking up peoples time with stupidities and games that makes me perpetually tired while the work I do and what make me happy does not make me feel stressed in anyway, which is very unprecedented all together, meaning I do not have the time to make the money for myself and they will now make the money for me and see if I can behave well enough for them to share and this is the nonsense that provides the back on which socialism rides; the bit about how it is not okay for one person to have a mansion and three Yachts but has nothing to do with those who actually have the mansion and three Yachts as all their abusive and destructive time is spend on the lives of those who have property and talents that they have never tasted, finding it impossible to watch their dirty mouth, getting on my nerves Ė leads to the part where I cannot protect myself with my own pocket money anymore and anybody that is interested in my Books is threatened and attacked in a way that cannot be speak of,like we see their stupidities give their own to the frugal.

They speak of the bits that are my fault when their communist friends have warehouses they want to get rich by as well if the Politicians are no longer able to concentrate on what tax payers have paid them to do for wanting to be rich instead at Government Office, which does not make any sense whatsoever and as for the tale of the Empire they want to confiscate to build their own by, those incredible stupidities, itís a tale of me being a threat to politicians when there are very few choices if it comes to preventing rascals in government office tearing up my income and putting me on state benefits years on year the whole time; every enterprise built around this Estate, every commoner who wants to serve me, no longer has access to my Public life and any Books I have written to facilitate it because an idiot from society who is no longer in a position to claim he is untouchable screwing with me all the time, has been making claims over what I get up to, which stupid Politicians have been supporting as well Ė itís the same case as ever; hitting the masses will not improve productivity or increase riches but I am unable to sell Books to them after I protect them from all that distant violence all together as well because a collection of scumbags think their stupidities could protect anybody using a security guard job if their own stupid lives depended on it and nobody was ever going to end up with personal feelings over their unbridled corruption and the fact that especially for the Politics and Industry ones, the general public is always in pain. So, I have a middle finger too and if I stick it up and turn it upside down, I will still create the proper effect and they need to keep their mouths shut about what I would do or say where it really mattered.

It is impossible to do anything even at home while some psychology based distant abuse that gets violent and brutal follows me around the whole time and its purpose is obviously so that big brother scum can get connected - so I am wondering what it is exactly that they suppose I would not say or do where it really mattered. Itís the same case we experience all of the time; I will make them inferior if they asked me for anything I had in order to share it, I am always alone because I am adopting a vantage point from which to gain the best ideas in order to get rich, others are involved with politics while I avoid it in order to find a position from which to observe the best ideas and then get rich by it; always the most violent nonsense imaginable and then when they are in there itís the popular culture narcissism targeting me all the time because they are scared so survival means being able to use others as human shield while at the same time oppressing them. Usually all fine from the point of view of the things I get up to being treated fairly until they start and then the media needs to use my personal life as a blanket which ensures they can make trouble for others while I take the fall for it but more so it exposes me and ensures that the abuses learned from disrespecting women pays off and my mind can be read, so that I may have no secrets while they want to gather news etc - now it has become a problem that they need to fix all together and so I am lost as per why I am always being abused for it. Everything I do was communism influenced; quite incredible of course while they are so fond of their money they cannot stop tummy whipping and bottom whipping people for it, at the same time of which the unbridled corruption tends to mean that I have a body type that can deal with lots of bullying because they are apparently allergic to Books and it goes on and on and on without reason or purpose; their families being none the wiser, their finances not affected nor is their health and it has to be the most insulting bits that my actions are influenced by Communism and that they own me, when we are aware there are communists in the UK messing peoples around in order to make communism powerful and bellowing really stupid excuses for it such as when British people live in Communist Countries the whole time.

This is not about people refusing to do National service, that usually leads to lots of City Centre decadence - this is a bit more a case of popular culture goons doing it because I have been put through hell via Politics supported insults and disobedience, now all I have lies in ruins and have to be rebuilt, pressure mounts concerning Military stuff and so we see that they got in there with personal feelings and vendetta which they have had to carry along with their weapons and a process of being loyal to comrades, hence the reasons they are able to be such an abusive group of goons and the reasons they are so relentless about it and can therefore use it to get rich without doing any work etc but it has now come to that stage where this idea I do not leave anything behind as though I am that capable has to be challenged i.e. people are mad about their money and cannot stop tummy whipping and bottom whipping the Public over it, these are the group of goons that are in such a position which means that they never are, so they do Media and Popular culture and run systems of incredible corruption and abuse for it - so if it is finding it difficult to keep its mouth off my concerns and where its money is located, it is going to be a real problem for me and for them too. It was just as typical this time; another 24 hours in which all has gone well except the Book sales that is now in their hands with that big mouth and then all of a sudden it thinks it can always say that Communism owns me and develop some publicity for me over it and as for the Politicians they claim gain from all I do either way, the last reason we found them complaining about over-enslavement was actually self-inflicted, this time it seems I will be doing it myself all together.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland