Now I am said to have this problem associated with an inability to handle rejection and it is utter nonsense too, rejection was always a vastly different thing from being beaten down by a handful of gits that think they should show up at your livelihood and get you unable to determine how your time has been spent, over rejection games Ė so it is somebody beating me down with rejection games, looking for trouble. It always comes down to what Politicians had facilitated about which their private security industry twats that are doing the job that civil service staff in Uniform should be doing, get off threatening me to make sense of MP powers. An old story about what they could do with this leverage of wrecking my career to get me living on Universal credit, assuming that is, there was no way of turning every process associated with it into a fight with Politicians and then still get my support at the end as well, assuming they were doing charity work at the civil service, assuming there was no clearly set out career planning processes with finances at my disposal simply because I were living on government support. They claim what happens at the Monarchy was a case of wealth and social inequality but most of it is not caused by title holders, rather, celebrities they had spent taxpayer funds on previously, as disobediently as possible, then show up here to threaten me because it was assumed that I am a lesser evil as such. Itís a story that runs on and on and on Ė I get targeted by Politicians who completely trash my finances because they had just picked up from culture and society fools handling me over the way my personality should be used to help people get paid for being popular, wrecking academic work and career entirely, because they believe that if they handled what I was doing with myself, it would be easier for them to win elections; from here they lie about the destruction of my University studies, when the Police are finished with Law enforcement work they develop statements to suggest that they were responsible for punishing criminals but wanted to be loved by the families of criminals in order to get elected, from here then they tackle me yet again over the consequences and effects of such decisions, while I then get caught up with the tricks people who worked in Uniform used to get their jobs done, when I am neither one of them nor a criminal myself all together; hence I had decided no other method tackling it works as well as a process of making sure these criminals were all over the place for the Politicians but whilst they claimed that they did it because they believed handling me abusively helped them win elections, none can explain why the media and celebrities do it, so itís important to ensure they were affected by the consequences of criminal activities for contrived no reason too Ė I mean I have no reason to want to take the law into my hands but am caught up with tricks people who work in security services play to get their jobs done, donít ask, thereafter the idiots claim I smell and made a global stage phenomenon out of it, to set about clinging to my income and threatening me over the way this behaviour has affected their stupidities with a big mouth, wondering then if people are meant to do this when famous anyway.

They love to boast that as long as they had a media presence for all they did to bug and bugger me, there was nothing I could do about them and itís incredibly stupid but we know they live for this anyway Ė show up to wreck peopleís lives and career, turn up somewhere to make money and spend time addressing somebody you wish to abuse to get paid for being popular as if the person was a servant that your stupidities had paid for. It is a main feature of capitalist west but the insanity that suggests when they had a media presence for it, there was nothing I could do about it, does not really reflect the fact they have not actually paid for any servants in this place while their stupid money is making a lot of trouble for me and itís not clear exactly when they had set the stage for communicating these stupidities at me like so every day either, looking for a response with an effort behind it or something. I mean it is the one issue behind those gimmicks that are associated with American gits making sense of the way my personality should be used, as a matter of where my Books were located and their ability to get to it at any time being the main form of leverage for their gimmicks when they are not yet complaining that others were violent. I mean they do claim itís a matter of restoring American leadership which nonsense comes up like so all the time and we know the USA is a Federal system of government where they think wild girls and society idiots was the best thing in the world, while the UK is a constitutional Monarchy so neither of the two were related; that said, their tactics for making money is usually a process of getting those stupid girls to exhibit their wild and insulting madness on my social life while they were entitled to my income margins, while mine was a case of building wealth equity systems, so whenever women showed up to trade on it, they would buy the products the women served up until I got into trouble. The whole left hand side and right hand side insults come into play here and none knows what it means either Ė the society gits will complain about consequences of trashing my finances to bully me over money problems until I can make sense of it all the way to government buildings, never letting Politicians a dayís peace, blabbing about my attitude like we were mates and yet they want to keep their abusive history for posterity never the less, while the Industry gits for each involvement on this basis meant the left hand side and right hand side gimmicks resulted in outcomes where I had lost something important and they couldnít keep their eyes on their shopfloor and off my bum thereafter, yet the entire time with that stupid media presence they believe is the strongest point of their civil and criminal disobedience, they were convinced there is nothing I can do about them, so each time I clear it out the business of spending my day doing so only gives me a 3 second respite and they had done another one and mocked me for the results. It shows up here, never interested in the way society raises those issues about their need to dish problems for others and invent tricks when people want to dish some for them as well or the way culture asks them how far they will likely go either way of doing the wrong or right thing, to behave like flames through straws on the best work I have done for my career, licking everything and blowing off the big mouth at me whenever they are not complaining.

It is an old story about socialism Ė always expecting people to achieve to the top and return to the bottom without money, to show them how to be rich and important without having to be thankful, which was the only way to create wealth and social equality, like we see them give to the frugal. It begins stupidly enough with claims that I am through Church activities, stealing ideas socialist win elections by, during which time I would assume that making a case out of it was useless since the world needed both my charity and their own but now it is becoming much more serious all together and the problem of how they made sense of the way they earned more than those who lived on Government support is still a question they have not answered bearing in mind the need to be more and more extreme in their views, when we have not yet ended up with those situations where millions of people died over a world war. I do get asked if I knew why they targeted me and itís an old story about an obsession with that aspect of peoples endeavours where you have to assume that you will give away some aspects of your work, others will be taken by those who promised to pay and payment would be delayed for a long time and others will be paid for directly Ė when there is a recession, the part where payment is delayed and things are given away become very big but at the same time the part where people paid directly which is really none of my business becomes a point of abusively socialist obsession with the wealth of those who were not experiencing the recession, then we find them hang around somewhere with insulting theories that capitalism had no way of resolving its problems, especially as the only thing they were interested in standing up for, was a need to suck up to the rich. Hence as long as they have access to these aspects of my work where I gave some away and for some payment was delayed and for some I got paid directly, there will be no success for my Books, therefore it is disputable, even more as I know of the way there is no connection between chasing my social life to build sales and sitting up in a marketing department office to make statements about getting imagination up my anus was in any way linked to market success but is clearly looking for a response from a hermit, so it might gain stories to tell about the evil of religion, that socialism isnít evil. They do say they did most of the heavy lifting when it came to the business of deciding how the problems of wealth inequity in capitalism should be resolved but then again, we know they do it at a cost and do not ask what that cost was, I believe the information I had supplied here spoke for itself. This nonsense has continued to such an extent we have had so much work to do other that dirty campaign about German interests being untouchable while British interests were debatable.

We see this behaviour concerning the Celebrities as well Ė they will send out their market idiots and agents to run off these abusive nonsenses while they clung to my Books and then I get told that wealth equity does not mean a thing, but we know these are two words they could look up via the Dictionary. I didnít create it so they showed up here to plug in their insanity and set about making money that allowed them show up here to bully me over profitability of popularity for either, I created it as a system in which when ethnic minorities got involved I got better at Managing matters of education Policy and security, while when white people got involved, I got better at managing dissidence and probably terrorism as well, generally meaning when women showed up to invest, somebody had to buy the products until the women were exceedingly rich on one hand and I got into trouble on the other and none knows why the Americans do it either, right down to the business of getting sex workers to provide services on my social life, entitling their stupid selves to my income and then telling me there is nothing I could do about it, while their need to entitle themselves to my incomes among other interests male gits and society goons had in my activities is the main reason I am being pressurised to get this matter under control and their girls who keep exhibiting themselves on my social life to make money, leaving it open to sex workers and sharing the secrets of their wealth as well, will be the reasons that Politicians and celebrities was assaulted with sex industry matters, all of it work that I could easily have avoided in the first place.

It usually comes through eventually as statements which suggest my main problem is that I had no money and yet everybody knows my finances are not the main determining factor in whether or not I am able to fulfil my Office, yet when we have conditions in which there were wealthy people who had positions at International communities where they met and appeared to own the money that runs the world, it will clash with an Arch Prince who had a global stage alliance system built for him when his Office came to inception Ė usually a display of the fact they are incredibly good at looking for trouble. I do let it run to such an extent they would see I am not running a Bookshop under the shadow of prestigious companies they worked for but we can now see that the boasting that follows vandalism and grabbing of my property is about to decide how they got into trouble; the entire time of which they had relationships with hoodlums whom they believe are my true social class with a big mouth and we are talking about cursed characters whom spending time with generally meant that you didnít have time for anything else in your life, if I got rid of the problem, they would suggest I existed to make the Country favourable for their stupidities to get rich and if I didnít, it would meant that these ways they chased sales by employing criminals while trashing peoples careers in the neighbourhoods to befriend hoodlums and looking after the positioning of a company clashed with me because I had no respect for their financial success and it goes on like this, time again doing damage and telling lies but the point at which after wrecking University studies by showing up to chase sales on my social life, when it started getting serious, began in 2012 when they realised there was no way they could make me grovel for money and set about wrecking my Books all together Ė I am writing this in 2020 after I felt that my inability to account for the way the three year prior had been spent was the last straw for this nonsense all together. We have seen the idiots do the same with my social media Ė it is now inundated with idiots who wrecked everything here to exhibit themselves on my social life and get paid for being popular, but they have developed to such a stage of interference that they now pick up service processes of my Bookshop and deploy it for other purposes that their stupidities were comfortable with Ė so it makes sense that big brother was having it really good and getting it ladies in the process, which will not stop until I picked up his own, began somewhere and burned through to a point where he would think I am supposed to be afraid of him but saw obvious reasons why it could be concluded that it was illogical to think that I would be and we will never know why the Americans do it.

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